Saturday, February 9, 2013

Theme 213 - Sleep

From @aaliznat: 

I have wept away my sleep. And submitted myself to a blanket of sorrow. its steely arms, embrace me. And the coldness makes me numb. My eyes are weary, dry and filled with a longing that nothing can erase. My sadness becomes my ally. A way of life, a reason to breathe.

From @nimue_ : 

The night felt weird.The whole town had lost its sleep. Too much food , booze , sex , reading or gossip exhausted every one but no one could sleep. It was neither fun nor funny anymore to be called insomniac. Sleep Gods had their lesson taught in a single night. everyone slept well for ages after that

From @Kanakkupullai: 

She : “He has your eyes, your ears, and that gentle smile. He’s going to be you. Look at him sleep. Isn’t he beautiful?”
He : “Yes. He is.”
He lied down beside his grandson and closed his eyes. The sleep carried his soul through an immortal world and finally settled on the sleeping child.

From @aaroo4: 

She watched him, the morning sun sneaking in through the crack in the curtain. A single strand of hair on his forehead. Her fingers moved forward, freezing midair. A strong hold held her back. Crazy woman, what if he wakes up? This peace and quiet will be shattered, he said. Their little brat slept on.

From @abhiandnow: 

It’s a beautiful thing, it fills you with dreams, taking away all your fears. It fills you with the smiles, as your tears on the pillow cover dry. It fits in a box of wonderful unknown, where only the boxes full of sadness lie.
“Dad, what is it?” I asked.
“Sleep, it’s a beautiful thing.”

From @sohamsabnis: 

Don’t worry. Be calm. Stay quiet. No one is bothered. Listen to your deaf soul. See the blindfolds, look at the darkness. Dreams will treat you. You will smile. We all are awake, enacting a peaceful sleep. Now, India needs to wake up. OUR sleep seems timeless.

From @titfortit: 

My left foot playing footsie with the right,
My fingers caressing my belly button instead of yours.
My body wrapped in my arms, brushing against the blanket we didn’t share.
This time we’re strangers, thinking about strangers.
This time we sleep head to toe.

From @JaaTeri: 

I’m a night person. Every night I plan to sleep early. I go to bed early, only literally. Then the thoughts keep pouring in. I ponder. I read. There’s a world online. Phone Call. Messages. And then, even as the sun rises every morning, I want to sleep a little more. Story of my life!

From @BeingInane: 

It's been a week since he received the phone call.The call which informed that she is gone,forever.From that day onwards,all he wanted to do is sleep.Because,only in his sleep can he forget his misery.Sleep awarded him with dreams,dreams that aren't,yet,aware of her death.She smiled at him and sometimes with him.Sleep helped him breathe.

From @vidulachakradeo: 

“Hello, sir, Pandey ji, suniya, sahib” saying so Vinay banged the table loudly, banged a few files on the table, even threw a steel glass on the ground. Shri Ramprasad Pandey sitting across the table, in the dusty, old government office didn’t budge. “Sala kumbhkaran kahan ka” Vinay screamed and cursed him in his mind.  

From @zoarcher: 

"Now if you divide the amount got by multiplying the value of x and y by 5, and then add the value of x, subtract the individual value of y, would the result be a prime number?" When Prof Shetty turned from the blackboard, he realised he had put most of his students to sleep.

From @shekhartripathi: 

I couldn’t sleep. Too much to think about, to process. Shattered dreams, teary eyes . It was one of those rare, yet inevitable moments when you realize that life is different now.

A door has been shut and from this moment forth, nothing will ever be as it was.

Smiled!! Time now for new dreams.

From @oxymoronic_me: 

Neha said to her six year old son, “Shona, now that you are a six year old, big, strong boy; wouldn’t you like to go to bed alone?”

Aditya looked into his mother’s eyes and said, “Mamma, you’re 36 years old but you still sleep with Papa. I won’t sleep alone until you do too”

From @vivekisms: 

When I am aware of you lying next to me. Soundless. Breathing my existence. I am at ease. 

From @divigyaan: 

Married to a Chinese, divorced the very second day. Running away from someone. Bumping into Khali. Falling from the 10th floor but all bones still intact. Stranded on an unknown island. Enjoying party and was just about to s… Boom! I am wide awake. I soon realized it all happened when I was fast asleep.

From @PoopDudePoop: 

Tick. Black horses; fly with me. Tick. Roses; kiss me. Tick. Television; lie to me. Tick. It's cold. Tick. Painters; mock me. Tick. Colours; amuse me. Tick. Guns; save me. Tick. ...I wake up. 

From @tweettabulous: 

"So jaa, gudiya rani."

"Its late. Goto sleep right now."

"When do you ever sleep? You are always online."

"Lets goto bed, hon."

"Work doesn't let me catch up on my much needed rest."

"Doc, I'm not able to sleep. Give me some pills, please."

"He's finally asleep...for forever."

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