Sunday, August 16, 2015

55wordstory - Season 4 - Theme 15 - Loss

From @shivom_oza: 

Whist a man - whose luggage had been misplaced by the airline - created a huge commotion at the airport, his co-passenger, who was traveling to collect his recently-deceased son's ashes, gave an expressionless stare to whoever came in his way while exiting.

That's the thing about loss. We've got our own ways of coping with it.

From @_ankitachauhan: 

After all those years, my skin still yearns for your touch, I close my eyes, feel your fingertips on my back, those little pats of appreciation. They said ‘Time will heal’ but I’m not able to bury your memories, not a single one. You’re still alive through my heartbeats.

Will you return? Just for once! 

From @nobar_code: 

Her eyes were staring into eternity, her face stoic. It shouldn't have ended like this. Her dream run was over. She was written off, for the slightest to no blips, or did trivial things matter at all. "Women lacked the brute physical strength", that thought loomed  large over her head. "What's the torque setting again?".

From @mMrunal: 

His first novel broke into the top-seller chart within weeks. Motivated from this success, he looked forward to write a thriller. He went back to his workspace, raced around with his creative mind and started writing.

But, God had other plans for him. He met with a car accident.

Memory loss changed the complete story.

From @GmaneGawade: 

A memory of this old lady from the time I was 4. Her kindness touching hearts. Her love unconditional and thoughts above the vanity of youth.I was growing up and she was growing old. All I could say to her ' Grandma I want you back right now'. Her eyes wide open. Her body still.

From @4amThakkar: 

"So, your graduation's done.
What kind of girl are you?
Family oriented or career oriented?
Are your views modern or traditional?
What's next?
Marriage or Masters?
Do not wait too long. The good guys will be gone by then."
She was at a loss for words.

Description: 'the fairer sex', one woman at a time.

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