Thursday, January 2, 2014

Theme 1: 2014: Possession

From @sourcasm: 

That book was his most valuable possession for many years, given to him by his father. Having protected it all those years from termites, water and hands covered with oily food. Finally it was time for his son to cherish it and hoping that he would love it like he did for all those years.

From @TheBigDawg: 

She cooked for him. Washed dirty vessels. Did his laundry. Completed all chores. Took care of his house in every way possible. He paid her money and thought she was his slave. She owned him, like a witch possesses her prey!

True story of Shiney & his maid. Maybe. Maybe not.

From @Komal_Nishka: 

‎A seed was sown,
A tree had grown,
So proud he was of his strength and possesion,
Bearing fruits, season after season.
But with time, the bloom had all dried,
Leaving him alone and battered.
And that's when the realisation grew,
Our possessions, they come, to go, 
What remains ours, is the journey Bro! 

From @captainstraw: 

I have a name. It's not unique. I share it with many people. 
It's my name. Ordinary, but mine still.

My name takes shape
From my own measuring tape.
Celebrates my faults and my fame.
It’s no one else’s but mine, my name.

From @ankitsharmatup: 

Darkness was my ally as I was walking past the graveyard last night. A million thoughts exploded in my mind when I saw that grave. The night was cold as I lay on her grave staring at the starless sky. My body was possessed by the memories of her smile that froze in darkness.

From @thescotchgirl: 

He didn't know what made him turn green everytime she tried to touch him. He couldn't put his finger on it. He was with her for the cash. And luxuries. He had to just sleep with her thrice a week. She possessed his body, but not his soul.

From @stupididiotica: 

A crowd of multicoloured blocks were gathered around him, silently eager to be assembled into whatever he fancied next. "They never fail to please my imagination!" He sat there and mused. Sitting beside him, his perplexed little daughter was only beginning to understand why, after all these years,Lego was still his most treasured possession.

From @mmrunal: 

Eyes met, both shared a smile. The smile had something more in it. She approached, played her mystique moves and grabbed him to the corner. By this time, he was all confused but excited. Everything looked so perfect when she came close and whispered in his ear, “Now that I’ve your possession, do I need to explain your part?”

From @AdvanceDexter: 

They say hope has no cure. The harshest reality that mankind can handle. She had moved on. He was still in the vortex. He always reminisced about the beautiful times when they were together. Ironically that kept him alive and dead at the same time. Nothing but her thoughts were his prized possessions.  

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