Thursday, June 28, 2012

Theme 76 - Map/Maps

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: Questions everywhere, all the time. Not an answer she had. She knew not what her destination was. She knew not what the path was. She knew not who she was. She couldn’t have known – till she saw that one face. That one face that made it all worthwhile. The one face that made life worthwhile.

From @AbhiandNow: The leeches were hanging out of his body and the caterpillars were crawling all over his feet, he had some of them for lunch. Even though he was walking above, what his ancestors said was a treasure mine, he was searching for the entry to a cave that was highlighted on the map as ‘Food’

From @aiwekuchbhi: It wasn't any predictable story. They believed in love. A couple who never fought,never cheated, never suspected and never had to lie to each other.they had their guilty pleasures.they made videos of them together and remembered only good times. They had *Partial Amnesia*. True love even when their brain map had deceived them.

From @zainity: It was his idea to have ol’ drive thru weekend, without any gadgets. I’d carefully packed all the obsolete items; map, compass, radio… and more of sack-snack. We lost our way. A whisper came from the driving seat, ‘Hon, by any chance did you carry along the phone?’ I smiled and turned on the GPS. 

From @vchatting:

"You've got to have a map of your life, like I know, 10 years from now, I'm going to have this much bank balance, house, married, two kids, you know, it's all planned."

When she saw him today she couldn't believe, he was the same person. Sitting distraught and broken at his wife's sudden death !

From @TheBigDowg: Make yourself comfortable. Smile at  your co-passengers. Follow the path of passion. Ignore the pot-holes of tears. Take the flyover above misunderstandings. Avoid the roads flooded with hate & anger. Don't be afraid to take emotional U-turns. Pay the required health toll. Hit cruise-control on the sexual highway. Welcome to life, enjoy the drive.

From @aaroo4:

“5 steps left, 4 steps right and then walk straight ahead 6 steps”
Careful, that is the dog’s bowl stool. Take 1 step left and keep going ahead.
“Am i there?”
Almost… last 6 steps.
Phew, finally. This is tough. How do…?*she chokes*
Its ok love, i know the layout of this house by heart.

From @maruwahna:  Nine pm that day , lost in a bad part of town , his ego not allowing him to ask the eager people for help. Anger escelates into arguments and he sleeps on the couch that night.

Next day , a cute voice on the phone tells him to take turns . He obliges . He sleeps on the bed with her,content.

From @bitchwanti: She walked the crowded lanes of Dharavi, camera in hand. Now clicking a tangle of wires,of the pigeons snoozing on tin roofs. A woman pulling her kids along the street,one sitting in a desolate doorway,lost to the world. In her camera she captured a map of existences, utterly unknown, yet fascinating.

From @wekneweachother: If you peel off my skin and lay it as evenly as possible on a study board, you will see scar-marks, moles, patches of body hair, dents and very rarely, some blood. My skin has been a traveller, protecting my body through thick and thin. There’s a whole lifetime of geography wrapped on my body.

From @anushreekejriwa: She thought the way through her husbands heart was through his stomach. She excelled as a cook but never got love in return. Her husbands heart was in the palms oh his mistress. Helpless she mapped her way to become a famous chef and now men want to find a way to reach her.

From @sinpinklove: Miraya loved chocolates and anything to do with it. Jay was an artist. He painted the world map on her body with hot melted chocolate and then erased it all with his cold ticklish tongue. She learnt her geography in a way she would never forget. Now it was her turn.

From @vivekisms: Your body is not less than a country. The valleys, the mountains and then the plains. The air that surrounds your aura and the water you signify. For just one night, I will own you. I will trace your pattern and your territories and it will be my personal atlas.

From @AskThePankazzzz: For once without caring about the what-ifs; he measured the past, scaled the sufferings & weighed the love they nurtured. The volume of tears shed, was too less to let her go. He knew he has lost her. But it was love. Clinging on with all he had, he Mapped his way to her heart. Again.

