Thursday, February 7, 2013

Theme 212 - Anxiety

From @JediKhare: 

He woke up with a swinging jolt, slightly befuddled. The early sun, that epitome of metaphors for hope, just gave him a dull ache. As the train chugged on, that raw feeling of elation he'd felt last night had all seeped out with the adrenaline. After a lifetime in the town of Samarpet, running away to Bombay seemed overwhelming beyond words.

From @BeingInane: 

She looked herself in the mirror for the umpteenth time.They've known each other for years,but it's been a year since the last time they've met.And she very well knows what time can do to people.She changed a lot,yet she wants him to be the same person,she once loved.She looked at herself,one last time and started walking towards him,trying to conceal her anxiety.

From @Kanakkupullai: 

She was waiting at the door. It was raining hard outside. News channels were screaming of raging thunderstorm.

He was returning home to his sweet daughter, when a tree suddenly crashed onto his car.

She was waiting at the door. He had promised to take his sweet daughter to movie that night, come what may

From @TitForTit: 

Grabbing onto thin air, hoping to suck in every molecule and make beauty of it. Your knees on my shoulders, crushing me down to the ground, as I crawl towards you shattered and disgraced. May be your hands are there just because I stretched out mine first. May be all they do is tremble. 

From @chaosparticle: 

His boss Ang Whu wasn't half a concern as his job was. He wanted to write stories. Here he was becoming one. And a country where people walked slowly and talked loudly. He decided he'd resign at her supper invite. The butler accosted him at the door. "Ang's high tea?" Jai stuttered anxiously. "You figured?"

From @tweettabulous: 

Do it be red or maroon nail paint? Straighten the hair or let the curls flow? How much make up is crossing the line. Stilettos or wedges? Strappy or a chic top?  Jeans or a skirt? Wear Tommy girl or Jadore? Oh must wax legs, you never know.

*giggle* the jitters of a first date.

From @lucidillusions_ : 

She looks across the room. Fifteen more minutes to five. Time passes by very slowly. She hears a soft whisper. She is startled by him. Her heart skips a beat. She looks at him anxiously. He takes few more steps. Her eyes look past him. She nods and signals her. The sniper shoots him down.

From @zoarcher: 

After exams and before the results. Between Roohi's yes and her no. While riding the elevator and when he first met his boss. As he delivered his first speech and while he waited outside the delivery room. The sweaty palms, increased heartbeats. Today as those memories randomly flashed in his mind, Anish burst out laughing.

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