Monday, May 7, 2012

Theme 67 - Fight

From @Marwaari: News channels were flashing "5 killed in school shootout"

"What prompted you to do this?" The police officer asked the boy.

His bloodshot eyes stared at him blankly. He remained silent for a few minutes. Then he spoke, " I am happy for what I've done. They won't bully me hereafter." He laughed hysterically.

From @TheBigBhookad: Let me pull you up, hold my finger, let’s try to walk again. Stand up; you’re fine, get back on the field! Wake up; you’re going to be late for your board exams. Cheer up; she’s not worth it, you know that. Rise up, don’t get a new job. Start something new now. Let’s fight.

From @TheOtherBanana: The last bell finished ringing in her head as she took stock of her situation. Cornered, she had no weapons, except for a really sharp nail file. He would be at least fifty kilos heavier, she mused. As he took a step toward her, her survival instincts kicked in. It was fight or flight now.

From @NumbYaar: He was a born fighter, but he found himself helpless then. He would always give his best shot, only to fall prey again. On that fateful day, he decided to give it his everything. He picked himself up, dusted himself off and finally quit. Today it’s been 2 years since he overcame his cigarette addiction. 

From @writingchalk: “Commit suicide!” As he walked towards the edge of the cliff, that line kept repeating like a stuck record. Vultures circled overhead. His stomach was paining, severely. As he was tipped over, his stomach exploded... “Woah!” he exclaimed.

These nightmares kept attacking him. He couldn’t stop them. Someone had planted suicidal tendencies in his subconscious...

From @Ladycardiidae: If only she would let me go. If only. "I can't put up a brave face every day," he thought. “ERIC, “she yelled. “Yes, coming honey,” he said as he flushed his addiction down. Reeking of it, he ran down the stairs, tumbled and fell. “I won’t have to fight no more.” His last words.

From @teejavus: Punched. Knocked out. He lost again. He used to win. Everyone told him to quit. Losing one match after the other. No one knew why he kept returning.

He had lost so much more to life. The ring was his solace, he felt at home. Those fifteen minutes inside the ring, everyone acknowledged his existence.

From @AWedStory: Two years, that's how long they had been married. They were still so much in love, but there was something she always missed. One day she finally decided that enough was enough, and started plotting. The plan worked and they finally had their first fight. It wasn't the fight she missed, but the makeup sex.

From @dasCapital_: He was killed. He was killed because he talked and thus did not follow Rule no 1 and Rule no 2.

From @LadyClonidine: They’d been standing in the same location for 2 episodes, talking to themselves with exaggerated expressions. No actual fighting had commenced.

Finally, he readied himself with the sphere of energy, usurping Ki from all around him like King Kai had taught him.

The energy traveled slowly, magnifying, hitting Kid Buu as he crumbled into pieces. 

From @zushk: She lowered her camera and gasped. Ten feet away the lioness stared at her, a dead bird carcass in her mouth. As terror seeped in, a random thought flashed in her mind - she was experiencing something from her psychology textbook! The ‘Fight or Flight’ syndrome in humans. She decided, turned, and ran for it.

From @zaiuranjit: A blinding light shone from above. Frantic voices surrounded him. Someone was making a count. He could taste blood in his mouth. His face hurt like hell, as did his the rest of his body. A familiar voice was shouting out his name, telling him he needed to fight, to win. Suddenly, silence. “He’s gone.”

From @JhanviDhawan:

At 9:00 am.

Me: “Mom…. M O..o..o..o..O M”.


Me: “uhh…ermm.. uuhh… Mom.. Just wanted to say that I am leaving for office… Bye :/ ”

From @gauravjagwani: We went through bottles of alcohol, a couple of friendly fights, but I woke up with those words in my head. Words of that cheesy song. I fought the pain and walked into the bathroom to wash my face. I yanked the post-it that was stuck on my forehead. And, the words weren’t there anymore.

From @MrNarci: Childhood fights were fun. Shaheen would hit Zeenat with pillows, slap her across the face till Zeenat would cry and come scratching back at her. They never stopped until Mother pulled them apart; bodies red. As grown-ups though, they maintained silence. They missed each other’s voices, but they’d rather die than talk. It hurt more.

From @Saiyona: He was in Delhi. She was in Mumbai. This long distance was taking a toll on their relationship. One day, while they were in the middle of a heated conversation, the line went blank. Her ego got a kick when he hung up. Same was for him. Stupid Vodafone connectivity!

