Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Theme 75 - Woo

From @aaroo4:

“Do you remember how i kept driving past your house on the rickety cycle, you looked at me through the curtains?”

“How i used to come over on the pretext of asking if you got any of our mail? and you would coyly reply No”

“Yes” she smiled frail and tired on the hospital bed.

From @bassyc: Wooing the puppy was his sole intent, and it came to him wagging its tail, with love. All in the hope that the little thing's pampering will woo him to seek life, someday.

From @blahberred: She couldn't bear to look into his eyes. Couldn't laugh or cry with him. Irritation caught up with her for no reason; forcing her to burst forth in anger till she snapped. She was not unhappy though. She remembered they had been perfect for each other...till the world wooed her away.

From @Gods_Evangelos: It was the time of winters. He was her regular customer. She fell in love with him. For him she was just a mere toy to play with. She was feeling something different when he did it. He felt inside, her feelings. One morning he said, “Suman, will you marry me?” They lived happily thereafter.

From @JaajaBong:

“She is a technophile, no?” “What?” “I mean she loves gadgets, right?” “Well, yeah, Didi loves them. Shiny toys are better than teddies, she says!” “Good.”

“Youth dies in failed robbery attempt in the wee hours of this morning, right in front of the Apple Store in Downtown, LA”

Death is the unrivaled wooer.

From @SugarsNSpice: It was one dark night.  The rock show we organized was finally over.  You came all drunk and smelled of smokes once again. Best friends we were but today my anger reached the zenith.  The task to make me smile was taking my heart away.  You never wooed me, yet I stand today, in love.

From @woohoochild: It was a frozen winter when he first met her. From her neck hung a sign that read 'Free hugs' in poor handwriting. It was such an honest attempt at keeping warm. His hug was too warm for her to let go of. She stuck to him forever and there was no wooing required.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: The deer ran again. Seeing it closer made him run harder and harder. Atlast he fell, exhausted. Within a few hours, eagles were feeding on the corpse. Another creature, wooed by the mirage, had fallen prey to its cruelty.

From @m_saik: "You frandsheep me?", he asked. "Learn English", she said. "Your lovely like a snowflake", he wooed. "You're", she corrected. "Love you more than anything else", he stammered. "Cliches,UGHH!", she frowned. She left him and married a poetic genius, lived unhappily. He became a modern day Shakespeare, "To woo or not to woo?" killed him.

From @kaloladeep: The aloofness between them was affecting the kid, The transcription they opted for wasn't the solution to make that kid happier. She always thought, he was the reason behind that, He always seek to gain momentum to make it normal, but the kid went too far, time taken to settle by both was too much.

From @RiddhiAswani: Tiny fingers moved swiftly on the keyboard, their speed a testament to how often the boy wrote this letter. Soft pleas and loud wails, hidden in the clever camouflage of words. What’s going on?' Dad asked. The boy turned, 'Writing to Mummy, asking her to come home from the war. I promised her my toys.’

From @sinpinklove: She was strikingly beautiful and well aware of it.They came with roses, chocolates and small gifts.They made sweet talk but she never indulged. They called her a snob but she did'nt react.One day she fell in love . He did what others could not. He made her smile.

From @writingchalk: He handed her the engagement ring in an elaborate looking box. “What’s this ugly rock?” she asked. As she tried to force it open, her boyfriend stopped her, “Honey, that’s extremely rare metallic ore from the Moon. It’ll explode.” “That is out of this world!” she screamed. Being an astronaut has its advantages, he realised.

From @teejavus:

He cooked her favourite. He set up the table. He felt the cold ring in his pocket. He waited for her to return from work.

His phone rang, "Sorry love, still stuck at work."

Annoyed with her, he finished his dinner,  thinking about the girl he saw in the library,  wondering who she was.

From @sohamsabnis: Mother earth has witnessed evolution; she never dropped water from her eyes. She has seen trees dance romancing with the wind, skyline holding dense clouds in trance, only to woo the rains! Life Continues, even after mega extinctions.

From @madrasmad:

Woo would’ve expected the boy to kill?
  Really? Wu knew?
Woo Wu?
  I don’t know. You tell me.
Allo! Ow can I tell when I don’t know woo you’re talking about?
  Oh, shit! I see what’s going on!
  Holy shit, man! Holy shit.
Shit appens, dude.
  Ha Ha Ha Ha!
A a a a!

From @iBeingMe: No one seemed concerned for her apart from the drunken night staggered on the moon. She and Wednesday hummed the same old song. Lamp was given light with hope. She was badly in romance with fireflies but she doesn’t know why they stopped visiting her since last year. Summers are lonelier without them. She sighed.

