Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Theme 62 - Alcohol

From @gauravjagwani: The boxer was in rehabilitation for alcohol abuse for over 6 months now. He was confident that he wouldn’t have to go back to rehab. On being discharged, he invited his closest friends for a party at his home, celebrating his overcoming of alcohol. ‘Punches for everyone.’ Everyone left. For one reason or the other.

From @ru_chica: And then I drank some more wine, while the girl next to me turn and said pass me some alcohol. The group erupted into splits of laughter, with one of them saying "she says alcohol and not just rum or wine because she's from Gujju-land. Every reiteration brings her(them) joy"
From @akshayabansal: Did he like his drink! It accompanied him wherever he went. Sometimes it turned him into a lovable raconteur other times into a villain. A doting father, a dutiful husband; until he took to his poison. He loathed himself for this, until the clock struck 8, then the affable man turned into his own nemesis.

From @Numbyaar:
Mosquito 1: Let’s enter the house from the southern entrance. That’s the farthest from the mosquito repellant.
Mosquito 2:  Sounds good.
After 2 minutes of searching.
Mosquito 1: Look what I just found? An arm!
Mosquito 2: Go slow. Don’t wake him up.
Mosuito 1: but...I...zzzz… (falls in a peg of whiskey)

From @MadhaviSud: 'Waiter, A pint of beer for him and a mocktail for me', but the sight of beer tempts me. 'Waiter, no mocktail double beer'. I'm two pints down, next up- Tequila shots. He'd warned me- but there I sat facewards in the toilet relieving myself. I'd screwed up!! 'I'm so sorry Adi!! Love you!'

From @ShekharTripathi: I still remember the day I got my first client- Just 23, achieved something huge for my start-up. Suddenly the police arrived, turned off the music, and confiscated the alcohol and weed. A huge pot-bellied officer smacked my face and snatched my license. Apparently I was underage, and *sigh*, I spent the night locked up.

From @writingchalk:
“Yeh jo mohabbat hai… yeh unka hai kaam…”

No, no not that one, here, try this – “Yeh duniya ussi ki, zamana ussi ka…”

No! This is my favourite, “Na pucho koi humein, zeher kyu pi liya…”

“Chalkaye jam… aaiye, aapki… hothon ke naam…”

At 4 am, a bottle broke and interrupted this round of Antakshari.

From @saiyona: The magic potion took control of her, blurring the lights around and converting the music to noise. It was yet another night and her attempt to forget him. He, whom she lost to an accident a year ago along with their unborn child.

From @anushreekejriwa: He was totally into alcohol and that became a source of trouble for his family. His wife left him in a rehab and did not meet him for a year. He underwent transformation in the rehab; slowly got over his addiction. Learning from his lessons, he now helps others to get over the addiction.

From @aaroo4:
Mister Bartender, i need a drink.
“What will it be?
Umm, it comes in a tall blue colour bottle, and has a sweet colorless liquid in it that tastes heaven with orange juice, cranberry juice but not mango juice
“What is it called ma’am, we have many that fit your description?”
Duh, stupid bartender *faints*

From @venkatsrikar: "This will prevent my blood spattering cough. I will feel better after drinking from this bottle. This is my cough syrup. So what if it contains alcohol? Even the Gods have had it! I will have it and I will live" thought he and consumed of the bottle, memory slowly fading away towards endless eternity.

From @zushk: Ananya opened the door to chaos. Kiddie chairs were upturned and food spattered the room. Maaya, her 3 year old niece, was giggling and hiccuping while her friends ran, fell, shouted, jumped and created a ruckus. Then the harried mother of the birthday boy appeared, “They delivered the wrong cake! It had whiskey in it!” 

From @vishalshriyan: He put his heart and soul into his story. He'd written a winner and his words seemed to magically float off the page at times. Submitted and waited for the accolades, which never came. Too late he realised he'd written on yesterday's theme. Damn you Old Monk, he thought as he poured a fresh peg. 

From @eklavyagupte: “As I sit here with my whiskey, not something I do frequently as most of you know alcohol and I are not very accommodating, I ponder the pointlessness of existence. Something I constantly do but it has more resonance on days like these where everybody is pretending to be ‘happy’,” he said. 

From @woohoochild: For all practical purposes, he was dead to the world. He had been charged of being a rapist and stalker. But it was drunk, senseless love that had made him this way. The next step was to end it all. He decided to live till the alcohol flowed. The empty bottle lay by his side. 

From @bitchwanti: The fine cut crystal decanters,  swan like necks of the wine bottles, sturdy whiskey bottles, the glow of the reds, amber, clear whites she studied as she nursed her glass of water. She had never understood the lure of alcohol. If only Pyaasi had ever popped one of those bottles. 

