Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Theme 210 - Nothing

From @QuratZafar: Another stray leaf under his feet, another winding road that led nowhere, another lonely traveller...nothingness meant having no one to love, not even himself.
From @kanakkupullai:

He picked the polythene covers from the garbage, and put them into the bag.

“Some things in life are just worth nothing. Some things in life are worth everything. A pretty contrasting moment, when nothing becomes everything. After all, what is one man’s trash is another man’s cash.”

He walked on to the next garbage.

From @AbhiAndNow:

There was sand below, a starry sky above me. There were ghosts gossiping about the time, and their stories floating in the air. I plucked few and clenched them in my fist.

There were few nomads, singing songs of love, songs of longing. And then there was me, a puff of star dust, a nothing. 

From @wekneweachother:

“Nothingness as a fresh start. Nothingness as a Monday hangover. Nothingness as looking at a painting by Rothko and finding the meaning of life. Nothing is more profound than something. It is a void or maybe even a Black Hole.”, a 65 year old tattooed woman wrote in her diary on December 31, 2067.

From @BeingInane:

From when she was born,there was someone to tell her what to do.She never complained.She didn't know she can.She lived her life,passively.She was an outsider in her own life.Then she got married but it's the same.The decision makers changed,tats all.And now after all these years when she tries to look back at her life,all she can see is a void.A big nothing.

From @AapChutiyeHain:

“He is the one, the one I have waited my entire life for, All my friends would be so jealous when they see us together, We’ll keep making out in public places and scandalizing people all the time, and fuck like jackrabbits the next Goa trip”

“What’re you grinning like that for?”

“Kuch Nahi”.

From @MirrorOfErised_ :

"What's up?" 


That bleak 'nothing' was a lie. So many painful stories she held back. Her tears had moisetened the screen of her phone. She looked for solace over her contact list but in vain when realisation hit her. She could share audios, videos and pictures but technology could not let her share emotions.

From @tweettabulous:

Love like the one I never knew. Promises of a lifetime of happiness. Foresee growing old together.

Then he cheats and walks out on me. Stripping me of every joy. Taking away the urge to breathe. Ripping my soul apart. Leaving me comatose.

Wondering what am I without you… but obsolete.

From @chaosparticle:

That distance made the heart grow fonder was as convincing as his own state of self-denial all along. Now that they had begun a life together, he had found his calling. Tears followed debate. Reason followed revolt. Once the plane took off to new beginnings, he closed his eyes. And then there was nothing.

From @randomWhiz:

I had to clear my head. To tell it, that nothing is absolute, and can be changed. That alone has had me going all these years, facing challenges. But to believe that, my head needs to be absolutely empty first. From nothing, will come something. Something new

From @ponderpuffman:

She was expecting a child.
She was expecting warm hugs around the neck, whispers of dreams, listening skills, a rebel and melody.

But she was also not expecting.
She was not expecting someone heartless, moody, a black-coffee hater, an evening person and cold kisser on cold nights.

She delivered.
And all she was left with.

From @absoluteme:

With you, I am clingy. I crib, I get jealous. I think too much. I bitch. I act unreasonable. I cry a lot. But I also laugh. I get drunk happy. I start dreaming. With you, I feel more vulnerable, more joy, more me. I feel more human. Without you? Without you... Nothing!

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