Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Theme 217 - Privacy

From @xmanishaa: He had decided. To leave forever. Letting go is a part of love and life, isn't it? And he was ready. Ready to face reality. He thought he would grow old with her and share intimate moments. But she, she wanted privacy more than she wanted him.

From @sagarsion: 
She panicked, drawer where she kept her diary lookd tampered. Suddenly pressure built up her chest, but she choked over it , letting out a silent cry. Throwing away her body in bed, burrying her head in pillow she weeped. Anything but breach of dark space, where nobody was allowed, drove her mad to death.

From @BeingInane: She posted,on a social networking site,all about the fight she had with her boy friend.Some replies blamed him.Some gave advice.Some even made a pass.There was a knock on the door.She opened.'What happened?You look sad',her mother asked.'Nothing.Can't I have some privacy?',she exclaimed.She is too young to see the irony.

From @aaaroo4: She hid her face behind the veil; her hands trembling holding onto the lace edges. As he moved his hand towards her face, she cringed, making a sound like a hurt pup. “It’s ok, it’s just me” he said showing her the bolt on the door. Thank you, she murmured lifting the veil revealing scars.

From @tweettabulous: 

Sharing anecdotes was our thing, describing how our day was... Who cracked the silliest of jokes, who was mean and who looked like they didn't shower. One day she comes home and goes to her room, without the regular dose of chitter-chatter.Bewildered I ask her. "For heavens sake give me some privacy, maa"

From @short_byte: 

Everything was red. Her saree on the floor. Crushed rose petals on the bed. Streaks of blood on her thigh. Lipstick rubbed around her lips. Scratches on her arms, her neck. Tears on her cheeks. All red.

Nobody saw red.

'Do not disturb' the door had said.

From @zoarcher: 

Where do I go for a date?
Let's go rob a bank.
Had loved the red jacket in the store; must buy.
Got to get the gun loaded.
Chocolate and flowers would impress Arti.
Where to hide the loot?
With his evil side ever conflicting with his good side, neither had a moment of privacy.

From @Kanakkupullai: He drew a line, unable to think any further. All thoughts felt clichéd, void of innovation. Crowded, noisy and crazy people moved about his life, objecting to his thoughts, subsiding them, halting them. He longed for the confines of his room, his silent abode. Now, all he had left was an impossible deadline to complete.

From @sinpinklove: The newly wed bride giggled when her husband ran a finger over her delicate curves." Sanjanaaa..." her mom-in-law called out to introduce her to some relatives. Ravi caught her hand when the kids in the house wanted a photograph with their beautiful 'chachi'. He cringed. She smiled. Romance took a backseat.

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