Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Theme 222 - Adversity

From @Kanakkupullai: He looked about. Everybody was writing, some with their head down, some with a serious look. He didn’t know what to write, for he didn’t know the meaning of the word given in the ‘Essay Writing contest’. He was stuck in a paradoxical situation. Little did he know about the adversities in writing on ‘adversity’.

From @Sourcasm: Despite knowing he would face adversity from every corner if he took this risk, without listening to any advice he made a move and came out of the closet. "I am gay and I am proud of it" he finally told his family and friends. People said what they had to, "Thank god" he said.

From @Drun007: 

"India is a land of unity,
In all its shades of diversity,
And more so in times of adversity,
But let's keep it till eternity."

The lines my grandfather helped me write for a school project, when I was 10.

Why did it have to be that word that is prominent today?

From @meticulousBlues: He was a successful man. Never alone, busy faking friendships with social chameleons. He was respected, never loved. Bored fate yawned at him. He lost everything in a blink. People he called friends vanished into thin air. He was finally alone.  Adversity has a profound way of showing true colours.

From @WeirdBeardDude: It was the same routine every day. He would wake up hoping his problems would magically disappear but he knew it would take time. Losing a job and a relationship in the same week was tough, but he knew he had to get through these adverse times. This was a test of his character.

From @divigyaan: Hope and faith were the two most important baggages she took along, when left her dear home. Someone promised, made her believe, she will get better than what she has left behind. But this time, fear won. Everything turned into dust. What she got in return was the  never ending adversity and her forever-lost-home's door keys.

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