From @lady_shweta: Love can make you do crazy things. She kissed her best friend Lolita, she crashed the car into a wall while trying to dance in it, she bought a expensive scarf for her dog. It was then she realized, she was not in love, someone had mixed alcohol in her coffee. 

From @sausagetangdi:
Raj: Deepa, I love…*

Deepa, I love you. I am nt three rite nwo bt I wihs u were hre wiht me. I miss youuu baby. Thsi party is superrrrrrttr. I dnt kwno why I am tellinh you all this bt I loveew you :* :&

Her: Told him to use T9. Sigh.  

From @hilonee: He confessed to having cheated on her. He said he couldn't handle her addiction. He profusely apologised and promised to work towards stabilising their marriage. She demanded a divorce. Truth is, she was bored of him. So, she plotted with alcohol and pushed him away. This way she got a divorce, alimony and sympathy. Win! 

From @MinolAjekar: He saw the girl in her pigtails from school, standing outside, staring at the now-familiar garish neon lights, “Miranda Wines”, “Wait I’ll get Papa”.  He put them in a taxi and then filled her hands with those colored toffees she loved so much. Orange toffees sweetening the salty tears, as papa’s snores filled the taxi. 

From @vagabondinact: Looking at the motley group of cheerful people before him, he double checked the address his wife had jolted down. The group, far from his expectations, welcomed him with a round of drinks. Gazing at the streamer behind announcing the meet of group calling themselves Anti-Alcoholics Anonymous, he was happy with his wife’s slip-up.   

From @whimsytales: They seldom talked. You look beautiful today, her husband said one night. I'm sorry we've been fighting, he said. I am equally at mistake, he said. You are the most important person in my life, he said. I just cannot do without you, he said. That night, alcohol broke the silence and saved their marriage. 

From @tweettabulous:
Ria ran to her mom crying, “I’m nauseated”, ran into the wall and fell. Alarmed the mother went to help her up.“Mommy, why are they four of you?”“What did you have, baby?” “Only the Pepsi daddy was drinking last night and wouldn’t share any”.

That night, liquor was moved to a higher shelf.

From @GayatrIIM:
“I am drowning Stella, please save my soul" .There was desperation in Rajan's voice.
"Don't worry Sweetheart, I am with you”
Stella responded in most honeylicious voice while taking shining empty wine goblet back from him.

He fell asleep holding her hand.

"He's been clean for a week now”  Alcoholic Annonymous volunteer, Stella, smiled victoriously.

From @BongBuffoon: He had been nursing the drink for some time. As she continued to speak he took a gentle sip. He focused on her lips and enjoyed the cool scotch burn its way down to the empty gut. And suddenly, his mind cleared. He threw the remaining contents on her face. And he walked out, happy.

From @JaaaChudail: “Ahh.. Oh fuck.. Ahh.. Mother of God.. AHHHH! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!! Ahhh..”, moaned Alison whilst her bewildered boyfriend looked at her. She turned towards him, gaped and died. The alcohol had gotten better of her. She had just got fucked by her neighbor’s dog.

From @UrbanChick: Teenage first timers. One shady bar. Little after midnight. Sneaking in hushed voices. Dim music and loud lights hitting the eyes.  With excitement in the air, noisily they sit. Glasses of alcohol arrive. Hesitation undermined by curiosity they drink. And, as it hits them all they have are burning throats and fake smiles of approval.

From @randomWhiz: She was high maintainance. Lazing around, she found three puppies at her door. They looked very hungry. Her heart went out to them. She gave them the French cookies she was having.They gobbled it up. Slowly, the entire box was emptied. The next morning, the puppies were dead. The cookies were laced with liquor.

From @ScribblingOn: Sitting at the bar, she stared at that golden liquid, her only refuge presently, filled in that glass. "Neat is better", she thought, taking a sip. Ah! That rush. That sense of losing oneself. Fulfilling. Each drop was savoured equally as numbness weighed her down, making her sink into reality, a little deeper than usual.

From @abjt:
O hi.
You’re so hot.
I fucking love you.
We were so good together!!!11
You drunk?
A little
I know you still have feelings for me
Yeah. Hate
Take that back
And disgust
OMFG I am so sorry
You there?

From @sarwarbaig: It was the weekend again. Almost everybody he knew would either be partying loudly or drinking , or both. That was something he'd deliberately extricated himself from. He would instead be hanging out with Poe , Scorsese , King , Pearl Jam and Tarantino. The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude , he'd once read somewhere.

From @salonitia: It was all very intoxicating, her head was spinning, she needed to rest. She got up and started walking towards the door, just then he held her again. He pulled her down, swirled her head and kissed her passionately. She felt the effect of alcohol setting again. Her lips twirled into a smile again!!

From @AmanjotKSandhu:
She had a crush on him but not the courage to tell. He didn’t say because he was scared to lose her as a friend.

