Friday, June 22, 2012

Theme 70 - Void

From @Highheelswaali: He was running at a breakneck speed, with his lungi bunched up around his knees, rubber chappals squishing over plastic bags and vegetable peels.He was out of breath and desperate but he still ended up being 6th in the line. This daily morning haste, just to get a place to void.

From @IndianIdle: There were cobwebs, in that room and in his mind too. It had been 15 years since he set foot in this room. He picked up his pen, he had to fill the void with the words. There was a spark and they began to flow. He realized how he missed writing.

From @_wbrodrigues: He saw them walking down the street, hand in hand, PDA was on full effect. She smiled when he cracked a joke. Next they parted away. “Dad, what are you thinking?” He looked at his son and then to his wife. “Looking at what I thought I would have and what I got”, he smiled.

From @SteelySilence: It was when he reached the gate that he suspected foul play. The football stadium was void. An elaborate prank, he realized as  his blood boiled. But then, he heard the click of heels and took in the violet eyes. Death shot through him. Not a prank, he thought before slipping into void.

From @SugarsNSpice: Lost thoughts, empty inside. A dark room, a lone chair. Suicidal attractions, a wasted life.  The phone vibrated. “Yes”.  A word to change destinies. Void of your absence sailed away. In alien lands of the mind.  The manuscript sees the limelight. A smile ameliorated past wounds. Words filled the vacuum.  Rejoicing in excuses to live.

From @par7h: Defeated he sat on a steep hill. Waiting for the winds to give a final push. Love of his life had abandoned him and some voids can't be filled he thought. Until he saw the distant tea stall guy throw the stale tea out of the cup, refill it with fresh-hot and serve someone.

From @gcmouli: Wandered the empty floor. White walls so glaring. The mood not quite bright. Someone had just left this world. Sadness. A Void.

From @purplebrains: God reigns still even if the faith can no longer support him. Rain clouds rumble even as they stand emptied. Love hangs on even if the lover is nowhere to be seen. And the feeling of being without. You may try but voids remain inescapable. Even the absence makes for a void of its own.

From @n0rwegianw00d: He was a guest -- an uninvited one. He couldn’t have overstayed his welcome. He knew and he obliged, handing me a gift of a lifetime -- memories. His temporary home now lays bare, void of all the dreams and hope -- of a life that could have been. Today, a part of me died.

From @Marwaari: The argument shifted from living in a nuclear family to the choice of school. Everything was being refuted with an example and comparison with other people in the society. Aamir stood up, put across his hands over my shoulder and said "Dude, she's your wife. All your arguments are null and void"

From @3nvinyatar: The little boy ran outside. He’d just heard the bus turn the corner. He waited to see if it would stop before his house. It did not. Just like the past six months. Not since the postman delivered the Telegram. He ran back in and tugged at Mommy’s pants. “When will Daddy be back?”

From @aaliznat:

Day 1: nervous
Day 20: expectant
Day 45: unsure
Day 90: forlorn
Day 100: depressed
Day 110: jailed
Day 120: teary eyed
Day 130: mindfucked
Day 140: bruised
Day 150: broken
Day 160: resolving
Day 170: determined
Day 176: collecting
Day 177: packing
Day 178: silent
Day 179: stoic
Day 180: null and void

From @RBtrary: The aged-couple’s long expected telegram finally arrived. Not one, but two instead. Their son, a soldier in army, was now father to a baby.Other telegram was read. It was to inform the martyrdom of the son.Damage is irreparable, but God in his own ways fills the void; at-least with the air around it.

From @jhanvidhawan: How much I love the birds' chirping, that joyful voice of kids, the warm rays touching my face and my feet drinking the cold water droplets from the grass, But… If only I had no black void in my life, if only… I could see all that I feel, if only… I had Eyes…

From @the_last_m: Sometimes ,I wake up because waking up is the last resort. Such days don't have much to them. After all, what choices does one have when there are no options? Maybe if I had a reason to wake up, everything would fix itself. Today, I'm tired of finding it. Today, I won't be waking up.

From @ScribblingOn: Void. An unfathomable void. Well camouflaged beneath layers of masks worn each day, taken off at night. Bared. Jerking the Void back to life. Deep enough to drown her existence. Plunging into it, she discovers a part of herself she never knew existed. 'It's my Void, I'll live with it", she mused one night, smiling.

From @Writoholic_Gal: They fell in love and then felt worlds apart, his picture always in her heart, memories held hard... The moment he held her hand, the void in her heart was full of love, the void which was never filled, now overflowed... With memories and love that never did last, void in her soul remained unchanged.

From @Greyllusionist: void, adj.: That what you forgot to take along with you when you were leaving. I didn’t notice it then. Dusts of anger covered it and kept it away from our gaze. I wonder if you have found mine with you, now.

From @Rati7: Her barely open eyes were burning because of the brimming tears. Blood mingled with the salted water slithered down her cheeks. He was coming towards her, inching closer with every minute. Why was she with him, why did she bear the pain every night? The void where her heart used to be didn’t reply.