From @blahberred: A common friend had introduced them. They had nothing in common. They spoke endlessly about places they'd worked at, places they'd travelled to, where they lived...and intricacies of how to reach each others' houses...areas, roads, cities, countries...bylanes, shops, landmarks...She was geography-dyslexic. Thank God for google maps

From @kaloladeep: The diversified body parts used to look her from every angle till she used pass on from his eyes, always thought of locating her in perfect longitudes and latitudes of his heart, Till the time he decided to locate her, she was untraceable in the Map.

From @teejavus:

Prudence was a freelance designer. Her last few assignments had brought her in contact with a guy who did book illustrations. He passed on to her an assignment that dealt with designing a map for a post apocalyptic novel.

While discussing the design, the author mentions the protagonist was named Jude, and she smiles, sheepishly.

From @Marwaari:

"You're the only person who can make her stop crying" Wife said,
"Why do you want her to go to school so early?" I asked.
"Not again!!" She frowned, "Go make her smile first"

(later)"Lets go to school Mummy, Papa is going to give me a map for treasure hunt after school" She chuckled.

From @JaaTeri: It was a perfect plan. He lived as a banker - a fake identity - for months. Nobody doubted that he master-minded the fraud. A master of disguise, in the past he had been a professor, doctor and IT officer. And now that the ‘banker’ was dead, it was time to map out a new career.

From @fukat: He gazed into her deep brown eyes as he caressed her hand. It took him back through their life together. With her by his side, he always seemed to know his way in the past 32 years. It was true, there would be no map in the journey of life…she was all he ever needed.

From @madrasmad: Adam left his hotel in search of a pharmacy. After some walking around, he asked a young boy for directions. The boy laid down on the ground, and used his arms and legs to show the way. Adam looked confused. The boy slapped his forehead, took Adam’s hand, and led him down the street.

From @nimue_: She sat at the window , looking at a beautiful sunset. some faded papers lay scattered around her chair. A lot of them already been carried outside the window into the sky.  She smiled. Her words seeked a new soul to guide. The traveller was in for a surprise with such maps.

From @AGirlOfHerWords: She was lost. You could see her big eyes widening in despair. She wondered again how she lost her way, forever wondering, forever wandering. She was sure she had, finally, found her way, her way to his heart. Maps, she thought, they should make maps for hearts too. She carried on, she’ll keep looking.

From @My_Summer_Eyes:

Turning to the map marking section of her Geography paper, she smiled. They had to mark the Bokaro coal mine. She’d religiously practiced her maps. Recalling the mine location, she lifted her pencil …. and stopped! Jharkhand or Chhattisgarh? What place to mark the coal mine on, she wasn’t sure anymore.

“MAPS!” she sighed.

From @iBeingMe: She sat by the river and faked her smile. With writing a long love letter her hands felt insensitive but with a sudden thought she folded up letter into a boat. She wanted to be with him and sing him love song she composed herself. I must place a map inside the boat. She thought.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: He was my best friend. We fell in love. Love came with all the complications characteristic of it. It became a burden, a compulsion. As he said I love you mechanically yet again, I realized I had lost the map in which I had once marked the way to his smile.

From @eternalscrewup:

"Wassup bro? Where have you been?" asked Vasco.
"Dodging arrows man. These stupid maps are shit worthy." replied Columbus.
Vasco promptly added "True that. Mine said hot weather and spices but I could only find Russian women on those goan beaches."
"I hear those Google maps are badass" said Columbus as they slowly walked into the sunset.

From @BoozeSexSundry: She looked up from her deep red mehendi and wondered about the numerous uninvited opinions she got. 'You're too young.' 'He used to be an addict.' Then she traced his initials from the design on her hands. And she smiled. A sign of a kind. A map in its own.

From @drun007 : "How could you forget the car charger?  We are deep inside the forest with no GPS and zero phone reception.  We are screwed!", yelled Chris.  Kim sat with guilt. 

