Monday, March 11, 2013

Theme 218 - Remains

From @oxymoronic_me: 

She lay in bed thinking about him. He was no more in the world. She lost the track of time. Hours passed without her moving out of bed. Phone-rings did not bother her. And then, she jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. Puking incessantly. He remained in her. His baby living inside.

From @CrazyHumanKid: 

Empty her of all the feelings.
Empty her of all the anger.
Empty her to leave a void.
Empty her of her soul.
Time tells her who she is. And who she was.
She's emptied herself of all her life and her life remains.

From @Aarom_Ramsey: 

Everything was gone - the optimism, the love, the dreams, the happiness, the smile. He thought he was meant to be alone. Isolated from everything and everyone he cared about - the price for reaching the very top. His sanity fixated to the last remains of her memory. That is all that kept him going.

From @ofmywalkinglife: 

It had been close to a month since that fateful day. A month since she didn't see him, or hear his voice. What surprised everyone was that she hadn't yet shed a tear. She unlocked the other side of the cupboard today, and all that was left was his remains – and she finally broke down.

From @dangertoon: 

This would be the tenth year. Since his passing. 

“Guitar, check.”

He loved the guitar.

The annual trip to his grave. She hates this. 

The grief disappears for some time. Reappears like an unwelcome visitor at the emotional door.

She fights it. Fails miserably. Every single time.

Pain never goes away. It recedes, but remains.

From @meWant_food: 

My Niece:I want a honest answer.What happens when we die?
Me:OK.Nothing happens.
Me:We die.Just.Even our ashes won't remain.
Her:Nothing remains?
Me:Don't be sad.You asked for it.The thing is,nothing physical remains.
Her:What do you mean?
Me:The people,whose lives we've touched,will decide.If we are important enough,in their thoughts,we will always remain.

From @lucidillusions_ : 

He walked further into the cave. It looked like another dead end. He stumbled and lost his footing. As he fell, he accidentally pulled on the lever and found the entrance. He continued his journey and reached the chamber where he found the remains. The king was pointing towards the map sitting on his throne.

From @shekhartripathi: 

The stage lights still worked. Reds, blues, blinding yellows.

I could not feel their heat on my skin anymore though.

All I had to do was mesmerize the crowd as always.

Shocked!! Stunned!! Read the next day's newspaper. This audience reaction still remains etched in my mind.  

I, a famous actor, had forgotten my lines.

From @nautanki24x7: 

It creeps up on me, silently. It seeps through my skin, filling me up with memories that make my heart ache. Who doesn't have regrets huh? I would like to meet that person. Ask him whether he has ever loved. It's the only logical explaination, isn't it? I mean, eventually, only regret remains, right?

From @eklavyagupte: 

We were looking for some clues that could lead us to her. She looked so effervescent in her pictures, a brightness that could not just disappear without a trace. Her desk was littered with perfumes, handcream, lipstick and a torch. The torch was powerful and like those silver earrings of hers, they could blind you.

From @ushfajk: 

The stare across the table. Those legs trapping me when no one was looking. Those hands that wouldn’t let me go. I wonder if we could have saved anything when the ocean washed us back onto our respective shores. All that remains lies with us. All those lies are all that remain with us.

From @short_byte: 

"Over my dead body," he said. His slipper snuffed out the life from my Marlboro.
The cold metal urn stood on the mantle.  I took the last drag and tapped the cigarette on the bronze brim. Orange embers swirled down and blended into the two-days old ashes below.

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