Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Theme 206 - Speculate

From @kanakkupullai:

"I have a superb secret to tell. I traded stocks, and gained over two lakhs."
"What?? Why didn't you tell me before?"
"Speculation is a risky business, you wouldn't have allowed me!"
"So, you conveniently ignored my feelings?"
"Well..I just..."
"Shut up! You chose to speculate not just on stocks, but on me as well!"

From @chaosparticle: She called him as the train chugged away from the platform. There was room for a last conversation at the convocation. But they had speculated a callous dealing of emotions, which got the better of memories. Now as he heard her voice one last time, the call dropped. "Out of network coverage," the screen read.

From @deescjockey: There was an unmistakable spring in her step this morning. Noone had failed to notice the gradual brightening up of her choice in kurtas ever since Prof Madhavan joined. As her colleagues huddled in the staff room, sharing gossip and speculation of varying viciousness, they had no idea how close they were to the truth.

From @RBtrary: Holding hands and strolling beside the flower-beds; few stolen kisses and warm cuddles. World seems better, future looks bright and rosy.Time passes-by and possessiveness grows. For few the mind wanders and in come the commitment woes.Ever-changing speculations and infinite blind turns is what keeps the gamblers enthralled in the game called Love. 

From @sohamsabnis: Seed never speculates. It fall for the soil and longs for sunlight. It survives, cracks the soil and shoots towards the sky. It is never alone in that soil, with minerals and microbes; it grows and later learns to dance with the wind. Learning not to break, but to bend.

From @MirrorofErised_ : It didn't matter if it suited her choice, if the decision pleased her. All that mattered was what was fodder for the media. Her celebrity-status needed constant approval from her audience. One move wrongly played,  and her image would be tossed away like a defeated pawn in chess.

From @Whiteness: She was musing over an idea that came upon to her mind. It was so sudden that she could resist her own standards. After all, why should women always sacrifice her desires for the family? Without further speculation she savored the last gulab jamun that was left in the jar before her son could ask.

From @iyer_raman:  “Captain’s wicket, third ball of the next over, 10 to 1” said the old man, placing a fresh wad of notes. The wicket fell. He downed his drink, and collapsed, clutching his chest. The chairman smiled, pocketed the notes and then called for an ambulance. “Sorry son…shouldn’t have overheard…” were the old man’s last thoughts.

From @BeingInane: I waited for you to say something,something that will silent the ghosts in my mind.I know you are a man of few words,but people need reassurance.And I am no different.My assumptions ruined us.But how can you blame me ?..What more can an insecure mind do than speculate.

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