Thursday, February 6, 2014

Theme 22 - 2014 - Bookstore

From @PoisonAavi: 

He had first laid eyes on her at a bookstore. He had been, back then, ten years old. Love came later, only to be dispelled by other temptresses too soon in his life. Now, he sat against the windows, holding her in his arms again. 

He smiled at Rowling's The Cuckoo's Calling. "Love," he sighed. 

From @sourcasm: 

Baani had been visiting the bookstore across her office during lunch time, for two weeks now. She felt comfortable surrounded by tall towers of books, hidden behind those words. Even though she didn't stay there for more than 15 minutes, it was therapeutic and helped her stay calm during the day. It was her little secret.

From @scene_party: 

Their hands met, slowly, unsteadily, their fingers grasping at each other’s. It was dark, but perhaps that was for the best. They were aggressive, perhaps even violent at first, but gradually became gentle. Their palms were sweaty, their gasps audible. He fumbled for a second. She smiled. The last copy of The Luminaries was hers. 

From @Kanakkupullai: 

Ah! Books. He loved them all! What would he buy! This fiction? That Comic? Or this thriller? Maybe this non-fiction for some contemplation? Indian authors are magnificent. 

This or that? 

Damn! He felt like a girl in an apparel store! Overwhelmed and dazed, he walked out empty handed! 

His laptop bag weighed unusually heavier though.

From @Numbyaar: 

There was dead silence in the room. They were all standing crammed in rows with no breathing space and all their stories and emotions contained within. Every time they heard noise around, their hopes would go up, longing to be picked by their spines and released.

From @donbratman: 

8 year old Akash didn't understand what the big deal about books was. He was always playing in the playground or the streets. His friends, on the other hand, spent their free time reading books. He wanted them to like him. So he went into a bookstore for the first time and said "bhaiyya ek tinkle."

From @_souringpie: 

He was ten. Shy. Offbeat. They relished the playground, he cherished the bookstore. He would spend hours flipping through books for stories of his liking. His colourful relationship with his uncle’s bookstore lasted momentarily. A glittering 5-star hotel erased it. Today, it was the venue for his book launch event. He felt enchanted, wistful, humble.

From @Jazz_CB: 

I ran down the hallway, sweating profusely, hoping I wouldn’t be caught. Nervously, I peeped out from behind the bookshelf.

“So this is how I die, in the bookstore on the corner!” I thought to myself. The Ring Wraiths closed in. Suddenly a hand grabbed my shoulder and I screamed.

I have some weird dreams.

From @eBubbleWrapped: 

He sneezed running a finger on the layer of dust settled on the books. Torn covers, dog ears, food stains and faded prints. Every book in this old bookstore had another story to tell than the words imprinted on those pages. 

From @hinnaz: 

Was years since she’d last seen him.
These visits took away so much from her each time.
He came for his entertainment, enrichment and hearts full of love and left.
All she did was file these moments away.
Who knew, some day she’d write it all out and have volumes selling in every bookstore.

From @TheExceptionull: 

A girl was falling in love with a beast. A blind man was ecstatic because for the first time in hundred years he could clearly see everything. A Mafia Godfather was about to be shot down. A group of middle Earth living beings were about to start their epic adventure. This all was happening right at the corner of the street, in the magical land called the Bookstore.

From @snehzana: 

A boy asks the shopkeeper” do you have a Condom? “Can’t you see this is a bookstore, get out!” the shopkeeper shouts. After sometime, “do you have a book on kamasutra then?” boy asks again.  “OUT!!.” The shopkeeper shouts again. He gently removes his erotica paperback wrapped in cover of 1Q84 & starts reading.

From @arzvi: 

During an interview with bookstore owner….
How are you different from  say… other shops?
Shops sell to people what they need, we sell to people what they want.
They TRY saving lives, we save imagination.
Say….. a CA?
They save monetary wealth, we save intellectual wealth
Say…. A politician?
We don’t perform democratic genocide.

From @arpithadesai: 

She picked up Simone de Beauvoir and said, 'Non-fiction is reality. It's better to read something that is true rather than made- up.'

'You can always dream of a utopia', he twinkled and picked up Gaiman.  

'Never judge a book by its cover' she thought to herself.

From @alksmehta: 

Meera immersed herself in books,a solace,after her breakup with Manav.After years she met him in a bookstore and the memories flooded with tears flowing down her eyes.They came closer to eachother only to see their favourite book 'The love story' in both their hands which brought back the lost smile to their faces.

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