Wednesday, August 19, 2015

55wordstory - Season 4 - Theme 18 - Angst

From @shivom_oza: 

2 boys, both victims of domestic abuse, used to live in the same neighbourhood.

One grew up to become a social activist working for the cause of eliminating domestic violence.

The other, ended up becoming an alcoholic and a wife-beater.

Angst is omnipresent. It's totally up to us – what we choose to make of it.

From @AshieJayn: 

I was younger when I grew my hair from the chin length straight cut to mid-back length. How I loved to style it and feel it fall down my back in glorious waves. 

Now, on a bad hair day I just want to take a pair of scissors to it. 

Strange how patience freezes into angst.

From @GreaterBombay: 

You there, with your hashtagged first-world problems: Your annoyance with not-quite-apt emojis; 
Your disgust with the waiter’s thumbprint on your plate; 
Your quest to find one band no one’s heard of yet;
Your fear that your accent gives away your background;
Your concern over Jon Snow’s fate…

I want to trade lives with you.

From @oink1729: 

Perusing the galley proofs of “The Cosmopolitan Thinker”, a satisfied Reginald Wrongflop Sauce imagined a revolution. The diversity of the 55 word pornographic stories was indeed impressive: gay, straight, spanking, fish-tanks. A sexual revolution in Times New Roman font! Any angst concerning subscription numbers was ameliorated by..


“But nurse I'm..”

From @mrinalgupta98: 

He used to worry unusually. He would be anxious if his roommate was late, his mother didn’t call or even if his cat was quiet. Angst came natural to him.

Everything made sense when he held the paper in his hand. Nothing was his fault. It read,

Patient Name: Ritvik Acharya

Diagnosis: Generalised Anxiety Disorder

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