Saturday, January 5, 2013

Theme 199 - Connect

From @viveklectic: 

He felt as he was drifting in a void without any purpose. This one day of his life had made him feel dissociated with those who lived around him.

He felt nothing toward this world.

In despair he shook his head and tapped his index finger once more. The broadband simply wouldn’t connect.

From @zoarcher: 

Riya (putting loudspeakers to shame): Rishi, why is our room always so messy?!! And today also your wet towel is on my side of the bed!!!
Rishi: You know darling….how many sixes Dhoni hit today?
Riya (few decibels louder): Is there any connect here?!!!
Rishi (laughingly): Yeah…One topic is your love…the other, mine.   

From @flirtingshadows:

The telephone was her favorite gadget. Connect a call for her and she’d be the happiest person. She had her priorities; the husband, had he taken his medicines; each of her sons; had they eaten breakfast; her grandchildren, what time were they heading home after school/college? A dial tone and a click, she was set. 

From @DNRamki: 
‘Hey guys, we have a problem. Look what he’s doing!’

‘What’s the matter?’

‘Can’t you see? He’s doing it all wrong. Doesn’t he know the numbers? I am number 5! He’s supposed to get here, not skip forward to 23 lying there!’
The little kid kept drawing random lines, oblivious to the tiny dot’s uneasiness. 
From @minolajekar: 
Her eyes look animated, her hands are making the appropriate gestures, her lips are definitely moving, may be words pouring out, but those words were not translating to sound to him.

This may be blind date #555, but there was just no spark, maybe his sister is right, what did she say emotionally distant?

From @lucidillusions_ : 
"Him.", he muttered. He looked around. "Ah! She'll be perfect."

He started generating random numbers. Each number resulting in random events. Each event resulting in them approaching closer.

 He tweaked the system, she stumbled, he caught her. They both felt something stir within.  "My work here is done," said Destiny,"another pair of soul-mates connected"

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