Saturday, December 8, 2012

Theme 192 - Wait

From @indianidle: She waited for many days. Every time she dialed his number, she disconnected instantly before it even rang. But today she had decided she would call him and tell everything. She called and there was a voice from the other end,”Please wait , the person you are calling is on another call.”

From @seedhibaaat: When she left, he said he'll wait. When he decided to leave, she started waiting.
And then they realised "the wait" was just a game they had started playing with each other. Sadly , no one ever seemed to win.

From @marsdhirs: Wait is a word most of us indians have not heard of. Don't believe me? Just spend a few minutes at a traffic light and if you still don't believe me come to the traffic light early mornings or late at night. I am sure u will understand what I am trying to mean..

From @Pentropy:

Soul had left last Monday; body didn’t. Felt closer to far end of heaven stair than the bed.  Their tears were confused; I slipped off. A medicine cut the story short and triggered the hypocrite certainty. I tweeted:

“Thanks to lawmakers for legalizing euthanasia. Untied wings are be better than a decorated cage”

From @swordfish19:

The violinist was playing all day long on the sidewalk. Most would pass him by, throwing an occasional glance his way. Some would linger for a while and listen to his tunes.
It was almost late evening now and his hat was still empty. He had still not given up hope though.
Patience, he thought.

From @roshd: She knew about his ladies bar habits. It was Friday and he gave her the familiar line, “I’ll be late. Entertaining some clients. Don’t wait up for me.” She didn’t. She took the jewellery, the cash and the evening flight out of the city. She had planned this two Fridays ago. Hell hath no fury…

From @deescjockey: "They wouldn't forget an old widow like me," she muttered to herself as she carefully packed the gifts for the new bride and laid her new sari on bed. The wedding starts in 4 hours, part of her reminded herself. Any minute now, she thought as she stood in the balcony awaiting the belated invitation.

From @DNRamki: “Now that your exams are over, you can relax right?” he heard her voice on the phone and he smiled. It had been a while since he smiled. “Well, yeah...” he trailed off. He wondered if he could explain, how agonizing it was going to be until the results arrived. And maybe, even after that...

From @flirtingshadows: She waited until the rage had died down, the lump in her throat had dissolved and her lips had stopped quivering. She waited until he was done with his soul-baring soliloquy. She waited until all was quiet and then quipped gently, “Let’s go to the beach and watch the sunset?” He smiled a slow smile.

From @NumbYaar: She waited for love all her life. She wasn’t ready to fall for anything that came her way. But it wasn’t long before her patience had the better of her. She gave in to an arranged marriage and learnt to live with the idea. Alas! Soon love came knocking on her door.

From @BrinjalKBaataan: The boy gazed outside the window, longingly, as his classmates ran around, full of mirth. He shifted his attention back to his imposition, immediately, when he noticed that his teacher was about to look up from her book. She glanced outside to see her boyfriend coach the children and wondered when they could leave.

From @tweettabulous:

Disdainful life and a bleak future led me to believe that living was meaningless. But morals instilled had taught me, suicide was more of a coward’s way out. I was stronger than that.Suddenly the talk about the Mayans spread. My escape route well-planned. Then he came along, that wait to end… is no more.

From @iyer_raman: Every night he puts out the lights and sits by the window, smoking cigarette after cigarette. The building he stares at is asleep. But he knows one room will light up. And she’ll appear, the stranger next door, to spend some time like no one’s watching. Tomorrow it may well be curtains, but till then…

From @MissMistreated:

Fifty years ago, you gave me a note - that final morning. No word has been sent. The enemies you left to fight with are long dead.

On my deathbed, I decide to unlock the mystery.

“I will return”, your handwriting says.

He waits as I do, anticipate my rebirth. I feel content.

He will come.

From @shark_speak: Even before the cobwebs of sleep had cleared from his mind, he checked his phone. No unread messages. “Not to worry,” he told himself, “she will call soon.” The majestic sun travelled its long distance across the sky. He dropped dead on his bed. No unread messages. It had been two years. The wait continued.

From @divigyaan:

"Love you baby" she said this expecting a "love u too".  Whats app showed him 'online' and this didn't let her hope die. Waited for fifteen she finally said,"I always knew you never loved me back :(".

After few minutes her phone buzzed. The message read, "I was last seen in the loo, my stomach is bad" :(

From @vchatting:

Hi, you home. How nice! See, my nails, i got them done for the party tomorrow. And what about "my" joblist? Were you able to call the mechanic, deposit my cheque?, or was office as busy as usual!

Honey, can you never wait....; I've just returned. Sometimes, can you just let me peace..

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