Sunday, June 24, 2012

Theme 72 - Silence

From @KhushaliKF: Accident. Cacophony. Big fall. Blood flow. Eyes shutting down. Montage. Mother. Love. Father. Love. Wife. Love. Children. Love. Old age home. Love. Food. Love. Mirror. Love. Brain shutting down. Silence.

From @peanutbut: It is time I let you go. You will forget, I will forget. And there will be silence. Forever.

From @eternalscrewup: He gave her a dead stare. She watched him with stone like steady eyes. No word was spoken as he lay in his bed and she stood on the side. Both still. Silence had consumed their soul, for he was dead and she was just a statue of his lady love, his magnum opus at work and in romance.

From @teejavus: It was one of those days. She decided to visit the library. She sat there in silence, eyes closed, remembering the nightmare. She felt something hit her, she opened her eyes, saw a crumpled piece of paper. She unfolded it and smiled, "You're pretty, am sure you look prettier when you smile. - Jude " it read.

From @drun007: The court was adjourned. There was noise in every corner of the room.  Naseer was not capable of murder. It was a well framed case against him.  Everyone including the jury believed that.

It was time for the verdict.  The Chief Justice pronounced a death sentence.  Now the silence in the court room was deafening.

From @nimue_: Tired of the questions served to her every time a friend or cousin of hers got married , she started adding silent smiles to her plate. A trick she learned from him. His silent kisses silenced her questions but not the hurt she found in her plate every time she talked of their future.

From @richitaaswani: Alarm. Shower. Hair drier. Pressure cooker. Microwave. Washing machine. Dog. Rickshaw. Humans. Horns. Stray dogs. Train. More humans. Traffic. Whispers of office gossip. Exchanging pleasantries with loud co worker. DOT matrix printer. Telephone. BBM pings. Palindrome. Sleep for silence.

From @EatTweetBlog: "I still haven't got my periods. I think I'm pregnant", said Ritu. Mukesh wasn't shocked. He casually asked her to get a test done and get an abortion, if necessary. Ritu asked hesitantly, "Are we not even gonna consider having it?" "Are you in your senses, Ritu?" pat came the reply. Ritu left without saying anything.

From @IndianIdle: He was a big shot musician. His sounds were so different that people believed that he is not from this planet. But when he started he never found those tunes. He always failed to create a symbiosis of sounds. Until that one day, where he went to that place where there was only one sound,"silence".

From @TheBigDowg: He asked for dowry, she kept quiet. He insulted her family, she kept quiet. He slapped her, she kept quiet. He became an alcoholic, she kept quiet. He slept with other women, she kept quiet. He hit their children, she broke her silence. Today, she sits alone in a prison cell - quiet as before.

From @writingchalk: It wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard I tried. Like a vicious banshee, it kept screaming into my ears. I flapped my arms wildly, and even tried screaming myself. But all I could hear was a deathly stillness. The world was as good as a mute, irritating companion, now that I’d lost my hearing.

From @purplebrains: Arushi walked by the metal factory sounding the siren for lunch. Her home sat on the edge of the road. Decibel after decibel of noise buzzed past her ears. Among all the symphony of confusion, there was one characteristic sound missing. Without the welcoming bark of her beloved dog, the world stood still and silent.

From @sinpinklove: Every time he abused me he was even more apolegetic. He would get me expensive gifts and I would believe that everything would be alright but the scene would repeat itself, everytime. I called it hope but it was my biggest crime - my silence.

From @thefraudmallu: Silence was echoing in the darkness, anxious for they knew it was bound to happen. Nothing but his touch broke the silence, love was made. No words were uttered but sounds of passion filled the darkness. Legs wrapped around, lips against skin and they sighed together. Tired and once again they found themselves in silence.

From @JaaTeri:

The contestants sang. Every performance ended with applause.

Now it was her turn. The little girl smiled. Music started playing. She didnt sing! She rose her arms in stead.

She gestured. Her movements 'sang'.

They paused before applauding. A pause when they stopped to think, "Her silence can speak louder than our words."

From @vivekisms: We left. No words to console. No thoughts to provide solace. The relationship was hanging by a thread. It broke. Nothing was heard. Static perhaps.

From @BongBuffoon: The noise irked her. Everytime the music would scream, the TV would scream and the son would scream. She would then go and halt it all with a scream of her own. And then the silence would scare her. Is he alright? Is he asleep? Hope he’s not killed himself? The epiphany from the cacophony.

From @Writoholic_Gal: Had she fought with the male chauvinist world, would have hampered her identity, silence sealed lips she walked around with...

From @anjana_murali: In the silence of her house, she often imagined living in a huge bungalow. Today, she visualised her garden, breathtakingly beautiful with roses, dahlias, periwinkles and all the other flowers her teacher had taught her today. As always the loud din of her parents, fighting disrupted her from the reverie. Back to reality, she thought.

From @ScribblingOn: The language she conversed in with herself, lying peacefully in the lap of mother Nature-the clouds, sky, moon, stars, digging deep into her conscience. Enemy of the Day, companion of the Night. Her only way to retaliate when hurt by his words. What enabled her to hear his rhythmically erratic breathing. Ethereal bliss. Silence.

