Monday, June 25, 2012

Theme 73 - Moon

From @aaroo4:

“Bright and round, like a ball of cheese
White and foggy, like a glass of milkshake
That is the moon,
Up in the sky, shining in the night
Fading away slowly, as the sun rises
That is the moon
I want to fly, to touch the Moon” , sang the little girl standing on the stage.

From @Oven_Tikka: The full moon was two days away and already he could feel his brothers look at him with fear. It had been years now, but the pain of transformation never got easier. Maybe if he accepted who he was, it would take away some of the constant ache. Oh how he hated being a wereman.

From @shekhartripathi: On a warm midsummer’s night, there I lay on my bed when something woke me up. A curvy silhouette stood by the window. She had magnificent long hair, fine as spun gold. A drop of sweat went down her shoulder shining like a pearl in the moonlight. Can the moon really play tricks with you?

From @m_saik: "I want to look at the moon first, doctor", I said as he removed the bandage covering my eyes. Appa told amma went to the moon after the accident. It must look so beautiful now, I thought. I opened my eyes, a painful memory returned a truck rammed into our car. The moon scares me.

From @blahberred: You look beautiful -He said, while parting- I will always remember you when i see this moon. She blushed in the moonlight. The trees, the full moon amidst them, the stray beetle, the crushed blue flower...she remembers all who witnessed the event, she remembers the pain, the numbness...His face is but a blur.

From @Crucifire:

“Look Ma, no gravity”, Joe said as he floated around in his suit.
“Dude, check out these half moons ”, said Jack and flashed his butt at Joe.
“Gross! You bastard!”

*Jack watched in horror as Joe transformed into a werewolf*

You, reading the story, this is still better than Twilight, no?

From @bhytu:

It was a full moon night. Both of them sat together holding hands in a romantic silence.
"I need to tell you something."
"I am a vampire."
"Cool. It is in fashion. Even I am 'Robsessed'."
He smiled, his canines gleaming in the moonlight.
Twilight saga saved love.

From @writingchalk: His joy knew no bounds – he had just seen the sun at night! Imagine how jealous the others would be of his discovery! “Papa! Dekho! Raat ko suraj nikla hai!” His father took him by the hand to the terrace, and smiled. He then gave his son the heart-breaking news, “That’s just a lunar eclipse.”

From @Highheelswaali: She could see a tiny sliver of moonlight coming through the closed blinds. The windows were never opened, but she has learnt to tell the time from the rays which escaped inside. The yellow light was okay, but she loved the white light. It was comfortable. And it meant Daddy would come to love her.

From @chinmaynaik07: Since the evening they had met in the moonlight, moon had always been special to them. They used to talk from oceans apart over phones, looking at the moon to feel togetherness.But it was over now. Gifts locked away, messages deleted, music substituted, chat histories erased. Only left to be replaced.. was the moon.

From @RBtrary: Glitter of Bollywood wooed her and she ran away to become an actress. The superstar spotted her & promised to be her Godfather. Promise was never kept and she never made it to the silver-screen and ended-up becoming one-of-his-many mistresses.

She had once aimed for the moon, but even the “stars” had betrayed her.

From @vchatting: She was throwing the mother of all tantrums yet again! Yelling inconsolably, as he retreated more into his shell, refusing to engage. She hit a hard forceful punch across his frame. Decidedly, he drew her close, into his arms. Sobs suffused in him as the peeping moon smiled from the clouds that

From @AmanjotKSandhu: They sat on the beach, her head resting on his shoulder."I love you." "I love you, too."Finally, she had admitted it. It was the best day of his life. He looked at the moon. It looked much brighter and more beautiful than ever. He smiled and held her closer.

From @bitchwanti: Resplendent, she stood laughing with her friends. Her smooth youth attracted many a lovelorn glances. Till he rode up to her and flung the little vial in her face. "Now you look like the moon, my moon. Only mine", he said tenderly as she cried out in pain, beauty forever marred.

