Sunday, August 2, 2015

#55wordstory - Season 4 - Theme 1 - Gender

From @banjaarann: 

"Back then it was simple, the old days, when men hunted and women raised the kids. I wonder why we moved out of caves and invented gender theories, now everyone hunts!

The society constricts my tolerance level each time with comparisons, yet when i make love to him, i feel equal. Gender, debatable at leisure!"

From @SugarsNSpice: 

Her world was one existential argument. Her individuality was more than what  the eye saw. Juggling with ideas of the self, she taught others how to live. Then one day a student of hers said,"ma'am do we really have to adhere to this so called notion of gender ?" And her world came tumbling down.

From @aatifsumar: 

"Its a state of mind, not necessarily how your body is."
"It shouldn't define your decisions in life."
"Don't let anyone tell you its a disadvantage."

All this got me really confused, as the form for the school trip just said the letters M and F.

From @rishabhism: 

‘She’s not my girl, she’s my boy!’ said her father in delight, in a party organised to celebrate Sandhya becoming the first female bank manager from her region. Everyone cheered, except Sandhya. She felt betrayed, then inferior, then hopeless. Achievements were commended, but her identity was insulted.

‘I love ironies’; she sighed at last, hopelessly.

From @thatdelhidamsel: 

I'm controlled, oppressed and defamed for wearing what I want, doing what I want and saying what I want. I decided to end my life. But with the rope tightening around my spine, did I decided to do it all  for someone else. Did I say I represent wronged women in court?

From @awsmbong: 

First day of school. A bag, crisp uniform, a military hair-cut the toddler enters with pride.Nature called.  Washroom doors. Signs . She wasn't born with the knowledge of social predicament of a gender. A little boy helped her. Innocent times.

With age. Innocence misplaced. Feminist. Meninist. Not enough human beings.

From @tweettabulous: 

Frustrated with the politics at work I come home and crib to mom about the prevailing sexism. Your hard-work isn't appreciated enough 'cuz you're a woman.

"Maa, why couldn't u make me a boy?"

"Well, you being so strong, smart and better than the men around you, makes me more proud to be your mom."

From @DNRamki: 

Initially, there were two boxes to choose from. That changed to a list of four. As time passed, the list grew. Fifty-eight, seventy-seven, infinite. They even added a 'custom' box. "Describe how you feel" It exclaimed. 

But each form she filled, she drew a blank. Why should she ever belong to a class? A stereotype?

From @_ankitachauhan: 

The raindrops have settled on leaves, her eyes blinked, an oeuvre of thoughts spilled on her lips. She sat alone, silently thinking of world, she lives in— dressed-up souls, frozen voices— all rehearsing to be same, as if some mighty power put them on default and here, she wondering ‘what if we could only love fleshless.’ 

From @mMrunal: 

It was one fine dawn of the spring. The bees were busy doing their tedious job of pollination. Few questions scalated quickly in the bee's tiny brain. To kill the curiosity, he asked the fellow-bee, "What if these plants are of same gender? Aren't we helping them committing a sin?"

To this his fellow-bee replied, "Chill, its US, not India. Its legalized here."

From @pooja1712: 

"The two boxes was mostly its home. Yet habitually it would sneak into people’s houses – feeling abused, as it continued to be a factor for decisions and arguments. Off-late the walls of the box were blurring. Soon someone would set it free, leaving behind a blank space. To be filled as per one’s free will."

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