Saturday, June 30, 2012

Theme 78 - Secret

From @maruwahna: Like a child hiding candy from the predators, his face had that glint exclusive to a secret. Stop hiding,his eyes said. Wouldn‘t tell the parents, too smart for that. He would ask the sister to buy him goodies,effective blackmail,effective immediately. He knew her enough to know her secret. Caught. Again,the glint.

From @ThePheno_Menon: He told Maya everything. She did not react for a moment. Then the dam burst and tears flowed all the way to the ocean. Heartbreak sounded across the hall like glass shattering. He wished he had kept Laila a secret.

From @NumbYaar: Victor was like an open book. He was the drinking partner anyone could count on and his entire life was out there on facebook. Yet, he had a secret known to one or two. But then secrets have their ways. Soon the whole world would know about it. Too bad you still don’t know it.

From @karthikisthin:

His unkempt hair and foul breath could be attributed to his just waking up but it couldn't explain his shame.

He pulled the blanket and shuddered on seeing the body next to his.

That's all it was - a body. Some body he knew. Some body he did. He had saved the body's number as "sfgsrghtfh"

From @RuthSaldanha: ‘Tell Me!!!’ he screamed into her face. She sullenly watched his arm swing, connecting like a gunshot. Sensed blood before pain. Slowly, licked it off. The stench of fear thickened in her nostrils. She found herself fading, jerking back with his growl, ‘Why won’t you tell me?!?’ With a smile she said, ‘It’s a secret’.

From @OyeShake: I thought, at first, it would go away. It was just a phase that’ll pass. Then came the time when I realised I had been into it for far too long. It wasn’t a phase. It was the truth. It was a secret. I wanted to share it. I wasn’t willing to pay the price.

From @leztah: There’s something I must tell you. I’m dying of a caffeine overdose. Ever since I saw you, I can’t stop thinking about you. So I stay up every night, trying to infiltrate your mind. Y’know that saying, if you can’t sleep it’s because you’re in someone else’s dreams? It is true.

From @bassyc:  They wanted to keep it secret. None realised their lament when that secrecy killed the relationship in the long run. They just sigh now.

From @vivekisms: A promised not to tell anyone. A told B. B promised on his mother's life. B told C. C promised in the name of some god. C told D. D decided not to promise and let it all out eventually.

From @pallavipinakin: “I want to know the inner folds of your thoughts, the creases of your past, the hidden corners of your soul,” he said. “I want to know all of your secrets. Tell me everything.” So, she did. When she was done, he said sadly, “No mysteries left now. I’m afraid this is it for us.”

From @mizarcle: That’s where you reside, deep within the folds of my heart, where echoes don’t tread. That’s where you’ll always be, afraid to come out, afraid to be ridiculed, to be dismissed. That’s where I will hid you, my dirty little secret forever and ever.

From @AskThePankazzzz: His hands clumsily into her clothes, taking off the layers. Letting her reciprocate with all the passion. That night, they wanted to devour each other. They did. Lost into each other only to find themselves. Together they lay, comfortable in their nudity. They were no more a secret to each other.

From @Writoholic_Gal: The words... Tempted to be spoken, the lips sealed with the promise. Eyes beheld with tears, her secrets unveils as she blinks. World withheld within, the mercy never given, she died every day within. Wished upon the stars, for wishes to be fulfilled that were kept as a secret and never revealed.

From @fukat: They were friends for a while now..though she always wanted more but never knew of his intentions..then one night, over some conversation and much alcohol, they shared their passion..she never heard from him again..all she has now is the memory of that night, a secret she would have to die with..

From @kaloladeep: Inserted  a hard-drive to computer, Searching the secrets that I hide from her, Set the properties to “unhide”, Looked out all folders with “IMP”, ”secret” & “porn” for the material that she was expecting, Result “not found”, Forgot to check the readable folders just verified hidden one, Silly is she,  and Secrets Still remain Secrets.

From @divya_moorjani: That voluptuous inviting space between your ears and shoulders, on the side of your neck. That vicinity which rallies the obdurate nerves when you laugh or tilt your head. I feel like touching the crimson violet lines, my soul itches to feel your alabaster skin to my fingers. I guess…It’ll always be a desirous secret.

