Monday, December 17, 2012

Theme 195 - Territory

From @brownicetea: You're mine. She might be your and I don't care but she must not claim you ever because of one simple reason you're mine. I am not possessive, I don’t believe in competition; it brings up beggary in a relationship. It is just that one cannot show affection towards you, you are in my territory. 

From @Adrenalyst: A national hero with medals on his proud chest, he was an inspiration to coming generations. Laying on the floor, smiling at the pain of his tortured body, his eyes opened to the sound of That bell. It was for the line that humans drew, he walked the Green Mile. It was a different territory.

From @DNRamki: The long summer vacation was over. He couldn’t wait to be back in school. As soon as he got down from the bus, he dashed to Class V A. Slowly, he pulled out his compass and etched a line on the desk before anyone saw. For this one year, this would now be his territory. 

From @roshd: It was past midnight and she tiptoed into Michelle’s room. She was fast asleep with Melwyn lying beside her. Her arm was across his chest and leg crossed over his stomach. Her territory was marked but Flavia was going to violate it. She woke her husband , careful not to disturb their 4 year old princess.

From @deescjockey: It was a mistake to come here, I thought as gingerly followed the puny laborers carrying over 30 kg of my old newspapers to the junkyard. I'd seen them before, scurrying around my building, speaking with eyes always lowered. Their gait was changed now, and I felt vulnerable under their eyes, in their territory.

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