From @madrasmad: Pirlo takes the corner for Italy. Half a kilometer away, Balotelli and other teammates wait to rush towards the goal. Here comes the kick! The ball is in the air. It’s expected to land in a minute. The English defenders are quickly deciding on a strategy. I only wish they were playing on Earth.

From @sinpinklove: The moonlight sparkled on her as she lay naked beside him.He could forever admire her. Slowly , he touched her lips and she quivered in excitement.His fingers began their downward journey but their gaze remained locked. She let out a shy smile and he made her his own for eternity.

From @melittlepixie:

 ‘There’s greed, conflict, passage of time. Let’s call it ‘Dark’, David said.

‘Does the moon have a dark side?’, Roger asked randomly, staring at the moon‘There’s no dark side of the moon. It's all dark’, David said.

David and Roger smiled knowingly. In two weeks, Pink Floyd launched ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’

From @Greyllusionist: She stood centre stage, all the limelight on her, ‘twas a major achievement of their brand to start this philanthropy foundation.

Later in the night, he was called in, for celebration sex. A pitch dark room, that was the contract, he never knew who his client was.

There’s always a dark side of the moon…

From @Marwaari:

"Its frightening" She screamed.

"You have to be crazy enough to this. It takes you to an entirely different world. Try it once, come on. Don't be a pussy." He reasoned.

She put in her earplugs and it was playing 'I am flying to the moon and back'. "I am not a pussy" and she jumped out of the airplane.

From @TheBigDowg: She was the love of his life, the reason for his existence. She, however, didn't care for him. She was too busy circling her hot lover. Once in a while, he did manage to overshadow the hot-man & hog the limelight. And it remained his sole reason to continue loving her. From a distance. Forever.

From @iBeingMe: She gazed at the moon with longing eyes. Faraway she could imagine him looking at the sky, dreaming. The moon shimmered in the pond’s reflection. She smiled at herself. Then she thought of him and his eyes full of dreams. She remembers him telling stories while she secretly wishes to become his moon one day.

From @EatTweetBlog: On a particulate cold & lonely night, I sat at my window with a cup of coffee, overlooking a crowded street. Minutes later, I took out a blanket from an old trunk and went upstairs to the terrace. There I sat with the blanket embracing me, providing me the much needed solace, as I looked at the moon.

From @3nvinyatar: “Darkness is your friend.” The mantra taught to the regiment’s  best sniper oscillated in his mind. Camoflauged, laying perfectly still, he let his mind wander back to those days of training under The Master. They would have been together on this sensitive mission. If only he hadn’t planned that operation on a full moon night.

From @ScribblingOn: The sun of the night. Amidst twinkling stars, it sits in the night sky, glimmering, staring the world below. Lost in a trance, I gaze fixedly & wonder-'The Moon loses a part of himself everyday, only to regain it later. Is this love?' A drop of rain falls on my already wet cheek.

From @BongBuffoon: He liked giant leaps. He took a big gulp of Oxygen and jumped. And he was airborne. “Good thing I ate a light meal,” he thought. Every jump was an adrenalin boost accompanied by a shriek of delight. Suddenly, his 2nd officer says: “Neil, I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation.”

From @divya_moorjani: She took a breath, but felt a chill sheath into her. She mouthed his name and her lips froze. She let out a tear, her eyes turned icy. Finally, she gave in, walked away, sat on her house-steps looking at it and thinking, May be that’s how the Dark Side Of The Moon feels like?

From @vivekisms: They told him that it would drive him crazy. It all depended on the tidal movements. He refused to believe. He fell in love that night. He could not be sane again. The low hung blue moon silently smirked.

From @parekhit: The last time he met her, it was a full moon night. She was wearing a white saree, looking nothing less than a goddess; deep blue eyes, magical smile. For the past 40 years, every full moon, he waits for her. After all, she was the only human he loved after he died. In a car crash.