They were totally drunk.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

That was all they remembered from whatever happened that day. They are married now. Thank God for alcohol! ;-)

From @madrasmad: They say that alcohol has wrecked my life. They’ve no idea whether I get drunk, how much money I spend, how I met most of my best buddies, or what clean fun I have over drinks. But, in my heart of hearts, even a single well-wisher worrying about me is enough to kill me.

From dkm: I began to sweat at the bar. The destroying drink, if I gulp, will be for the first time. A lump in my throat almost choked me. Just then, I looked outside. A child happily smiling in the arms of his father put an end to my misery. I walked out with my drink unsipped.

From @dhavalmehtas:
"It happened lastnight" satvand declared:

"Bendetakke why didn't you tell me before?" Both just had finished half of signature.

"2 chevas regal on the rocks please" Surindar ordered.

"who is she??" Surindar asked

"Please don't ask" satvand requested.

"Why shouldn't I??is she my sister ??No.."

"No,its your cousin" he replied with narrowed brow.

From @Ad_Coelum: "Sitting on the balcony of his apartment, Meursault took a swig of the cheap rum. He had no particular affinity to the drink but was curious if it would incite in him some commonplace emotions he witnessed around him. An empty bottle later, the laughter of couples in the streets seemed as alien as before."

From @_Nehu: Alcohol, night chats and then hangover..., today's theme was wandering on Rajesh's mind. Life has changed now responsibility of parents, wife and children and office work. He calls his friends, they bunk office meet at the old place. Ahh!! It's good to be back. Bunking Rocks even at age of 40.

From @NakedWetHungry:
The babysitter opened the door.
"Has kid slept?"
"Yes, sir! Was waiting for you."
"And Reena?"
"She's in bedroom. She...."
He entered the bedroom. She was lying asleep on bed. He took glass from her hand, put blanket on her and left while checking pocket for rubber. A text was sent- "15 mins".

From @ChhotaRecharge: Waking up, eyes still shut, her hands searched the bed for her cell. Almost mechanically, she visited her favorite place and started reading the written evidence from last night to get a hint of what exactly had happened. Just then, the enveloped icon caught her eye. "#BhenchodKabootar! Drunk DM's, never again!"

From @Sneak_Speak: It was a celebratory feast. But they were troubled. He confirmed their worst fears. “I am leaving tonight. It is time.” They were horrified. He smiled and told them not to despair. Judas looked up at His shining face and wept. It was too late to turn back now. The wine flowed freely that night.

From @textuallyhorny: They met at Coffee House. Yes, that intellectual’s corner. Poetry, politics, paintings, pathos, publications transcended to platonic passion. Pegs and pugs seemed best friends. He drank to create masterpieces while she drank to forget her master and those broken pieces her life has turn into today and people still drink to their ghazals.

From @TheHeadONed:
Whiskey was flowing from the jar...Bloody Mary seductively dancing with Pink champagne on ice...

My love, my bud, in my arms...We drifted off into the darkness, smiling, dreaming of a tequila sunrise…But the future’s uncertain, The end is always near...

And when I woke up this morning,“Damn it!!! Where’s my beer???”

From @laalfirangi: “So many laughs and so many tears. So many shared joys and so many shared fears. So many ‘Give me a hug’ and so many ‘Okay, go now’. So many moments experienced together, so many still to come. Thank you making me, Me. Happy Anniversary, Love. Cheers to ‘US’!” And she thought, he had forgotten.
From @The_Buffmaster: The whiskey had already started its magic. Tearing his mind, blurring its edges and with a sore throat, he stared at that empty room. He could no longer understand why he went through this. Was it her or was it him? So he reached for another drink; the only thing that still dulled the pain.
From @n0rwegianw00d:
"Father dead. Come home." 
She sat cowering in a dark corner, crying and caressing the still-thumping white spots on her arms. Father had burned her arms with cigarette because she had fought with him. Fought because she wanted him to stop. 
It was exactly 10 years that she had become an orphan.

From @teejavus:
"OH!” Glucose exclaimed. She knew it. The world seemed different. A tingling feeling in her bonds.  Specially with the yeast colony appearing. She fell in love with yeast. It was bound to happen, she couldn't help. He used her; broke her down; transformed her completely.
Glucose turned to alcohol, "Time for a drink" said Mr.Brewer.

From @AbhiandNow:

“Sunny, see what I’ve got for you.”
“What dad?”
“It’s in the packet.”
“Dad but…”
“What but, it’s for you. Open the bottle; make a peg for me and your mom as well.”
“No, what are you saying?”
“Well, drinking with your family is still better than drinking stolen liquor with friends, right?”

From @Violet_Droplet: She was drinking at the bar. She could hear them laughing behind her back. There were lights. Red & blue lights. Yellow lights? She remembers opening her eyes. Seeing people sway. There was a lot of smoke. She passed out. The drink was not for her. The fly decided never to drink off the bar ever again.

