Wednesday, August 5, 2015

55wordstory - Season 4 - Theme 4 - Dating

From @aaroo4: 

"She hopped and twirled, doing a little dance as she made her way towards him... He on the other hand stood near the entrance looking everywhere but at her.. She continued her act, stopping a few steps from him. He looks up and slowly made his way touching her beak”

From @banjaarann: 

Under the quiet sky and the entire world unfolding in front of them, they sat, sipping the mysteries of each other's eyes.

She was his charming delight and he, her long time crush.

As he held her hand, and kissed her fingers, she asked,'So, are we dating?'

He, "Since the day i saw you!"

From @GrumbleBee_ : 

Its funny how one right swipe on Tinder could change so much. From Tinder to phone conversations to the weekly dates, he became the reason for so many of her smiles. Sadly, those smiles were short-lived, much like their romance. Eventually the pressures of commitment ruined casual dating. Nonetheless, his memories still made her smile. 

From @_ankitachauhan: 

Just a slight flip flop and infinite options emerged from your phone. You glared, you attracted, and you took a step ahead, with a hope of finding someone worth your love. After a while of online dating, that so-called deep connection, misguided as love, loosened its grip. Reality happened. You discarded the word 'Online'.

From @oink1729: 

To e or not to e: Dating under the thin electronic light of an on-line world, we swapped stories of our imaginary souls. Meeting on a sun and rain drenched Brighton seafront, our awkwardness no longer stylized in ASCII, was a jolt. “Do you really want to leave the Matrix?”, she joked, intensely. I hesitated.

From @DNRamki: 

Each day she’d walk in at 6, slightly out of breath. She’d pick up her book, sit down, and start reading. 

Across the table, waiting for her arrival, he’d do exactly the same.

They’d steal a glance at each other over their books, every now and then. They'd smile inwardly, neither saying a single word.

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