Thursday, December 6, 2012

Theme 191 - Chocolate

From @IndianIdle: He wanted to take revenge. She had humiliated him very bad. He took all her chocolates and put it in a jar, and then placed the jar on the high shelf. She would see it but not get it. Slow torture.

From @LadyCardiidae: "Hey, how come you called me clingy," she said. "Why? But it's true," he defended." But all she ever did was make him feel special, make him feel loved. All he ever wanted was his space. So she gave it to him and went back to eating chocolate and clinging to her weight. Bitter sweet.

From @roshd: She was from Delhi very fair, beautiful and intelligent. He was a South Indian- dark, thick-set and spoke with a typical accent. He made her laugh but was strong, smooth and made her feel heady and in love. Just like chocolate. Incidentally she loved Bournville.

From @swordfish19: The young girl was the sole survivor of the plane crash. It would be some time before the search team would reach the crash site. Her tears had run dry. She espied a bar of chocolate amidst the ruins. She opened the wrapper and sniffed at the aroma of the slab. Grief was momentarily forgotten.

From @tweettabulous:

Eleven years of marriage and the sex life was nonexistent. Work woes had taken over sweet nothings. We tried to spice things up by drinking champagne and teasing with strawberries. He then poured melted chocolate on me, began licking slowly. Perfect seduction by the rule-book.

We woke up the next morning. Another futile attempt.

From @vivekisms: He remembered his first gift from him. It was a chocolate that he had wanted to eat. The first memory. The first bite of joy. It stayed with him.

From @flirtingshadows: Chocolate always elevated her to a happier plane. It induced her “Cheshire cat smile” and many giggles. The thrill of unwrapping the foil carefully to avoid the spilling crumbs and the joy of the impending sugar rush was a heady combination. Consuming it was a blur. Twas over before she could pause and relish it.

From @vidulachakradeo: Lost in reverie, her tongue runs. Up, down, up, down. Aahhh! A happy shiver runs through her. Her enticing lips lick the fingers, one at a time, then the hands. Quickly she goes up, bites. Once. Twice. "No, I shouldn't." "Stop, stop...I can't". "Darn you chocolate ice cream". 400 calories devoured. "Made me a sinner".

From @iyer_raman: “Can I have it?” pleaded the beggar. The kid pointed towards the solitary coin in the beggar's bowl, and said “heads me, tails, you”.The beggar handed it over and prayed. And lost. He wanted another chance, but the kid had disappeared. The trophy still remained, sealed in glossy purple that gleamed in the evening sun.

From @lucidillusions_ :

She went to the garden. Dug a small hole in the shadow of her favourite tree. She fished for something in her pocket and placed it in the hole. Covered it with soil and poured some water.

She ran inside to her brother. "Soon we will have a huge tree of chocolate." she told him.

From @vchatting:

"See, I have some special chocolate sauce for our special night,tonight,you game?"

"Ahh! I had a tough day at work ; really tired. I know it's the night you've been waiting for,but will you mind, if we just a cuddle?"

"Oh ok", she said, pouring chocolate sauce all over her dessert plate , with a vacuous, faraway look....

From @shark_speak: Mlinzan twitched nervously. Boss Zoltan had made it clear he would leave Mlinzal back on Earth if he didn’t manage to snare at least one earthling. Which is why, Mlinzal had camouflaged himself as a human in this hideous “shopping mall”. As a female walked towards him, he gently offered the tray to her. “Chocolate?”

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