Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Theme 7 - Serendipity

From @mizarcle : She stood at the shore looking at the sea. The waves touching her feet ever so slightly. She smiled. She had thought this through. She would walk in and not come out. Something hit her leg. She found the message in the bottle. She walked away never having read the message.

From @nimue_ : "You both are so much alike" they all would said. And she just smiled at the comparison, untill some one would add , "like siblings, no ?"
Not that she wished otherwise. It was surprising enough she liked him enough to love for a lifetime. Only if he wasn't her ex's finacee.

From @erythrodont : Their eyes met from across the street. She kept looking, longing to understand. He struggled to rescue his mind from that sudden flood of emotion. They'd promised each other, they'd be together forever – they were devoured by life's vast ocean. They trusted fate, what seemed like a lifetime spanned. Octogenarians twelve again, here they stand.

From @_abeyaar_ : He woke up with a jerk. Only to find himself in a world he didn't know existed. Everyone he’d admired were around him. To no avail. It felt unbearable, let alone entertaining. Another jerk. This time around, it was a hypnic jerk – thanks to caffeine. Too terrified to smile, he let out a sigh. Serendipity.

From @hollowmaniac : “I guess, now I know how saturated in Beer I can get”, I chuckled. Apologizing, she got up, and walked to her table, looking back in guilt.
I smiled, raising my pitcher, “Cheers!” “Cheers…,” she said, with her beer in hand. Today, after twenty years, by the same beach.

From @thehumerus : He wasn’t used to the idea of finding love like this. He wasn’t used to the idea of love itself. All he knew was he had to survive on his own. But when she extracted his wisdom tooth, he suddenly knew how he could wipe off his pain with a smile.

From @supaarwoman : Ronald angrily rushed into his kitchen and slammed the plate on the counter. “This is the fourth time he’s rejected the order! What more can I do?”. He had just about given up when he stared at the potatoes again. A spark of brilliance. He cooked them, different this time. The French Fry was born.

From @vivekisms : The book store was full of books. Everything that a booklover could want and hope for was there. All genres. All titles. They bumped into each other, reaching out for the same book; no other copy of it was available. Both were searching for it. They found each other instead, along with the book.

From @ghaatidancer : School fights. Farewell tears. Reunions at stations. Train journeys. Blissful idiocy. Loud voices, out of tune. The Cranberries. College benches. Scribbled notes, secret smiles, whispered tales. Stories told, tears shed, laughs shared. Burgeoning dreams. A long road, paved with obstacles. Holding hands, through everything. Eight years, going strong. You and me. Always. You’re my serendipity.

From @poeticgooner : Is that a diamond stud? She picked it up. It was a diamond. No one was looking at her. She took a bus to the other side of town, pawned it and got five thousand Rupees. She would never have to sell her body again. She ran without looking back. Happy eighteenth birthday, she thought.

From @aaroo4 : They stood silent, words left unspoken, undercurrents were felt, feelings exchanged and bonds were born. She looked away; he stood staring, into the back of her head. “A sigh” was all he heard. He knew she was his. The moment had passed, and they moved on, hand in hand together.

From @floydianbrahman : They haven't talked for over a year now. Her lover was the more possesive of the two. She was just compliant. "That's what we do". Breaking out of her reverie as the lift chimed four, she was greeted by a bouquet of purple tulips at her door. "Happy Birthday". She smiled her way inside. Purple.

From @violinraindrops : Alarm clocks are annoying. 10:18 am, 14 October. "Another birthday" I sighed to myself. “CHAAAAANDNI!” I heard my dad yell. Why on earth was he screaming? I ran to my granddads room. “See!” My dad pointed at these leather packed objects buried under the clothes.“You found the cameras! “.

From @themodestninja : She had come into his life as a wake-up call. Seeing her for the first time had made him realise how badly he wanted to fall in love. So who better than her? What?! Why settle for her? Perhaps her job had been only to wake him up. And he had woken up hungry.

From @whiskeytwilight : A minute is all that takes to find out the truth. Today, it seemed like she waited for an eternity. Negative. Hello again, post-coital pillow talks. Hello again, Old Monk + random guy from bar. What she didn't know was, her life was going to change in exactly three hours from now. *door bell*

From @gauravjagwani : Rehab : Round One. Spent almost two months with her. When being discharged, it did feel like she was in my pocket. Alcohol wasn’t a problem, anymore. She had become the latest addiction. A drugless drug, if you may. We drifted apart. We drank apart. Rehab : Round Two. ‘This time it’s different,’ I said.

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  1. He was tired,disappointed,thirsty,sad. He found a bottle, it didn't matter what the liquid was. He drank that horrible liquid, he drank more. The pain was gone. He was now smiling. He drank it all, the bottle smiled. Bottle said,"Welcome to the world of booze,You are now high"