From @woohoochild: They took my G.I.Joe away from me. I watched my Lego house get broken down. I was no longer the Dragon Master in Dungeons & Dragons. I saw my shelves get filled with Barbie dolls and glossy makeup and frilly frocks. The void grew. I rebelled. They no longer saw me as a child.

From @MissBlurrii: For the past 45mins I wrote and I scratched it off.I tried to express void in words. I tried expressing how I felt. I tried giving instances and I tried dotting down experiences. After all the failed attempts I realised that this inability to do so, is the void itself; and this is my story.

From @xmanishaa: An ice cream, a chocolate bar,  the rainbow, the sunshine, everything she used to love. But now- nothing could fill the void he left. Not even time, as everyone says.

From @teejavus: "Mwah !". They kissed. "It is over.", he whispered to her. He walked away from her. She stood there looking at him. Part of her felt the world end. She felt her head implode, her heart explode. She returned home, went to sleep, haunted by dreams.She wakes up, holding him tight, but the void remains.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: She could not see. Still her dreams were colorful. Then she met him. Her dreams became brighter. He completed her being.One sad day,he met with an accident and died. Now in her mind, there were no colors, not even darkness, just an emptiness.

From @RiddhiAswani: They make me stand in front of a crowd admitting my sins shamefully. Inside my mind, protected by smoke lies a sinister presence, cackling in glee. He nurtures my addiction, protects it. I confess, 'there is a void in my life. I fill it with vodka. My name is X and I'm an alcoholic'

From @anushreekejriwa: Standing tall right in the middle of our lawn, the banyan tree was an eye catcher. Home to many twittering birds, an umbrella during the scorching summer and a keen listener of all my problems. Death is inevitable, its roots couldn't hold him and one day he died, leaving a void in my heart.

From @AbhiandNow: He looked towards the pollution filled creamy sky as once again he had stepped out of his comfort zone. Carrying his bags, he slowly walked on the deserted road fighting the loo, which was crippling his body just like the voids in his heart. Fortunately, this time he has dreams to fill them up with.

From @deceitful_angel: "Is it legally binding?". Nervously she raised her hand and almost heard her heartbeats when she answered, "No, its Void Ab Initio". "Yes, absolutely correct. That was a tricky one". Mentally she was dancing. The law Professor was her secret crush. She answered each of his questions only to make a fool of herself.

From @Oven_Tikka: Every month she waited with a prayer in her heart and unvoiced hope in her eyes. Each time she saw red, a small part of her died. Until that day when it all changed. She smiled. They waited. It kicked she said. No one believed her. It’s been 13 months. A phantom fills her void.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: A half-smoked cigarette, a smile on her lips, with hazelnut eyes, she sat there as usual. Pretty as an angel, purer than honey, looking calm, though battling a sea of emotions inside. They envied her for being so sorted, not knowing what's happening within; a void there was, and she knew not where to begin.

From @theghostwriterr: She tried to fill the void left by him. Socialized with friends & family, dated again but it wasn't just the same. She wanted only him,And People came to know how desperate she was only when they found her in a pool of blood with slashed wrists. Now they would be together again.

From @writingchalk: He felt numb as he sat on the bed. After years of fighting for the country, taking bullets on the chest and enduring enemy torture, he returned home to find his wife had eloped. He put his face in his hands – but a few missing fingers gave him a clear view of his wedding snap.

From @NeelSheth: He was bleeding. No one could see his wounds. It was his soul that was torn. He wandered in the woods, both green and concrete, couldnot find it. 33 years of life passed through his eyes in a blink. He woke up, panting. She was on his left, holding hands;

His void just got filled.

From @UrbanChick_: Amidst the clatter of half baked conversations flying around the cafe in rapid proportions, she sat by the window staring into the nothingness. Trying to drown the voices, she tried embracing the silence instead. But even the silence seemed too loud now. Filling his void was going to be harder than she thought.

From @vivekisms: The emptiness will be none like any other that I have experienced before. Theere will be anguish. There might be pain. All of it and more, and yet I will never learn. I will be back for more.

From @eternalscrewup: "Your voice is void of any sur or taal. It feels empty on the inside." The contestant replied "Ofcourse, not everybody's nose can be crammed and blocked uptil the brim like yours sir." Agitated Anu Malik summoned his nasal twang and recited a preposterously horrifying shayari thereby killing entertainment like Agent 47.

From @khatteemithi: The old wrinkled hands caressed my cheeks as the train hooted off. I felt at peace that my granma was off to Dhaka, finally to know her roots, her origin, her country she had fled from at a tender age of ten. A void in her otherwise satisfied life. A void still in mine.

From @TheBigDowg: I miss how we shared this balcony for many nights. Gone are the times when I touched you softly, put you on my lips & let you in me with every breath. You were my closest friend in toughest of times, but it had to end. It was either you or I.

Cigarettes, I miss you.

From @Radhikamohandas: I will forget, eventually. This isn’t optimism, it’s only natural. But when they ask me, and they will, about the first kiss, that first touch – my words will try to hop past that shallow crater that forms in my breath. A hollow that will have the memory of you around it, which cannot be filled.

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