Monday, February 4, 2013

Theme 209 - Surrender

From @BeingInane: She did all she could.She stopped listening to the songs that reminded her of him.She switched channels when his favorite movie is playing.She got rid of everything that had his mark.She even started seeing other people.Yet,when she is alone and when the urge to be with him leaves her helpless,all she wants to do is swallow her pride and surrender

From @Raingirl: When she got engaged, she thought the only thing that she will have to surrender will be her last name. But no one had told her that it was a package deal. Name, freedom, happiness and dreams - all were exchanged with the vows around the sacred fire and burnt till there was no trace left of her. 

From @eternalscrewup: He was almost out of bullets, he panted. Sweat dropped into his eyes, he shriveled. His camp had been attacks by cannibals, a group of savage killers. He couldn't decide if he ought to kill himself, or surrender for a gruesome death or wait for a Messiah, of whose arrival he was unsure of, he shuddered.

From @AbhiandNow: He ran. There were mountains, deep seas, dangerous jungles, and then there was this fire, constantly burning inside him; it was constantly burning insides of him. He had two options; to surrender and die, or to let it burn him out.

He chose the option that others rejected, and the last man on Earth ran.

From @kanakkupullai: He looked up. It was dark. There was a continuous ringing around him. He searched in the gloom. Down by his head was the alarm. He had to go for a walk. He woke up, brushed, got ready, and looked at his bed. Meekly, he surrendered to it’s tempting call. There’s always an alternative, right?

From @aaroo4: Staring into his eyes, she said “So, you really are going to get me what I asked for? Promise me you won’t forget?” He replied “I promise, cross my heart hope to die.” She smiled, a smile that lit up the entire room and ran towards him straight into his open arms- “Love you daddy” 

From @divigyaan: What a little beast! Hard to catch. Behind the chair, under the table, camouflaged, time and again. He wonder where to find this little brat. He banged and tripped but didn't lose hope. Eating it became a secondry thing. Now, all Tom wanted was to hear from him, "I surrender".

From @zoarcher: After long, Raja had been released from his caged life. He had forgotten the feel of rugged outdoor. He passed a black and white beauty but felt no urge to chase her. Raja had given up his wild ways and now he was ready to live like this, in complete surrender to his new self.

From @tweettabulous: 

Obnoxious surrounding. Illogical scenarios. The harassment. Improper treatment. The torture. Mental agony. The threats. Emotional scarring. Physical abuse.

The will to fight this wretched evil is overshadowed by the social obligations and I just surrender to my ill fate... A psychopath wife beater.

From @blah_oholic: 

What I want. What I get.
Fate walking its lame path; in south of all my plans.
I refrain. Fight. Persevere. Relook. Tune. Loose.
From fancy dreams to harsh reality.
To life, I surrender!

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