Thursday, February 7, 2013

Theme 211 - Cold

From @TitForTit: 

The taste of her coffee and music was all he remembered of her. 
He kept her sixteen year old heart in a box that was blue and black.
Soulmates are not always lovers.
And being cold was the only way she could stop her heart from melting.

From @shekhartripathi: 

Her hand reaches up my back, under my tee.
“Okay, just breathe.” I follow her orders.
Cold hands.
Ohh! Such soft hands.
Makes me go all fuzzy inside.
She smells so wonderful.
I grip the table tight.
She looks up. “Your asthma has improved!”
I wonder if my doctor knows about my crush on her?
From @BeingInane: 
A serial killer.That is what the papers called him.He kills for the thrill of it.He feeds on the victim's agony.And so on the article read.After 2 years of deliberation,the court ordered a death penalty.His last words read,'I am nothing.There are much more dangerous people out there'..That brought chills down my spine.Suddenly the world seemed a cold place.
From @tweettabulous: 

“God Bless you”, he smiled.

My heart skipped a beat; the new guy at work whom I had been coquettishly ogling at, from a couple of weeks spoke to me. Oh, his lovely smile makes me beam. My mind was somersaulting in glee. This was such a “dear diary” moment.  Thank you, common cold.

From @VidulaChakradeo: 

“Achchoo, achchoo, achchoo, aaaachchoo...aa, aa, aachchoo, achchoo, achchoooooo.” “You have got cold?” “No, I am trying to shoo the fly away with the power of my breath.”  

From @zoarcher: 

He entered the room
His heart’s temperature: 37°C
He moved closer
His heart’s temperature: 20°C
He put his hand in his pocket
His heart’s temperature: 10°C
He removed the shining knife
His heart’s temperature: 5°C
He plunged it into her heart
His heart’s temperature: 0°C
He stabbed her again and again
His heart’s temperature: -20°C

From @drun007: 

Stuffy nose and the perpetual sneezing. Samar was sleep deprived. To top that, Sana dint bother checking on him. No calls, just text messages.  Something was not right.

"You haven't come to see me, Sweety.  All ok?"

"You will hate me if I told you the truth.  Just dint want to catch your cold, Baby."

From @aaroo4: 

How do you like your coffee? With milk? Take any sugar?

Yes milk, no sugar. Would you happen to have demerara sugar?

Say what? What on earth is that? So, there lies the answer. No I don’t have it, I have only regular sugar.



I like my coffee hot

Jeez… here you go!

From @AbhiAndNow: 
Her fragrance still lingers by your bedside, her memories still make you smile, rains still whisper her stories in your ears, stars still ask about her every night, and the winter sun is still as cozy as her fingers.
She is everywhere, but in your arms. You can be anywhere, but in her cold heart.

From @aaliznat: 

Cold icy fingers trail a path, trying to find the center. The center of love. To thaw, to be alive, to feel the warm blood coursing through again. To know what the planes of your body are like. Where do they dip, where do they curve. To absorb every tremor, every quiver. And they succeed.

From @vivekisms: 

It is just there. Bare and needy. This hope. This much needed desire. Cold and absolute. Like us together. 

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