From @BoozeSexSundry: She felt muted thudding. A woolen ball dripping with pain instead of a heart. An iron sponge instead of her lungs. She had the high jaw-line of her father. Pouty lips of her mother. Her longing eyes sobbing in the faint moonlight. Waiting for her parents to make up and deal with her poisoned gut.

From @nimue_: She always been in love with the moon. From tracing the various shadows on it , to following its path in the cloudy skies , there were various games she invented as she waited for his call. Meanwhile the moon added another of her games in his daily task. She had a long wait he knew.

From @_abeyaar_:

Unknown number

He picked it up. No one spoke. All he could hear was sounds of birds singing and trees rustling with some scratches.
"Nature's call?," he giggled.

He turned back to his thoughts, back in his terrace, facing her face.
No. It's the moon.

From @NeelSheth: For 33 years, he lived in a sanctuary; felt the void in the silence of the nights. They met under the super-moon. With earthy smell; the world welcomed rain. He welcomed her, smelt her; her dark hair scattered like clouds. They longed for it always; to merge under the full-moon, melt and whisper “Happy Mooniversary!”.

From @oxymoronic_me:  The boy was painting the moon. Objects of space excited him. His mind kept repeating, “New-Moon, Waxing-Crescent, Waxing-Gibbous, Waning-Gibbous, Waning-Crescent Full-Moon”, as he intensely colored the white shaped circles. Satisfied, he left them to dry. He would submit it the next day. A rat cut it the same night. His moon shaped tears never stopped.

From @punvati: She finished her model of the solar system just in time. As she sat in bus, she realized she had forgotten all about the moon. After all that work… She was about to cry with disappointment, when the strange boy no one talked to walked up to her, handed her a cheeseball and smiled.

From @randomWhiz: The lovers looked at each other under the dim constant light of the stars.  In another time, there would have been a moon to accompany their flight of love. But man had gone too far ahead, and destroyed its only original satellite. Technology had left man with a vacant sky.

From @anushreekejriwa: She wanted to shine bright like a moon and be a ray of hope in the dark lives of people. She forgot that the strong rays of the sun not only overpower the moon but remove darkness as well. Her thoughts were eclipsed.

From @TheGhostWriterr: Two Immortal lovers were cursed with mortality, the husband found a way & found a herb to make them Immortals again. Instead of sharing the wife ate the whole herb, as punishment of betrayal she inflated & floated in the sky, illuminated to be the moon. Husband became the shape shifting wolf, calling her every full moon.

From @UrbanChick_:

"Where to, miss?' asked the taxi driver.
 Looking at the sky, her eyes marveled at the beauty of the stars, the tranquility that came with it, what she was in dire need of and it was then that she spoke 'To the moon'

From @VishalShriyan: He loved the night sky. Tonight the moon looked especially beautiful as he idly played with the grass. He was at peace with life as he waited for the Express to go past. He loved when it thundered past three feet behind him everyday. This was heavenly, he thought as he squatted on the tracks.

From @laalfirangi: She: Nah, I don’t believe in the concept of love. These movies have just created a faux image which doesn’t exist. Just like Narnia.He: *smiles* I believe in you, hence I believe in love. You are my biggest reality.<insert background score> Chanda re, chanda re, kabhi toh zameen par aa, baithenge baatein karenge…

From @maruwahna: The cold night was upon, and the half moon was her only company. Looking at it, she was reminded of the golden days, her days of promise and love. Then, reality had struck and she was alone again. A tear with the moon for company, and then she jumped. Silence.

From @GayatriiM: The twilight zone was her greatest confidante. She wore the new dress and added kohl to her starry eyes. Sun was setting in,her wait shall be over soon... then the moon appeared lighting up the sky. She switched off the light and smiled. Hundreds of miles away,he too,looked up at the sky from his dark room and smiled.Twain met through the moon tonight.

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