Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Theme 68 - Possession

From @Marwaari: 

People thronged the gate to gain entrance. All they wanted was a glimpse of the mightily powerful Nirmal Baba.

"How did you do this?" his disciple asked.

"People don't need miracle my friend, They need assurance. I possess the quality to convince them that I am not a thug but a baba"

From @bitchwanti: This painting on this wall, vase in that corner, as she pored over the floor plans of her dream home. "Let's go see the builder, ask him when we can move in?" she said to her husband. "Aapko possession nahi mil sakta, yeh land President ko chahiye", informed the insolent clerk. The castle fell.

From @zaiuranjit: He couldn’t see because of the blindfold. His arms were tied behind the chair, his legs to it. He was aware that he wasn’t wearing his own clothes, he was now dressed in a suit. “Where am I? Why are you doing this?” “Because I love you. Because we’re meant to be together. You’re mine.”

From @mizarcle: You are my cynosure. Everything begins and ends with you. You are my moiety. You came into my life like petrichor, quenching the thirst of a dry, barren land engulfing all around with your sweet aroma. Despite our dalliance, you are mine.

From @gauravjagwani: He saw his son blossom.  He lost all his possessions in the fire. The house, the car, the memories. However, he didn’t lose his son entirely. Yes, there was damage done. But, his son came out strong. Yes, he saw his son blossom. From the distance. The fire, his divorce, didn’t let him any closer.

From @BongBuffoon: 

Interviewer: Sir, what is your proudest possession?
Neta: Plij no talking dirty.
Interviewer: Sir?
Neta: What I do in bad room eej not your beej naiss.
Interviewer: No sir. Not that position.
Neta: Oh! Phaverate pausition. Forewaad short leg.
Interviewer: No sir ji. Po Zess Shaan.
Neta looks at Mercedes, mansion, and says: My country.

From @AWedStory: She didn't bring much with her, but the small box. He saw it the morning after their wedding.

Her last words, before she died at eighty six, "You may open the box.". 

He slowly opens the box, teary eyed. There was the copper wire he had jokingly put on her finger when they were sixteen. 

From @LadyCardiidae: A beautiful, lone metal trinket, a perfumed handkerchief with the letter 'A' embed on it, a pink plastic hair band, a silver black lead pencil, a flower-print notepad, a tattered copy of Motorcycle Diaries and lousy poetry. “All these make for itsy-bitsy possessions of my lost life,” she said. That’s all that’s left of it! 

From @aaroo4: 

“Give me back that book, right now” he yelled
“Stop it, sit down, everyone is staring at us, cant you see?” his friend tried reasoning
“Who cares, hand it over right away” He went on                                                          
“here you go, take it” his friend gave in
“See, now i have possession of the book, capiche?” He grinned.

From @binivijan: She is and will always be his sunshine.Living in a different house than her is the most difficult thing he would have to do.But fate has its way; as it’s her wedding day.The father smiles with tears in his eyes; the memories of him with his daughter are his most prized possession.

From @dasCapital_: The 15-year possessed girl had already consumed a throbbing live heart and a pint of blood of another guy and was hungry for more. Severely drugged, he awaited her claws when amid chants, he heard a terrifying voice, “Bastard faggot is impure. Get me another”.

So the world now knew his secret. But he was alive. Happy or sad, he couldn’t decide.

From @writingchalk: “Daddy! Mummy”! They rushed to his room. “Close your eyes first.” When they opened their eyes, mother shrieked and father smiled. The heads of his toy animals were neatly arranged on the bed. “I want to hang it on the wall, daddy. Like you do.” Father stroked his moustache proudly while mother cried.  “Sure son!”

From @miffalicious: 

She woke up  suddenly.

This was how it usually started; heavy breathing, a sweaty brow, quick palpitations, and then it would hit her with such a force that sometimes, she swore her heart skipped a beat.

Then she would have to run, as fast as she could, and quickly find the nearest pen and paper.

From @teejavus: 

Hides. Sits still. Holds Monique tightly. She refuses to share. Monique was meant for her. When everyone left Monique stayed with her. Monique was her friend since she was four.

