Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Theme 74 - Immortality

From @HighHeelsWaali: I write words and set them free. I will never die. This is my endless tale.

From @drun007 :

Ravana performed an intense penance to Brahma, lasting several years.  Brahma, pleased with his austerity gave him the celestial nectar of immortality.

Following day's top e-Bay listing read :

Seller : ItsMeRavana
Celestial nectar of immortality
Nos : 1
Condition : Original
Price : Rs. 50,900 or exchange for new iPad
No returns, Free shipping

From @Marwaari:

"Beheaded body of a Five year old found near the ghats, Culprit arrested" The wireless radio beamed.
"Why did you do this? He was like your son" The mother of the beheaded boy screamed at the culprit neighbor.
"I just followed Baba's orders. I will be Immortal. Nothing will happen to me" He laughed hysterically.

From @teejavus:

"Wisdom can't adhere". She hums those words. She remembers hearing those words when the paper ball hit her.

The words were stuck in her head.
She knew them from long ago, but can't remember anymore.

Then she remembered,  "But there's a trapdoor in the sun...immortality...  ", it was a PJ song she sang in school.

From @m_saik: It was the year end, she had just turned 263 years old. "What is the secret to your immortality grandma?",Rita asked. She took out her Nokia-1100 and forwarded "PASS DIS MSG TO TEN PPL OR U WILL DIE NXT YEAR" to ten random numbers. She put the phone away smiling wickedly at Rita.

From @writingchalk: He stepped onto the podium nervously. Adjusting his Gandhi cap, he looked at all the eyes watching his every move. He knew his words would live on, so he had to choose them carefully. And thus it began at the stroke of midnight, 15 August 1947, “Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny...”

From @kaloladeep:

Suffering from Cancer had only 3 months of living, son asked Dad,
Son: What is immortality ??
Dad: It's like you live forever and never die, like your Iron Fist, Gambit, those who do good things. 
Son: I am gonna do good things and would be Immortal like them.
Dad: Hiding Tears, Ya You would be !!

From @vforvehla: The verdict had been reached, he was guilty of impiety. The world witnessed as justice was served in a hemlock tureen, as the "gadfly" stung venom, as death evanesced into immortality with a gulp of his defiant obedience.

From @bassyc: She starts missing him suddenly. By missing, she gets confused with hating at times. She realises their relationship, though dead now, will remain immortal to them - for love or for hate.

From @chillerArj:

The scent of hair lurked in the shadows of despair while the coal in the eye assured a lifeless stare

His spirit lay caged within its carcass. Beware!

Behind the closed doors of the chamber where conspiracies brew thick, immortality was bestowed upon his soul.

Silence was then beckoned to blanket the cadaver so unaware.

From @SugarsNSpice:

Cast a cold Eye
On Life, on Death.
Horseman, pass by!

The epitaph of the eternal poet leaves me wondering if life was fair to the greatest stars. I cry with failure and fear success. Empty handed, I lose nothing, in risks I take. Then I write a piece of epic poetry, to gain immortality.

From @madrasmad:

"MJ lives on."
"He’s nothing compared to Rafi."
"Who Ruffy? Did he have more fans than MJ?"
"You measure immortality by counting mortal people?"
"Don't be sensitive."
"MJ was as delicate as a bubble, and you call me sensitive?"
"But his bubble never popped."
"Yeah, right. That's why he was the king of pop."

From @TheBigDowg: Sing an original song. Write a new story. Dance to a different beat. Make more friends. Love. Forgive. Help the needy. Give people a reason to smile. Take the leap of faith. Be someone's memory. After all, memories are immortal and that's the only way you'll continue to live long past you are gone.

From @anushreekejriwa: She was detected of cancer and knew that survival will be possible beyond a year. She wanted to remain alive in his heart, but knew that the fickle mind would replace her after she went away. He kept her immortal in his heart while said 'I love you' to his new wife everyday.

From @punvati:

“A lonely Jazz singer rescued from a life of drugs and poverty. A sudden worldwide sensation, never to be forgotten.”
She snapped out of it when someone jostled her. Her brother’s funeral was beginning. Never again would she stop thinking of all that could have been.

From @@anjana_murali: Yet again she had to confront two different families. She would be like a goddess to one while the other would regard her as not even close to mankind. “Please, I am a mere mortal.” she wanted to shout out loud. Just then, “Avni, its about time we convey the news”, the senior doctor said.

From @sinpinklove: She was quickly climbing the success ladder.No one could stop her .She used everyone and everything, sometimes her mind and more often her body. She was the face of every popular brand and her face could be seen on every fashion magazine.A role model for many but only her heart knew the truth.

From @vishalshriyan: Filming his escapades had always excited him. He'd loved to linger over the expressions; thrilled, fearful, satiated, satisfying. Each time he watched he almost got a high. Till the day someone browsed through his collection. He felt sorry for her now. For she'd become immortal on a million phones all over the country.