From @IndianIdle: They were from two different religions. They came to this busy street in the helm of afternoon to do make everyone available cool drinking water. Nobody noticed them. Until one day they started to fight. Everyone gathered, shouted, swore and laughed.  Someone who knew them saw the irony of the situation and said,”Satyamev jayte”.

From @madrasmad: 

“What a bright idea to fight, son!”

“I just couldn’t stand her plight, dad. They had her tight in that alley with slight light.”

“And you were her knight that night?”

“I hardly know her, dad. And I don’t fear might. I just know that what I did was right.”

From @chinmaynaik07: They felt lost in lives. They wanted to be more than their individual selves, something to bind them, hold them together through the roughs. They chose the alluring idea of worshipping together an infinity, Gods, even chose liberty of choice. Things were best. But feeble were their minds. And now in His name they fight.

From @crazyandhow: 

Quietness; broke with the shattering glass.

“That’s all you care. You have do more for this relationship.” Aarvi sobbed.

Assertive; Rajat held her tightly in his arms and planted a kiss on
her forehead.

“I will make us work. Promise sweetheart.”

An indifferent silence poisoned his last marriage.

Life’s different today.

They fight; they love.

From @sinpinklove: We fight for everything; who will clean the room, who will pick the mail and who will open the door; who will get the bigger piece of cake, who will sit by the window in the car and who will use the new pink toothbrush.But we both know that we have each other-Sisters !

From @vishalshriyan: Everyday he stood on the edge of the doorway. The train pulled in, and he barely glanced at the faceless people speeding by. Just saw an empty spot and jumped. Rushed home like a madman to meet the deadline for his story. Some might think him crazy. But to him it was worth the fight.

From @shantusharma: "She came down on him and pulled him with all her might. This woke him up and he tried to climb again. But she was successful to claim her place. Now, it was boy's turn to pull her and get his seat back. The twins were fighting for the best place on their mother's lap."

From @anjana_murali: The minute they step inside the studio, they transform into perfect divas, shaking hands and giving air kisses. But their assistants who had witnessed the same two women trying to kill each other just minutes before were not surprised. After all, catfights are a way to gain stardom; they had heard their bosses say.

From @oxymoronic_me: She fought love as always. Love was not something you gave yourself to. It cut your soul. It made you forget who you really are. All it did was give you pain. Make you its slave. She deleted his number. Cut-off with all contacts. Left the city.

Lust would rule her life better. Fight over.

From @anushreekejriwa: She suffered from a mental disorder and had no control over it. She suspected that someone was trying to harm her; the mind was playing games and she was constantly fighting to defeat the invisible. Mind was the residence of devil while heart was of faith. The fight still continues while she loses herself.

From @bhallakar: 

He: yaar, we are always fighting.!
She: that is good nooo? If i am fighting that means i love you and this relationship.
He: but, all for silly reasons. Why?
She: chill, relax

Two weeks later;
She: we are always fighting yaar, i cant do this, i am tired of it.
He: huhh?
She: goodbye

From @kanwarse: We were best friends.  Had grown up together, shared dirty magazines, had fell for the same girls, lied & taken blows for each other.

Now, he was in front of me, bloodied and weak.  Yes, I was going to kill him. His people had done worse to my family. He was a Hindu.

The partition changed everything.

From @_Nehu: He was fighting for freedom. He had conquered the cruel people by non-violence. We call him Bapu father of our nation, Gandhi.That was taught to little Baburao who lived in village. He wanted to see India with bapu’s eye. Today he is fighting against corruption on behalf of us. We call him Anna Hazare. 

From @whimsytales: He never really liked her taste in music. But he was glad that she had one. He'd listened to her songs to know her a little better -the lyrics that touched her, the melodies that she hummed, hoping that maybe some day, he'll figure her out. She was happy knowing that he tried.

From @Crucifire: You don't understand my feelings. You don't get it when I am down or sad. I have to look after you, our kids, parents and work.

All I want is some peace and quiet. Is that too much to ask for?”

“Fine, you want 3 cubes of sugar, take it."

From @tweettabulous: In a red polka dotted bikini and armbands, Tia wasn’t yet ready for her first swimming lesson. She held on to daddy’s hand, nervous. He gently shoved her in.Her darkest fears were coming true, as she fought to stay afloat.

“That’s how we all learn, darling.”, he said, by the three feet deep end.

