Wednesday, April 1, 2015

55 word story - Season 3 - Theme 2 - Hesitation

From @sourcasm:

"My infantry was surrounded by the enemy forces and without hesitation we open fired at them. This war was the mother of all wars and we won it. WE WON IT FOR OUR COUNTRY" he told all the other ghosts while floating over his burning body with his crying wife standing next to the pyre.

From @meetumeetu:

“Meow”, she prawls up to my flat as the milkman delivers. She eyes the packets for laps of her nectar.

We race to the milk. She wonders if a pounce could still work. I pause, "should I claim my superiority, and shoo her anyway?”

That's our “good morning” everyday; with hesitation.

From @lucidillusions_:

He dreamt of that day once again. Their faces next to each other as they felt the others breath on their lips. They hesitated for a second and then walked away.

He remembered and regretted the day for rest of his life. He decided to change it as he finished tinkering with the time machine.

From @hinnaz:

“This seat taken? “
“That could change“
“Come here often?”
“Give me company?”
"Stranger danger”
“Could be changed”
“I’d want that?”
“We're still here right?”
“Am I interested?”
“Your eyes say otherwise”
“I need another drink”
"Finish your first one”
"This is all you”
“You owe them money”
“The bar”
“For me”

From @auspicee:

That deep intimacy of eyes, flickering smiles and flirting of heartbeats. There wasn't blabbering but reflective silence fondling on their lips and here I was being left on floor, half-dead, relinquished. Love overpowered me again.

I, hesitation wandering for a heart who is naive, afraid of consequences before celebrating love. Their stupidity is my existence.

From @arpithadesai:

Amidst the wedding cards, clothes, invitations and all the chatter and laughter of relatives, she tip-toed into the balcony and dialled the number she would never forget. She took a deep breath when she heard his hoarse 'hello' on the other end.

'I am getting married', she said in a shaky voice.

*line goes dead*

From @vivekisms:

I see you almost every single day. I know that maybe even you look at me. I actually do not know that. I hope you do though. I think of you sometimes. The way you held out the elevator door for me. I think twice, but I want to know. I reach for your doorbell.

From @cortevez:

After a great deal of hesitation , John decided to go through Bibliophiles 55 word story and found less number of entries. He searched for his smartphone and glanced it. He called Jerry to tell about the pathetic situation of the Bibliophiles. Jerry replied that there will be a great change in the forthcoming days.

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