Saturday, June 23, 2012

Theme 71 - Sanctuary

From @IndianIdle: It happened again. The clashes, the sparks. The couple was firing barrage of wordly bullets on the old man. The kid slowly walked towards the old guy, and held his hand. He looked into those wearing sad eyes and said," Grandpa, you should also find a sanctuary like those animals. You will be safe there".

From @EternalScrewUp: For a baby it's a mother's bosom. For a child, his dad's shoulders. For a teenage, the alcohol store. For a young fellow it's his mistress' house. For a businessman, his work station. For an old bloke, anywhere around his kids if they let him be. For me, it's my mother's lap some thousand kilometers away.

From @kanakkupullai: Jail was bad. It always reminded him of the one place that mattered most. The times that he spent doing nothing. He was released from jail for the crime he never committed. He was going back to the one place that mattered. The Sanctuary. The Home. His mother had been waiting for him there, right?

From @SugarsNSpice: “I always knew you were stupid, but this is insane”, “Such decisions do affect your family”. These accusations were heard since morning but she never retorted. Sitting in this sanctuary of books, she knew her dreams were finally here.  She titled her dream project, “Noble”. These risks were all set to make history one day.

From @teejavus:

Explosion. He stares. Dead bodies everywhere. Sea red with blood. Clouds shaped like his comrades. Gun shots ringing in his ears. People killing one other, without any thought. In the middle of this chaos, she's standing.

He wakes up, sweating, the war still haunts him.

She holds him tightly, with her there, it's his sanctuary.

From @Crucifire:

Cynicism. Skepticism. Sadism. Rebellion. Madness. Sarcasm. Hate. Disgust. Pain. Suffering. Beasts. Demons. Skulls. Swords. Mutants. Vampires. Warriors. Anti-heroes. Violence. Black. Grey. Red.

They say it’s my Dark Side.My Mind. My Sanctuary.

From @thatbhandaguy: The company had Sibal'ed the live streaming websites. The Mrs. had promised to Kunder him if he went ahead. His kids Hazare'd him if he didnt help them in home work. He needed the Euro more than Greece. Although a teetottler,he went to a Sports Bar just to find other refugees.

From @sinpinklove: Easy accessibility, clean air and friendly neighbours - my parents were excited about shifting to our new house. I had left behind my friends , my comfort zone and my life. Only you were there for me, always listening to my problems and weakness , never complaining.You gave me sanctuary, my dearest diary !

From @writingchalk: She couldn’t take her parents’ fights. She started running away. Where to? She didn’t know. After running about 5 km, her lungs started giving way. She fainted.  When she woke up, a horde of garishly-dressed women surrounded her. One of them said, “Don’t worry dear; we’re here to help. Kamala, get her dressed right away!”

From @anjana_murali: Today he had almost killed a boy because of his temper. Frustrated, he looked up at the sky and yet again asked God why he was given a psychic talent which could harm people. He ran home and cried in his mother’s lap. He was a wild child and his mother was his only sanctuary.

From @anushreekejriwa: The dense swampy area was his house, he was the king. A roar was enough for a look of consternation on the face of his mates. Humans intruded, killing happened. Another made it a sanctuary. The waters got divided and his movement got restricted. He is now a caged ruler, his roar scares him.

From @TheGhostWriterr: I was home after 5years of war, The memories of War had haunted me. Ghosts of My murky past followed me, Until I found love. In her arms I found solace, She was my sanctuary. Lost in her eyes,I took a plunge in her love & everything changed forever.

From @catpricious: The cats' feeding time was the happiest part of her day. She was glad she could make a sanctuary for them, for herself. But one day, the youngest one, a black and grey tom, escaped back to the streets. She'd forgotten to shut the window. And that this was her happy place, not necessarily theirs.

From @jhanvidhawan: It took me a minute to believe that I am still alive. Last, I remembered the windscreen bashing my face… I woke up shouting in pain. He came close to me, held my hand… licked off my tears. I looked into his eyes till my pain ceased… That was my sacred place, my sanctuary.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: “I’m so lonely. Nobody loves me. I don’t feel like talking to anyone. Daddy won’t play with me. I should leave home and go. But who will pack my clothes? “ Little Priya was thinking such thoughts as she heard, “Mummy’s home!”. She ran into her mother arms. “Mommy, let’s play Hide and Seek?”

From @vivekisms: My Sanctuary?, he wondered. Your arms, he replied.

From @thefraudmallu: She knew they would leave her there, amongst many her age, until she was no more. They told her it was for her own good, to be taken care of and to be safe when they are away. Uncertain she felt for this new home that seemed like a sanctuary. Protected yet not her home.

From @writoholic_gal: He remained an atheist till the time he didn't lose her... Standing on the shrine he prayed, for her comeback... God proved his existence... Gave him the love of his life back

From @AbhiandNow: Sun was beating down at its fiercest best; dehydration was playing wicked games. Suddenly out of nowhere he saw a sanctuary; so beautiful as if it's the real residence of god. Wiping off the streams of sweat, he mustered up some energy to knock at sanctuary's door.

"15 Rs. for 1ltr water bottle," shopkeeper said.

From @NeelSheth: The daily drill was about to begin. He closed his eyes, felt her and stood there smiling. They flocked every day to see him; the sane wanting to see the insane. His type was extinct; He was the last of his kind. As a Self-reminder to themselves, they built the sanctuary for man in love.

From @TheBigDowg: He roamed with great pride in lush greens of life. No responsibilities. No expectations. No worries. He had everything, except a home.

She was his menace. She gave him a reason to dream. She became his strength & weakness. She was a gatekeeper that guarded him.  She was his confidant.

She was his diary.

From @Oven_Tikka: He was hidden from the outside world. Nothing could get to him here.  He didn’t think anyone even knew of this place.  But you couldn’t take risks and as he heard footsteps coming towards him, he adjusted the rifle in his hand. “Here, have your milk”, came a voice. Unfortunately his pillow fort wasn’t motherproof.

From @woohoochild: She knew it was doing her more harm than good in the long run. But it was all that kept her going. She needed her daily dose of various tastes and aromas, both strong and subtle. She lived to eat. As an experience, it was 'spiritually uplifting', she'd say. She happily died of obesity.

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