Sudden memory flash!  The entry ticket packet.

"Let's get back to simpler times, Chris".  She pulled it out of her handbag - the map of the forest.

From Sree: Jim and Lisa have been drifting apart off late. The passion and the deep emotions have gone. They just got used to each other. There was nothing new. Jim proposed a break. As they were about to drive away, Jim threw the maps out. "Let's get lost Honey" he said. Lisa kissed him passionately.

From @Crucifire:

He was scrutinizing the Holy Grail from the hilltop.
Two mountains and a crater to reach the treasure, marked with a V.
He encircled the tips and bases of the mountains in patterns. The landscape wriggled.
Nails jumped over the crater with a swipe and the Canyon was his.

He loved exploring her.

From @RadhikaMohandas: It started with the corner of my eyes. To the dimple, that couldn’t decide whether or not it should show itself that night. To the quivering bulge of the lips. And then, steady with arrogance, it travelled south. The lips stopped quivering. The finger lost its way. That night, your finger mapped its favourite mile.

From @NeelSheth: He looked into her eyes said “love, remember the day I met you?” She whispered “Night”. He was a gypsy, a lost soul in search of self. Full moon light showed him the way. Path to her was mapped in his heart and he just followed it; to be lost again in her eyes forever.

From @JaajaBong:

Blackbeard scanned the outer docks of Ocracoke. The Royal Navy was closing in. His face betrayed miniscule twitches of fear his infamy knew nothing about.
“Avast me hearties! Ye need no maps now, do ye?”
“Nay Cap’n! Dead men tell no tales. And sing no chanteys, aye?”
And so they sailed. The rest, is history.

From @panktimehta: He drove for hours, passenger seat empty, circling from urban jungle to exotic land and back again. Stories poured from his head into buildings, bridges, castles, rivers, into people and schools, corner stores and other cars. As long as the horn tooted with his imagination, his plastic car didn't need a working navigation system.

From @writingchalk:

Accountant. Doctor. Engineer. Research Scientist. Pilot. Programmer. Lawyer. Teacher. Writer.

So many options. So little time. I don’t even know what I want to do any more.

My future is hazy. My 12th std. results are out tomorrow. Everyone wants to know where I’m going.

Can someone please give me proper directions to my future?

From @randomWhiz:

"On entering, take a left, then a right, then another right, this will lead to the servants quarter, then the Royal Kitchen.."

As Leela read the braille map, she memorized the directions of the insides of her favourite monument.

From @khatteemithi: A parchment with a hand-drawn J.  Her father’s talisman – the map to happiness that always opened a secret door to a meadow full of dandelions. Only now the door opens to a dim-lit office harbouring dimwits. The dandelions had wilted along with her father’s pyre. The map of happiness lay cackling. Sniffing the dust.

From @Oven_Tikka: His armour gleamed as he galloped across a field of sunflowers, sword in one hand, a map in the other. After several days of riding around the wilderness, he was finally there to slay the dragon and rescue the princess. And people thought he would get lost.  As if a man ever stopped for directions! 

From @sohamsabnis: Technology has never been integral part of our lives, as it's been today! TomTom and devices help us reach wherever we want to. We are in search of a destination where mind hovers in a peaceful sky. We are searching for a map, which takes us to such a place, where we are WE, not I!

From @indianewsmonkey: Jacob grabs me from behind, spins me away from the bar. Beer froth still spraying off my lips, he yells, “I’ve found it!” We fly through the street, descend into his dingy basement. He waves a tattered parchment in my face. “It’s just a map,” I shout. Eyes dancing madly, he says, “It’s a start.”

From @tunnvi: Lots of blue lines representing rivers. The big green patch was the forest, a lot of them. Islands and seas and more land mass putting them on the world map would falsify their actual size. He looked at it gleaming with pride; it was his daughter’s first master piece “The Map of the Mysterious Island”.

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