From @Crucifire:

He was sick and tired of listening to their constant nagging. His weak body and frail limbs could not take it any longer.

He fondly remembers the time he had to bear only 4. Now, it was 72.

As the cacophony rose, he let out a blood-curdling cry,


From @oxymoronic_me: People were screaming. Talking. Making a noise about everything that was happening in the world. She heard them all. Her head spun with all the noise surrounding her. She wanted to speak out. Scream at them all. Yell. But no one would follow her. It was time to un-follow everyone. Time to silence her time-line.

From @shekhartripathi: It had hardly taken any effort to get him to school. But now he clung, not letting me go. My murmured words of encouragement failed to cheer him. Despite his enthusiasm, all he could come up with was silence. Apparently, only just then had he realised that his older brother sat in a different classroom.

From @melittlepixie: The earthquake was brutal. It had stripped the town of any semblance of life. Under a pile of debris, she breathed hard. The ghost town resounded with deafening silence. She strained her ears, praying that there might be someone else alive as well. But the only noise she heard were the voices in her head.

From @punvati: He had always been rather alarmingly practical. After the accident claimed his voice, his grief-stricken family gathered around him, preparing to console him. Brushing aside their platitudes, he shrugged and signalled to them, “Hey, now I’ll never get disqualified in dumb charades.”

From @hauntedhero: Echoes of words pass within the space, even as she just sits there and stares. Her lips remain sealed, but those eyes speak volumes. A story they tell, an emotion they express, a silent ride to her heart they offer. All in a moment of silence. Dedicated to @cheer_bubble

From @NeelSheth: Dinner done; Plates washed. She’s on TV; he’s on laptop. With each passing day what felt like a sanctuary in each other’s arms was turning into a void. Once the silence spoke; now it haunts them. What used to be the symphony of touch is now just heard in channel surfing and strokes of keyboard.

From @AbhiandNow: Silence, the only thing constant between us. As we fought, made violent love to each other, then with each other's best friends, and made up again. It's those moments of silence that kept us together, we found more comfort in each others silence than words. I guess, it's our way of saying, I love you.

From @shitgodamn: Let us be silent for those who lost their lives in the <tragedy>. The two minutes of silence we are asked to observe are the most stimulating. Imagination going wild, stepping into the shoes of people who lost their lives and the people that are left behind. Silent prayers, tears, sighs. Finally, calm takes over.

From @DementedArcher: Both couldn't speak anything. He stared in her eyes. A tear rolled down his cheeks;  "It's too late" she sighed .He kept quiet; She turned her face. Silence was killing them. Tears trickled down her face & she closed her eyes. "I Love You" He whispered; It was too late She had already died.

From @Marwaari: The game was on till she caught him stealing a glance this time. He looked down again. Those eyes were captivating, that smile alluring him to speak to her. He decided to go ahead and try his luck.

"Hi, I am Jake" He said.

"Ssshhhhhh, Silence please" The librarian replied.

From @anushreekejriwa: He lived in a house plagued with unhappiness and noise all over. He didn't know what silence was until the day he got locked in a gas chamber. Curiosity made him turn on the knob. His blood slowly absorbed the gas and made him suffocate. The silence around calmed him and he slept forever.

From @Itemboi: He was drunk. Her cleavage turned him on. As soon as she walked in the restroom, he pulled her inside the cubicle and covered her mouth. She couldn't scream... He went on thrusting harder. She bled. He forced himself more and left after 5 minutes. Ten years have past... she's still silent about her brother.

From @verturisarma: He knew how to deal with it. The best thing to do when her nostril flares up the inviting red.  He smiled to himself as he thought of those rewarding luscious lips . He waited all night but that day she wanted more than his silence. A conversation. He sighed.  Now that’s a different art.

From @Oven_Tikka: There was complete silence in the room. Not a sound except that of panicky breathing. No movement but that of furtive glances to the left and right. Heads bowed as if in deep prayer could be seen all around. And then a whisper cut through the air. “What’s the answer to question no 5 b?”

From @ibeingme: "I am leaving you," she waved her offer-letter for the position in north. He was half heatedly awake from sleep. Being dumped in the same interview was hardly ego crushing for him. "I might like the new city." She continued huskily. "Mountains, tamed and broad river banks. I am excited." He blinked, feeling heavy loss.

From @UrbanChick:

'Is he good in bed?' they inquired.
She remained silent.
It had been a day since the wedding but everyone's curiosity refused to lessen.
Only if they knew what happened last night.
'I'm gay' he confessed. 'Why this, then?' she asked.
Silence was all that he gave her.

From @bitchwanti: The thud of a raindrop she could hear. The flapping of the butterfly wings caressed her earlobes. The sigh of unfurling flowers was her symphony.There was black silence in her eyes, enough to shatter the peace of her ear drums.

From @blahberred: For him, it was essential to keep talking. She listened, and played along. Am I boring you?, he would ask during gaps in conversation. I am comfortable to walk with you in this silence, she said. Wow, he said impressed. To think, bitter years ahead would leave behind but only the unbearable, echoing silence.

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