Saturday, September 14, 2013

Theme 224 - Breath

From @mizarcle: 

Walls come in closer, 
Slowly but surely. 
Walls close in slowly, 
Inch by inch, creeping in. 
No way to escape, 
No door in sight. 
Then comes a point when you realise, 
With a sudden with a lightning jolt, 
That there is nothing you can do, 
Except breathe.

From @lucidillusions_ : 

She dozed off mid-conversation. In the faint light, as it bounced off her face, she looked so eternally blissful in her golden slumber. Her eyelashes danced as she dreamed of some far off land. With every breath I could see her bosom rise and fall and it was the most beautiful sight in the world.

From @thebigdowg: 

World was spinning, or was it just his head. He was confused, he looked confused, and he acted confused. It wasn’t a hangover; he was in his senses. He wanted to run, but he couldn't move an inch.
“I can’t breathe”, He said.
“Too late, we are married now”, She replied, with a coy smile.

From @roshd: 

This was only their second date. In the dark theater he held her hand for the first time. She leaned in towards him and rested her head on his shoulder. As he caressed her cheek, he could feel her breathing faster. That was the cue that led to the first of  many kisses that night.

From @OhTeri_ : 

They often fought over who would get the bigger piece of cake.
They always quarreled over who would have the prettier dress of the two.
They fought over the gifts they received.
They were twins, Raina and Samaira.
Samaira was dying of cancer.
Only if Raina could win this fight over her last breath!

From @shekhartripathi: 

He made the first move. His hand slid over her arms. Her tantalizingly tender slow thoughtless breaths on the nape of his neck told him all he needed to know.
Her eyes shut tight. Lips came closer. She exhaled in anticipation.
There was no going back.
And in that single heartbeat moment, nothing else mattered.

From @oxymoronic_me: 

She had made her decision. She would take the straight path, no matter what obstacles. She closed her teary eyes, reminiscing the past. Her dreams, their death. First came the tiny steps and then the longer strides. She walked on and on till she could breathe no more. And then the calm sea engulfed her.

From @snehzana:  

To mend the long quarrel between them, he brought her a necklace. "your breath smells of onions" she said, when he kissed her cheek. He hit her hard & said "I can leave you, bitch, but I will never stop eating onions."

From @kunalbaidmehta: 
The ploy seemed perfect. Everyone would be away when he'd break into the organisation to steal the merger papers. No-one would doubt him. But the security guard saw him sneaking in through CCTV. He ran fast but forgot that the security guard was an ex-athlete who would catch him once he ran out of breath.

From @tweettabulous:
We were very clear... No strings attached, pure lust, love was out of the question.  Every time we met, it was hot and steamy.
She, for reasons unknown, said we’d have to end it. Reluctantly agreed. 
However, wondered would I ever find someone who’d leave me gasping for breath after each kiss! Was it love after all?

From @alksmehta:  

Days of awaiting the trip to Disneyland finally ended. The countdown began and the excitement at its peak to experience the freaking Roller Coaster ride! With a jet speed, here we went all of us, screaming with its crazy turns. And before I could realize anything it came to a halt, taking my breath away!


  1. From @the_blind_eye

    She opened the door thinking to see the love of her life;
    He had gone to fight the war and promised to make her his wife.
    Every moment she had fantasized;
    Slowly she realized, it was his coffin in front of her eyes;
    She was found breathless after the cry.

  2. She breathed in heavily,not much of it was left with her. She was finally succumbing to the pain.She made a world of her own,small one,in this myriad of worlds that interfere and collide with each other so often,on this planet called earth.And then with that last heavy breath she departed on another adventure.