From @my_summer_eyes: They turned her to face the window. The nurse cautiously removed the gauze covering her lately operated upon eyes. Taking in a huge breath, she opened her eyelids. For a moment it scared her. She blinked and then let herself be wooed by a moon lit sky of which she’d only heard stories uptil now.

From @SermonsinStone:

He brought her a nut. She made a face and turned it down. He brought her a nice, big mushroom. She sniffed it and grimaced. He made her a bouquet made of twigs and leaves. She smirked and looked away.

Then, he took a break and saw the Kit-Kat ad.

Thereafter, it was a cakewalk!

From @Crucifire: “Dude, how do I get Aarti interested in me?”
“Ask her out for coffee. Send her a handwritten note. Send her a rose bouquet. Take her to the beach for a walk.”
“How do you know so much man?”

“I AM WOO-MAN!” *he makes a “Woosh Woosh” sound and flies away*

From @anjana_murali: He was not sure whether his mother would remember that he had not given back the money that she had given him the other day. But he knew that he should take something for Nidhi for her birthday. The shopkeeper smiled as he saw the young boy of seven already trying to woo a girl.

From @anushreekejriwa: He tried to woo her with the swanky BMW his dad gifted him. She was happy with her boy who had carve a niche for himself in the world of writing. However, she couldn't resist the temptation of being with a rich bloke. Love lost and they lived peacefully ever after.

From @drun007: Rakesh was the Chief Engineer and Anjali was a college intern. When he professed his love, she turned it down cos he was older. Years roll by and she meets Rakesh at a conference.  All she can think of now is wooing him back into her life.

From @TheBigDowg: Stupid arguments. Unwarranted tears. Angst. Extended family members. Annoyance. Nothing matter anymore as wife & I set off for yet another vacation together. It's been seven years and I still don't know whether her like for my surprises is more than my like for the surprised look on her face.

From @vchatting: She almost hated him; wondered why he bothered asking her out for coffee, from time to time. When he’d called today, she’d been disturbed over her recent loss of  job and welcomed this distraction. Over coffee, he talked about this opportunity at his office. Somehow he seemed more likeable as the evening ended !

From @vishalshriyan: Fought his way to the front of the crowd. Barged into the incoming train and rushed to the end of the compartment. Thank goodness there were bars he could see through. Combed hair, wiped face. She'd board in the next compartment soon. Willed steel into his spine. He'd decided to give her a smile today.

From @catpricious: She was surprised at first when she met that girl at the bar. But after the flowers and the mix tape that she received by mail,  it became pretty clear. When her boyfriend came across a greeting card, he said "I'm glad you've found a good friend among all those 'woo girls'". She only giggled.

From @NeelSheth: She smiled, my heart skipped a beat. She opened her arms, I ran towards her. She stirred my soul, made me feel alive. I felt blood rushing through my veins. Sparkle of eyes, a moan of ecstasy; took my breath away. She smiled again, my heart didn’t respond. Finally, she wooed me; Death.

From @JaaTeri:

"I wasn't ready to run away from home."
"In the next two days your dad did everythng to woo me back. He turned up disguised as a milkman, electrician and a professor! I had to agree. We kissed. That night, we eloped. You listening?"
"Love marriage! Parents didn't understand. Children won't listen. Sigh."

From @mizarcle: She was wooing me.  I wanted to play hard to get too. She there with her alabaster skin sitting there. I could see sitting behind a glass window. It was almost like she was there to tempt, on display. I finally gave up, looked up and ordered that cheesecake. Believe me, she was amazing.

From @Oven_Tikka: She stuck her tongue out at him. He scared her with dead cockroaches. She tied his shoelaces together. He tripped her as she walked by. She told the teacher he was carrying a comic in his bag. He wrote hate notes to her. They were both six years old. They were in a childhood relationship.

From @GayatriiM: " You are so beautiful " He entered the chat message . " You've woven your words into my being " she responded. " Give me your smile" he wrote." Ask your words, they control it" she teased. Multiple Emoticons followed.Smile was wooed, words had won.

From Sree: She looked at him with Bambi eyes and he fell in love. She is way out of his league and he doesn’t like what she does. Yet there was this uncharacteristic need to hold her, take her home with him. He emptied his pockets and bought the CD home just to look at her.

From @indianewsmonkey: He was ashamed at how distant he felt from her; at how he flinched at her words. His little girl, sitting there telling him how she had grown to like Dr Luis’s presents, the touch of his wrinkled hands, his poems. It wasn’t enough for the bastard to rape her. He had wooed her first.

From @bitchwanti: Each night the balmy moon, hung-low, spreading its coppery-light, wooing the sunflowers to look and smile at it, like they did at its mean cousin, the sun. They remained motionless. With the first rays, they woke-up with dazzling smiles, heads turned towards the rising-sun, while the moon hung its head in disdain, hidden from view.

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