From @binivijan: 

“Not before the right time”, she said.

“But I am eager to meet him”, I insisted in vain.

I followed my sister to see the guy she was secretly dating. It was Joy, love of my life.

It dawned hard on me that our innocent childhood fights were better than the chaos surrounding us today.

From @rumna: I reached home first, walked the dog, changed, picked up a book, read the same lines over and over. I heard him come in, and pretended to be on the phone. The house filled with sounds of the tv, the fridge door opening, a bottle being uncorked. Our first fight. Who’d make the first move?

From @amanjotksandhu: The hugs were tighter, the kisses more passionate. They were lost in each other’s eyes. Nothing else in the world seemed to matter to them. They had just made up after a fight.

From @kunalbaidmehta: 8.01 am. The fast local to Churchgate was packed. A push here and a shove there was leading to arguments and fights. This was the kind of opportunity Suleman looked for. Picking pockets in such a scenario was pretty easy. He did not know that CCTVs had been installed last night on the Western Line.

From Prema: The fight was on, for a tiny piece of bread. Half of it pulled to one side, and the other half to the opposite. Suddenly, the ants ran helter-skelter.

Human legs thumped across.

The ants were back, munching away even as they pulled.

From @randomwhiz: They were brothers. They fought over love. One ended up killing another. Sacrificing one relationship for another. For betterment. For evolution. Their names were Kane and Abel. And the rest is religion.

From @realfartshady: 

“Thank you, appreciate your love fellas!”

“Get off the fucking stage!”

“What? You wanna go right here?

“That’s right scum! Fight me funny guy!”

They fought whole night. The comic won.

“Go ahead make a joke.” said the harasser.

 “I don’t wanna mess my punchline.”  comic ignored..

From @minolajekar: 

Jostle for space in the local train.

Argue with the cabbie for the short ride.

Shove in the elevator.

Bargaining with the fleecing vendors.

Calm the kids down.

Pacify the neighbor over the parking.

Make peace with the partner about yesterday’s tussle.

Sleep, wake-up, repeat.

When  did everyday urban life turn into such a fight?

From @BoozeSexSundry:

I start cold blue flames which ruin your leather jacket.

You, rage filled red flames which shred my shorts.

I look down to evaluate the damage.

Bloody knees. Blistering feet. Scorching heat. Your heart-crushing glare.

I hear sirens at a bay.

A fire which won’t satiate any other way;

Until the end of two worlds.

From @vivekisms: It had been three years. Anxious three years. Quite nice to begin with, and then the downfall geared its ugly head in the form of abuses and dominance. A bruise here. A torn shirt there. A plate broken and an anniversary forgotten. They called it off over a beer. It was hot alright.

From @bitchwanti: The traces of the kiss stared at her, on the shirt she had gifted him this on their first date. "How could you do this to me!" She screamed,fighting,tearing at him. "This was the mark of your kiss.I never washed that shirt. Happy anniversary",he said,drained with her heated words.

From @SarwarBaig: 

Rangbaaz Raju wheeled on the heels of his boots and landed a skull-cracking blow on the back of his aggressor's head. His henchman rushed in with switchblades to avenge their fallen boss and were dealt blows that broke ribs and knocked out teeth. Exploding cars leapt up into the sky and thunder rolled.

"Cut !"

From @violinraindrops: Heaven? Is this hell? Where am I? Maybe, nowhere yet. ‘There’s still time for that’ his mind spoke. Hues of yellow, orange and a hint of red filled the canvas. "Beautiful" was his response to the touch of black clouds that now beautified the painting. The flames reached his flesh. “Finally” the battle was over.

From @dhavalmehtas: There have been number of fights between both of them,but that evening was not an ordinary when she said you son of bitch,illiterate small town fellow.he lost his control,with his trembling hand he picked up acid bottle from shop near by.. thrown at her...killed his love and life both.

From @namansaraiya: I stood with the rum for company, on this lonely night. There was a strange sort of camaraderie. We were both intoxicants, of different kinds. One striving to make you miserable, the other divine. This had to be done, one way or the other. All of it was due tonight. Else, there'd be no fight.

From @AlreenaPinto: 

Make a trip to Paris. Check.Attend a concert. Check. 

Sitting on her bed in the hospital, amidst the smell of disinfectant and medicine, she was ticking things off her list. 

“Two months. You have two,” said the man in the white coat. 

And now life was a fight. A fight to live, to conquer.

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