Saturday, February 23, 2013

Theme 216 - Falling

From @riddhiaswani: It was a recurring nightmare. I'd wake up drenched in sweat, my heart pounding right out of my chest as I mumbled incoherently. Try as I might, I could never remember it in the morning. Until you came along, my nightmare alive and I fell in love only to be shredded to pieces.

From @BeingInane: She was a cynic,who lived in her own world.She talked,but never communicated.She never trusted anyone with her thoughts or her heart.Then,he came along,changing everything.That's why,she felt lost and numb,when he left.She can feel herself falling back into her old abyss,her refuge.She didn't resist.She gave herself up,relieved.

From @karthikisthin: 

Abhijit adjusted his swivel chair’s height. He didn’t like it when others borrowed it & raised it to suit their preferences. It was his chair. And he liked it a certain way.
As he sat, he received an email notification. It was from his boss. He was being let go. His standards did him in.

From @roshd: Was this the woman he’d fallen in love with? Manish thought as he looked at the delicate woman lying unconscious on the hospital bed. A failed suicide bid. She couldn’t bear to live a life without him. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he squeezed her hand, so wanting her to Rise in love.

From @JediKhare: “So we’re quoting Freudian cliches to indulge in self-pity, are we? Stop whining, you could be worse-off.” “WHAT? You fucking freak, I was just making small talk. You know what YOU should stop? Pretending you understand my head. If you did, you’d know I’m better than using dreams involving cliffs to justify myself. Now sterilize that needle.”

From @nautanki24x7: The force of gravity pulls me, just like your glassy eyes that pulled me into this beautiful mess. Even my screams are stuck in my larynx, all that escapes to my lips is your name. I fall through the air, like a bird with broken wings, my tears scattering into the wind, carrying my story to the end of the world.

From @drun007: 

A bookworm in school, a nerd in college, a double doctorate and a professor of Physics  - Karan was indeed a loner.   He still wonders how Anukta said yes to him.
Since then, his ice-breaker with every new class has been, “You can't blame gravity for falling in love!”.  The laughter continues through the years.

From @kanakkupullai: That most beautiful moment, when a fall is loved, is when you get the taste of the fall right in your mouth. That moment when you topple to bottle over your mouth, and it flows, heavily at first, and gently so, filling your tongue with flavor that lasts long… Oh honey! You are the best!

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