Many years later, cleaning the attic, opens old trunk. She sees the raggedy doll, once her prized possession, Monique.

From @swordfish19: He was tired of the rat-race. He renounced all his worldly belongings and went deep into the Himalayas.

He now lives solely on fruits and milk. During the day he meditates under a tree in nothing but a loin cloth.

It’s his only possession.  Or is it that he is possessed by the loin cloth?

From @SarwarBaig: When Suleiman stepped out into his sugarcane fields that June morning , he found something which nearly stopped his old heart. After the shock subsided , he decided to make some money.
There was an advertisement in the next day's classifieds.

"Ayliun spaseship fur sale. Arials brokin , but lites intact. Dead ayliun trapped inside. Ideal fur musiams."

From @vagabondinact: Being a SAMANA, the idea possessed him since reading the initial parts of Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha.  Pronto he put up all his possessions for sale on He sold most his earthly possessions, whilst reading the later parts.  He now uses to find his Kamala and has a boat on his wishlist on

From @alienatedwind: She frantically searched the drawers and the wardrobe. Nothing. She looked under the bed, behind the curtains, in the bathroom. Nothing at all. Then reality hit her and tears started to roll down her rosy cheeks. She realized that all the evidences of his existence had disappeared. Her most prized possession, her man, was gone.

From @Crucifire:We obsess over possessions. Thoughts of possessing possessions possess us day and night. We want to possess the things we want but not the ones we need. But we end up possessing things that we deserve.Possessing over needy possessions possesses our soul to the point of us not wanting to possess anything at all.

From @chinmaynaik07: She wasn’t there besides him, nor was her shadow. He still loved the scent of her skin, now absent. He loved the gone resort of her shoulder. He still dreamt of their future together, an impossibility now. His life was all about what he did not have. And the world judged him by his possessions. 

From @anjana_murali: It was true that they had to work overtime at their master’s house for weeks and shrimp on daily expenses to afford it. But they felt it was just a small sacrifice when they saw their cute and innocent five year old daughter dance around in her most prized possession- a bright red frock.

From @sinpinklove: He showered affection like I was his most prized possession. He bragged about me to everyone. I was happy that he was proud of me, but the happiness did'nt last long.A fool I was, it took me long to realize :I was truly his possession not his true love.

From @Sneak_Speak: 

His hand in her hair. Her breath in his ear. His lips on her neck. She was possessed by the all-consuming lust wracking her body.

As she moved faster, he reached behind her pillow and extracted the coke.

“Possession is nine-tenths of the law,” he whispered as he snapped on the cuffs and she came.

From @shantusharma: "He didn't notice that he was being chased. At the corner, those armed horsemen overtook him and robbed him off his gold.

When the robbers all left, he went back to his lab. The alchemist still possessed the skills."

From @_Nehu: Lily 10year old was feeling miserable, her only guardian angel, her supporter died today. She loved Grandpa and would never forget stories told by him, time they spent.On Flipside her dad and uncles were fighting over the possession of property. Crying she left room with Grandpa’s Pillow and Shawl - her priceless assets forever.

From @AnOddYellow: She kept all the people around her. Her ex-boyfriends, their friends, her friends, her parents everyone, she could not let go of them even when things got hard, just couldn’t. When someone asked her why she had so many people around her. She said, “I collect them you see they are all my prized possessions”.

From @hilonee: She raised her son lovingly + obsessively. She home schooled him, never letting him out of her sight. He grew up in her shadow, completely dependent on her. His life was her's to nurture and mould.
She had lived in an orphanage devoid of personal belongings. Today, she possessed the greatest of all belongings: a life.

From @madrasmad:

“Are you carrying any firearms, weapons or drugs with you today?”
“No, not today.”
“Any pirated movies, expensive electronics?”
“Umm... nope.”
“Any porno or other objectionable material?”
“Not that I know of.”
“All right! I hope you had a good summer vacation. Welcome to Class VIII. Next student, please!”

From @kunalbaidmehta: While playing, Jhanvi hurt herself. Her mother took her tears in her hand and said "These are pearls. Don't waste them." Few days later at the mall, Jhanvi innocently went to her mother and told her "Mom. If Papa is not buying you that pearl necklace, please use my pearls that are in your possession."