From @anjana_murali: It had been a year since she had left him forever, but her memory continued to haunt him. He took up tasks like cleaning the house to while away his time and it was during one such task that he found her secret suitcase, hidden- containing her precious diaries written over the last forty years.

From @my_summer_eyes:

He folded the letter. He knew she was dying to meet her secret lover. Kissing his wife, Susan, he left.

That evening, she arrived in the park. He was standing with his back towards her. She placed her hand on his shoulder. He placed a revolver on her temple.

“Hello Susan. You disloyal bitch!”


From @anushreekejriwa: He belonged to an orthodox family and killed his first born daughter, she was buried in the backyard and a rose bush was planted. He told everyone that his wife gave birth to a stillborn. The bush bore beautiful red roses, everyone would admire its beauty but its root secretly cried in silence.

From @drun007:

Ani: I will tell you a secret but you must not tell anyone.
Varun: No, I won't.
Stretches her hand out : Mother promise?
Varun: Mother promise.
Ani: God promise?
Varun: God promise.

Watching the kids in the playground brought back childhood memories. It was always the promise that mattered more than the secret.

From @Greyllusionist: Underneath the pillow. On the kitchen top. In the ripples of the bedsheet. At the doorstep. On the window pane. Those foams in the bath-tub and the mist on the mirror. In the corner of your lips. On the lids of my eye. You've left it everywhere! Now how do we keep this a secret?

From @NeelSheth: He always found her mysterious; never asked her anything. Loved her unconditionally for who she was. Last night was special though; she made the most passionate love to him; woke up early in the morning, made his breakfast and left home. He woke up, switched on the TV…breaking news “Female suicide bomber kills 55”

From @AmanjotKSandhu:

“People are jealous of you two. How do you manage to be so much in love after all these years?” ,her friends asked.
“That’s a secret we don’t reveal”, she winked.
“No, not today. Today I have to be with the wife”, he whispered into the phone.
Yes, Ignorance was her secret.  Or adjustment perhaps.

From @writingchalk:

“Where are you taking me?” He didn’t answer. “Is it a surprise?” she asked. He nodded slowly.

Her eyes sparkled. A surprise after 50 years of marriage?

They stopped at a cemetery. He took her towards a grave. “What…” before she could complete, he pointed at a tombstone, which had her name inscribed on it.

From @LaressaGomez:

“Don’t let go!” he begged, as he clung to her fingertips and looked up at her silhouette against a blinding sky.
“Don’t look down!” she cried.

Her listless eyes now fixed on him, as the tempestuous surf whirled beneath.

“All these years—why didn’t you tell me?” he murmured.


“I’m under oath.” she whispered.

From @bitchwanti:

In the silence if the night, the sky speaks to earth. In the morning, there's a trail of dew to mark the rendezvous.

There's beauty in the unknown. Just like sleepy secrets let out in the aftermath of an explosion. Known, yet forgotten. Consigned to a secret compartment. Sacred. Worshipped. Most beloved.

From @lucidillusions_:

Capiche ? She nodded. Little girl smiled. "It's our little secret."

She whispered it in Jude's ear. Jude went in and brought a cookie. Her tears disappeared at once, big grin now. Jude couldn't do anything but smile at her innocence. Jude stood as her six year old neighbour walked away.

From @ScribblingOn: Being born to orthodox parents, Sonali was married as she completed her graduation. After a lavish wedding to a stranger, came the much anticipated first night. He devoured her like an animal feeding on meat. The next morning everybody knew her secret: Her stained past.

From @tunnvi: He strode down the street in his blue suit with the flaming red cape flying behind him. They made way for him, everybody stunned. And he exclaimed “It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s me Superman. It’s me Kal El, it’s me Clark Kent”. There, he let the cat out of the box.

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  1. Taken for granted he felt. Hatched a secret, an ingenious lie of the many flirtatious flings he'd never had. He could see the struggle in her eyes, the jealousy and hurt. She was bare naked now, that's all he wanted her to see. He smiled and dusted it all away with two words...Just kidding.