Thursday, December 6, 2012

Theme 190 - Fiction

From @lucidillusions_ :

"She smiled at me.", he told them, " even though she was crying blood.".  The psychiatrist looks at his mother with no hope.

She leaves the book on the table and walks to the window. She looks towards the mirror and sees tears of blood. She wipes them; realizes some facts are stranger than fiction.

From @roshd: His book ‘Love after Love’ was a runaway success. At the celebration party, Khalid, that cranky Times critic, walked up to him. “Frankly a very weak story line. Hard to believe an ex-lover can be so supportive.” Roy smiled. Reena, head honcho of Pennyville, his publisher, was his ex- girlfriend. Truth is stranger than fiction.

From @flirtingshadows: They knew little of each other. But with a few conversations, two individuals with fictitious names got a wee bit less lonely. She enthralled him with the details of a fabricated life and he was a patient listener. The life she was recounting was never hers. But he eagerly lapped up everything she had concocted.

From @Mitchellez: At the café, accompanied by coffee and loneliness, she sat gazing out of the french window.  People walking down the avenue. Lost in thought. Lost in their own little world. Not stoping to look at the brokeness around. Oblivious to the clamour tugging at their sleeves.  The café, just like life, was another movie theatre.

From @iyer_raman:

“Sorry Somu, you have to go today.”
 “I don’t want to die! What will happen to Yoshi? And the kids! They need me!”
“Just shut up now and let me think of a way to kill you.”
The writer lit a cigarette, and worked out several possibilities.
The keyboard waited patiently to script Somu’s end.

From @vchatting:

My teacher said, we will read fiction in class, tomorrow. Maa what is fiction?, wide eyed, asked my little son.
That, which is not a fact, is fiction, I said unmindfully...
And what is a fact?
Fact is a truth, which exists, which you can touch and feel.
Like "food" is a fact but "eaten" is fiction? Right maa....?

From @tunnvi: Mad as a hatter. Liar like Pinocchio. Honest like Jiminy the cricket.  As evil as Cruella De Ville.  Obsessive like Miss Havisham. As genius as Sherlock. Wrong doing just like Michael Henchard. Charming and intelligent like Hamlet. A child at heart like Tom Sawyer. Yes, he was stranger than fiction.

From @quratzafar:

She cries big tears and holds back her fears.
There is a world inside her, a world meaning to be discovered.
But till she can find it, it's fiction.
And we all know fiction is unreal.

From @zoarcher: For as long as she could remember, Dipti had heard and seen stories of heroes fighting villains single-handedly to protect their beloved one. Today, as she stood surrounded by hooligans, she wondered when her knight in shining armour would come. In the next few minutes, she learned that life was not a work of fiction.

From @absoluteme:

He, a storyteller. She, a rationalist.
He has imaginary friends she doesn't mind; and she makes sure they all brush their teeth before bed.
He tell tales and she's all ears.
He's fabulous. She keeps him from becoming fabulist,
He weaves life-like fables and she dwells in his imagination.

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