Friday, December 14, 2012

Theme 194 - Judge

From @DNRamki:

Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. His hands trembled. His throat went dry and he ran out of breath.

She asked him the question again, but he still couldn't recollect what he had read. She looked at him with wide eyes, and then dismissed him.
She didn't think twice before she judged him ‘mediocre’

From @vidulachakradeo:
Label 1 – Pig head; look how stupidly he looks. Label 2 – Arrogant ass; who does he think he is? Label 3 – Mystery maniac; his eyes, my god. Label 4 – grey-haired furniture; forget that useless bloke. Label 5, label 6, labels endless. A man sits by himself, giving no explanations.

From @roshd:

The watchman walked towards her. Surely come to beg for more money, she thought.The last time he said his wife was seriously ill.

“What happened now? Hope no one died!,”She sneered.

With a sad face he nodded, “My wife. Here’s the money I borrowed from you madam. I’m going with my children to my gaon.”

From @vchatting:

I saw her smoke, drink...
Who'll meddle with a girl like her?
What do you mean! Girl like her....?
I mean, such a woman is not like wife material! Right?
Yes. She's too much of a woman for you to handle with your narrow mindset!
Don't judge me!
Don't judge her!

From @flirtingshadows:

I wanted us to be friends. And I thought that she wanted it too. I remember her nodding with glee when I expressed interest. I tried reaching out. But she always shot me down. Perhaps, she didn’t think much of me. I judged her for ignoring me, for being pretentious, for being judgmental about me.

From @marsdhirs:

Everyone in this world is a judge to everyone but himself. In collary you are being judged all the time. Earlier it was just physically when present but now you are judged with your emails  tweets your behavior on facebook and other  sites. If one would  introspect   and judge oneself things would be  much better

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  1. It's the invention of the century, the director of 'secret science factory had told us senior scientists when he'd called us for this hush-hush meeting. I was annoyed to see a cleavage showing bright lipsticked woman in our midst.These press people!
    'Meet the inventor of the century ' the director introduced her to us!