From @bhytu: I googled a short story. I edited it my way. I summarized it in fifty five words. Low morals, lower motive. I had to be the best. I giggled. What better way to match the theme. Then I realised I had missed the "t"."Immortality" is another story.

From @nimue_: Every one wished to be immortal.  She could grant that to any or each one of them, but she was a tough goddess to please. "If they want me to re write their fate , they better learn to write a good story about it too", she mumbeled and threw away another application.

From @xmanishaa: He would stay young and immortal, she wouldn't. He would never have grey hair, she would go bald in a few days. He was a character in a book, she was here in the real world, fighting cancer.

From @3nvinyatar: The silence was oppressive. The very air seemed to crowd into his very being, permeating every aspect of his being. He could feel the tendrils of cold creeping up his fingers, snaking along his toes. The minor discomfort was but a price to pay. Darkness stealing over him, he waited till a cure was found.

From @woohoochild: He looked over to see where his long gone kingdom used to stand. The gods had granted him the unfortunate gift of immortality. There was no way back to his dead wife and son. One day at a time, he died a little by living on. Tithonus now knew the real meaning of loneliness.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: They had grown up together, shared all the pranks of childhood, all the secrets of teenage. They had fallen in love, broken up and moved apart. Now, as they saw each other after a decade, they rushed to embrace each other, as the realization dawned- their friendship was immortal, even if their love wasn’t.

From @bitchwanti: Layers of heart shaped orange petals of the marigold glinted against the golden statue. The dewy air fragranced with the soft scent of nishigandha. She stared in rapt attention, as though willing the statue to come alive and full her wish. It is through this human belief that gods gain immortality. Supernatural is what we make it to be.

From @iBeingMe: He was dead once.When they found him, labeled as child who cannot speak and left him amidst the crowd. He felt deserted, and no one understood him. Then she visited and saw oasis of emotions inside him. She gifted him ink, a pen and blank paper when she left.His words made him immortal.

From @Crucifire:

Statues. Quotes. Roads. Words. Buildings. Parks. Theories. Programs. Universities. Awards.

Die each day so that you can live on, after death.

From @BongBuffoon: His tears were not immortal. They stopped flowing after some time. In a dark, desolate cave, many years after the world stopped turning, breathing and living, lay one man praying for death. Life, for him, had gone beyond the wrinkles.  There was no one left to pray to him, or cry for him.

From @RadhikaMohandas: I wrote our names on steamed-up mirrors. On dusty car bonnets. By connecting stars in constellations I didn’t see again. I etched them in sand, which the waves grabbed away.  I carved yours on skin, but the blood dried and the wounds healed, and the scars disappeared. Maybe we lost. Maybe forever wasn’t our thing.

From @vchatting: A trek to Amarnath, she’d heard, was the key to immortality!  Seventy  and penniless  , at the mercy of her son, like a shadow in that house, she existed quietly. Sometimes, her grandson’s toothy smile crumbled her heart. Late, one night, she crept over, to brazenly steal the household money  and left …on  her pilgrimage.

From @Oven_Tikka: Centuries rolled by. Days melted into each other. Everyone they knew had long gone. Even the world as they knew it no longer existed. They spent long hours in museums reminiscing and missing the simpler times. What had felt like an invaluable boon at the time was nothing more than a curse, this wretched immortality.

From @JaajaBong: The delicate arms flailed around. Shrill screams pierced the night – the lights by the jetty flinched in fearful anticipation. He stood there, writhing in a dilemma.  Sirens came flashing. The princess was rescued by the guards and escorted back. Immortality had come and gone. The jetty lights smile, “You are like us. Lighten up!”

From @GayatriiM: Night was young.High tide rose & waves gushed to touch dainty toes of most beautiful of them all .Her laughter echoed all around the beach. He picked up the sea shell & put it against his ear. Her voice was resonating within. He had immortalised her voice as she flew away with the high tide.

From @TheFookFace: He had worked all his life and tried saving as much as he could. After retiring, he set aside some amount of money to sponsor benches in the neighborhood park. His children always nagged him about it, but he knew, the only chance he had at immortality was through his name inscribed on park benches.

From @vivekisms: He: We wanted it all. Didn't we? She: Forevers are meant to be? He: Are they? She: The immortal love? He: What? She: Love. The immortal kind. He: Let us humour ourselves.

From @Greyllusionist: immortality, n.: “We couldn’t make our love a fairy tale, let’s try and make it to the pages of history”, you said. I told them to etch this on the epitaph of our joint grave.

From @NeelSheth: He sat next to her, staring at the moon; his soul felt the void. All he wanted was to live forever in the sanctuary of her arms. He screamed silently; eyes closed. She is in his arms; touch of the cold stone of her grave. He conquered love and soul, but Immortality is killing him.

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