Monday, August 17, 2015

#55wordstory - Season 4 - Theme 16 - Twinge

From @meetumeetu: 

He prepped himself for another operation. The routine procedure needed one change.

1. Get attracted.
2. Get attached.
3. Attack, be attacked; hurt, be hurt.
4. Dress the wound.
5. Rip the bandage.
6. Rinse, repeat.

"She's beautiful, what a lovely conversation," his heart sang as his mind prepped to skip steps 2 to 5.

From @shivom_oza: 

In a fit of rage, he threw away all the food before him into the dustbin. Back then, he felt euphoric at having gotten back at his nagging wife.

Nowadays, whenever he sees a homeless child begging for food, while commuting - he is reminded of that incident - this time, accompanied with a twinge of regret.

From @_ankitachauhan: 

A sharp needle penetrated her upper dermis. She felt a sudden twinge. She grunted, wavered and precipitated on the floor. His heart sank. After losing parents she had become the real definition of love to him. When Vat declared about completion of his pet’s life-span, he was the one who actually sensed a little death. 

From @nobar_code: 

If waiting for the bus wasn't enough, the uncouth crowd was too much to ask for. Thanks to slum rehabilitation scheme, scores of those living in shanties crowded into the suburbs, unchecked. The other day a sharp strike at the head made her realize, that transitioning from huts to flats, didn't make them look civilized.

From @GreaterBombay: 

Her toes were already protesting, arches frankly sick of holding her up all day, as she eased off d'orsay peeptoe patent pumps and walked into baby's room. Blood rushed back into tortured soles. Cool tile shot new energy into each step. Her day had begun. Nothing mattered now. Not even stepping on a Lego brick.

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