Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Theme 181 - Soulmate

From Basanti_Returns:
He would understand without her talking,
Hand in hand they would silently keep walking.
Distance couldn't rip them apart,
for the connect was not of the bodies, but of the hearts.
Her body burnt to ashes, eternal was her soul,
He endlessly waits for her, his story untold.

From @swordfish19:

“Will you meet me in our next life too?”
“What do you mean?”
“See, the soul was never born so it can never die, it just changes bodies.”
“But how will I meet you in my next life?”
“Just wish real hard for it. Your wish will get fused into the soul.”
Then they kissed.

From @flirtingshadows: She was six. But her best buddy was closer to thirty. They chatted, played and bonded every day. Akin to a mother and daughter. Except they were not. She fondly called her didi. We’d ask about what about when didi moves away? Pat came the reply, “I’ll marry her son and go live with her!”

From @VidulaChakradeo: A Google page is opened. Two words are typed in the search bar. 2,960,000 results are found in 0.35 seconds. How amazing? Some are free tests. Some quizzes. Some quotes. Some calculators. Some definitions. Technology takes over the matters of heart. Once, the heart knew how to find a ‘soul mate’. Today, Google does.

From @monathais:

A strong perfume makes her startle. But the room hosts just her solitude. She keeps typing a story on her blog.

“I have all the reasons to love my wife. Then why the longing?”

He clicks on a random blog, leaves a comment. She reads, smiles, replies.

The divine keyboard.

From @vivekisms: There were be plenty of men, he thought. So many, who he considered being companions, and may be more. It would turn out differently. They  would love. Ways would part. Soul mates? he thought and reached out for the next read.

From @divigyaan: White gown, black tuxedo, his mother, her father, friends and relatives. One motive, one thought- ‘they are Soulmates’. Vows are ready to be read and that one question will decide their fate. But when everything is going great there is a silent voice screaming inside, what if she says, “No, I don’t”.

From @zoarcher: “He’s The One”, said a warm voice. “Who”, she wondered. No one was in sight. “He’s on his way”, reassured the voice. Her eyes searched, her heart waited. Then she heard them, the sound of hooves galloping. No one came. The sound grew louder and didn’t stop. Till she didn’t shut off her morning alarm.

From @ghose_1988: God’s will for relationships is excellent if His will is followed. A soul mate is God’s gift. The level of understanding in this case, is often good. But since no one is perfect. Relationships have to be worked upon. Sacrificial understanding is must. After all Love is Blind, Marriage is an Eye opener.

From @AnOddYelllow: They had spent all their lives together, traveled the world and seen legends come to life. No story was complete without them as they were like the narrator of every single tale told in the world. They were soul mates because pen and paper were made for each other to let people live forever.

From @roshd:

As they headed back from the hospital, Shyla squeezed Reuben’s hand tight. Her friend, Pushpa, was absolutely devastated after her malignant breast was removed.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure counselling will help her”, Reuben consoled her. “You were so much stronger after your mastectomy.”

“That was because I had you for a husband. Pushpa doesn’t”.

From @mitchellez: The unrest in her life made him uneasy. The darkness in her life brought clouds in his. The shadows that consumed her left him breathless. To call them friends would do no justice. Friends betray. To call them lovers would be flawed. Lovers change. Their relationship personified divinity. Their souls were not two but one.

From @tweettabulous:

Even from miles away, temperaments gauged. A simple hi and the facets of the mind is like an open book
The warmth, the care, the love, the bond, the jokes, the giggles, the comfort, the connectivity, the serenity, the elatedness & the craziness; we share, keeps me sane.

My sister, my best friend, my actual soulmate.

From @aaroo4: "Why aren't you married yet?" He probed. "Well, lets just say i am yet to meet my man, my one, my soulmate" she replied with a dreamy look. "Gah, what is all this soulmates nonsense? Find someone to settle down" he grunted ready to walk away. "And that is why you are divorcing?" She sighed

From @tunnvi: He was IP  She was God of war, 1, 2 and 3. NFS. Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Assassins Creed. Minecraft. FIFA. Their life revolved around videogames. That’s all they did all day. They didn’t mind being called loners. They met on LAN while playing Counter Strike. They were meant to be. Soulmates. Forever.

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