Saturday, April 4, 2015

55wordstory - Season 3 - Theme 5 - Anguish

From @WickdWeirdWitch:

Everything was set. All she had to do was wait. He would come home, switch on the light and everything would be abuzz. She would then escape to her lover!

There was a power cut. Fire didn't alight.

She was in anguish about how to explain the 1-crore insurance policy taken out a week ago.

From @meetumeetu:

147 Kenyans killed in a university attack.
Afghan suicide bombing kills 17.
Farmer suicides.
Honest officers die. Corrupt politicians thrive.
Not to mention, micro news doesn't make it to papers - “2,057,839 hearts break today.”

“Tell me again”, looking at her swelling belly, he asked, “why are we bringing another person into this world?”

From @mMrunal:

"Don't you understand, she's using you for her own benefits?"
"I know but I still got some feelings etched deep inside me for her.""Well, then you've a choice now. Either me or her."While choosing between his ex and his best friend, he asked himself,"Will this emotional anguish of mine, be ever cured?"

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  1. Ok 55 Word Story? This is new to me.
    Like the idea, though.