Thursday, April 4, 2013

Theme 221 - Lies

From @PScripturient: 

Comfort, he told himself was a great fallback than being adventurous. His marriage of twelve years had started looking like the black & white film he sat watching. She tried a new recipe every day, today being an apple crumble. Nibbling his way through, he said he loved her, lying was a piece of cake.

From @weirdbearddude: 

He was worshipped by all, he was their hero.
He was made promises to by his employers and he waited patiently. Days turned to months and months turned to years, he had been lied to.
Every man has a breaking point and he did too, he decided he had had enough. It was time.

From @SummerFringe: 

From the break of dawn surrounded by rays of hope to the time you close those eyes filled with yearning. You wriggle your way out. Survive the day by being benevolent.
But the self loathing doesn't end. Because the most excruciating lies are the lies you tell yourself everyday. The lies that kill your soul.

From @preetidhingra: 

I love you. I miss you. I will always be with you. I cannot live without you. I want to marry you. You are different.

Oh my parents will not agree. Oh our cultures are different. Oh you will not fit in my family. You are different.

Truth. Lies. I'll never know. Life will continue. With you or without you. Adios!

From @Greyllusionist:

He returned home from work, but there wasn't anyone waiting for him that evening anymore, except a note on the tea-table folded in a perfect square kept under that diamond ring which seemed quite heavy with this abrupt responsibilty...

"...if only brick and mortar could have buried the lies we built this home on..."

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  1. Your themes are unique and I read a couple of them however, didn't get the idea of this paradigm. Would you be kind enough to explain what do you exactly write because you also mentioned other people in your posts?
    Thank you and following you.

    I am a new blogger and I would love if you could have a peek at my blog too and let me know, how I am doing.
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