From @RBTrary: Even my breath seemed to be under his control. From morning to night, every move used to wait for his approvals. Was slapped and kicked for anything which he didn’t approve of. Killing my husband was the last resort. My soul is no longer possessed. Much happier in being physically constrained to this 8x8 cell.

From @violinraindrops: What is the fate of an object? The thought echoed as I uncovered the soft velvet box from the forgotten treasures. Passed on from generations, these pearls had adorned me delicately once. I looked at Renee in the mirror. Her body, my voice. Opening her palms, I spoke to her "They belong to you now."

From @textuallyhorny: Darkness prevails. Gloom looms large leaving a bitter taste in mouth. Hurt, torn, tired, lost. Like the whole world crashed right in front of us. Broken glasses, lit up cars, screaming people, all hell broke loose. Chelsea lost the final to Bayern! The ball possession says it all tonight. We, a bunch of loser hooligans.

From @namansaraiya: There was an awkward silence in the smoky room. We looked at each other, stealing glances at varied intervals. Few things were as odd as the stillness between us, after hardly any time. Peering him, she mentally undressed his being, bit by bit. There was nothing else in the distance, but a personal possession.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: 

“Hey, I think I saw Anil talking to Ritu in the Mall. They seemed really close.”
“And the other day I saw him giving her a ride on his bike.”
“I think he’s cheating on you.”
Not a frown crossed her face. Instead, a knowing smile appeared.
The belief won. He was hers. Hers alone.

From @salonitia: It was an obsession for me ,no matter what I needed them .Everyone was fed up .But I had no control ,it was a drug for me I had to have the possession of every book ,no matter what .They were my life ! I possessed them and they obsessed me ! Such is my life !

From Prema: 

“Ma, what is the meaning of ‘possession’?”

“It means, ‘your own’.”

“As you are!”


From @ami_ramani: No one sees the situation the way he sees.His visions are based on values that are hitherto unheard by most of the world.He’s moving the entire nation with just one idea. The Bald Skinny man is leading purely on the strength of his belief.He is possessed. With the idea of nonviolence. 

From @crazyandhow: Intrepid; fiery; he walked. Strategic; brilliant; changed the game.

Valiant; ambitious; conquered terrains. Handsome; ruthless; Won or destroyed paths and beings.

Emperor; Great - his wealth; his armies; his reign. Deathbed; coffin; wished his hands dangling out.

Alexander,"....I came to this world in empty hands and I will leave this world also in empty hands."

From @oxymoronic_me: The man had just 10 bucks in his pocket. But a family of six to feed. The killings around them did not matter anymore. Survival was all that mattered. He bought a chocolate, cut it into 6 pieces and the family had their last dinner together. They were sent to a concentration camp that evening.

From @philusophur: He had in his possession an instrument of war. A gun. A proof, that man will never wage peace against his own race. A souvenir from history spurting blood on his own face. Validating Darwin, with each shot, about the core survival instinct of us obstinate beings.

From @dhavalmehtas: She had party last night and had sex with unknown...Woke up with hangover..
hardly remember what happened last night...searched credit-card and cash,found okay..buttocks got pain like he did it there too...felt like she doesn't possess her own body somebody took control on it. yes and its fucking whisky she murmured...

From @lyricallymute: A dangerous proposition your mind made to your heart. “Claim her. Keep her. Own her.” Cage her warmth and kindness, the balm of her smile, never to heal another's wound. Lock away her love in the corner of your chest for no one else to feel. 'Twas a dangerous proposition indeed, to possess an exorcist.

From @vivekisms: "To want to be with you all the time", he said. "I understand that", she replied. "You do?", he asked. "Yes. A lot of people have said that in the past", she replied. "They wanted me. Almost wanted to own me", she continued and reached for the shot-gun. He did not see that one coming.

From @roshd: Rajneesh stood nursing his drink as he watched Arvind desperately try to impress Neha with his tall tales. 'Don't u wanna bust him up?' Krish asked him. 'Nope, the game is won. Marrying her next month, he can run for the ball, I'm just playing possession',Rajneesh answered coolly.

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