From @RBTrary: Heavy rains soaked him in water but he didn’t try to seek shelter or shade. Horns honking behind him but he didn’t bother getting on the footpath. Seemed lost, like a walking zombie, unperturbed by the surroundings, but, smiling...Wasn’t drunk, but didn’t seem sober too. He's high on Love... And she's the alcohol...

From @RiddhiAswani: Miniature peanuts, miniature glasses and miniature bottles lined the massive bar in front of my hazy eyes. A strange buzzing echoed in the interiors of my head. I raised a unsteady hand, gripping the tiny bottle of vodka. Was I a giant? 'You're drunk!' Someone accused. Tears ran down my face. 'No, I'm a giant!'

From @roshd: Christina was the South African model. Mandeep was the stud and owner of Rana International hotel where she was staying. They flirted. She was to leave tomorrow. He had to have her. He ordered her drink to be spiked. Tonight she had hoped to make love to him.  What could’ve been sex was now rape.

From @punvati: Skinny legs in tight jeans and stilettos, tapping a dizzying drunken code onto the platform stairs. "Hold me, I'll fall", a sharp onlooker deciphers. They told their children they met on shaadi.com.
From @MrNarci: 

“Bartender! At least I’ll do something I enjoy.” Gary proclaimed.

“But you like drinking, not handing out drinks,” Ray said.

“Alcohol shop-owner then?”

“Procuring a licence is a headache.”

“Too much effort. We should be born with enough money to buy a lifetime’s supply of liquor,” Gary said, taking a swig from his trusted flask.

From @Divya_Moorjani:
Sameer was teaching his son the evils of alcohol. He put one worm in a glass of water and another in a glass of whisky. Worm in the water lived, the one in the whisky died, curled up.
'OK son, what does it show?' “Dad, it shows that by drinking alcohol, you won’t have worms.'

From @A4iti: As I put the glass down, words regurgitated, making place for all the induced calmness. They formed the worst set; didn’t flow, weren’t rhythmic, didn’t rhyme, weren’t valid. Yet they were echoing their way through scanty spaces between amplified frequencies. Yet they were, words…meant to be spoken.

From @veturisarma:
What could he give back to the elixir that made him seek solitude in it?
What could he offer as a tribute to its potency, which challenges him to extend his sanity?
Answers limit themselves.
The embrace was enticing
Devotion was not the way. It was belittling.
Indulgence is.
That was a good night.

From @realfartshady: Friends found Rick on the living room floor. He was a drunkard but this was something baffling. His friends knew couple things about Rick; he never wasted booze and he kept his couch neat at all times. He had spilled beer all over the couch. That’s how his friends knew it was a heart attack.

From @HighHeelsWaali: He didn’t know if it was the alcohol, or she was actually the prettiest girl he had ever seen. They talked, clicked and spent the night. She was gone before he woke up. Now he would never know.
From @ipunekar:
"How does it taste dad?"

"What? Alcohol? Not for you kid, it tastes like medicine"

"Then why are you having it?"

"Now that I have it, I have to live with it. It's like an essential curse."

"You mean like mommy?"

"Errr.. Anyways, here kid, have a sip and go play outside now!"
From @kunalbaidmehta: Being a car race driver was a thrill and a passion for him. Every win was celebrated with a success party with a glass in hand throughout the evening. Soon addiction took over and now every loss also follows a similar pattern. Only difference is that the word 'success' is missing and he parties alone.
From @IndianIdle:
Coke and alcohol is a blasting mixture” Vikram said.

Rutul tried to be witty,” I drink a lot but it never blasted.”

Vikram held the coke bottle towards Rutul, popped a white pill in it and seconds after Rutul was drowning in coke.”What was that?”.

Menthol- the coolest alcohol, and pointed towards Mentos packet.

From @Oxymoronic_Me: Maria looked around surreptitiously. There was no one in sight. Smiling, she took a few sips from the small bottle. Tomorrow she would be back on her way to sanity!

Police-women entered the parking-lot and arrested her. Maria had forgotten the video-camera. She should have remembered she was in Saudi Arabia. Alcohol was banned here.

From @swordfish19: “My son, you are wasting your life … you have to embrace the virtue of temperance…it’s evil son, evil is what it is….it’s the very instrument of Satan…it clouds your thinking…you can’t tell right from wrong…what’s happened to your spirit..huh?...”“..e..eet’s riiight he-ere Father…” the village drunkard interjected taking the flask out of his rear-pocket.

From @Nikita_Tuli: She lived in a void for many years, some strange darkness that she couldn't run away from, some bitter truth she couldn't confront...until one day she consumed a lot of alcohol to finally be able to say these words to her man " I was molested as a kid. '

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