Thursday, November 1, 2012

Theme 177 - Drown

From @swordfish19: He was fed up with his life and wanted to end it. Drowning, in the sea, he decided was an effective method. On the way, however, he slipped into a bar and started drowning his sorrow in alcohol. A fellow drunkard said something, but he couldn’t hear it. The bar was noisy. It was Friday. 

From @aaroo4: “Oh no, i cant help you..HELP HELP!” he screamed. “What happened, what is all this commotion for? You can't even take a bath quietly?, reprimanded his mom. “Ma, but Tigger is drowning, he does not know swimming… my hands are covered in soap, I was calling Winnie to come help” explained 3yr old Tanay

From @A_Humorist: Tears rolling down her eyes. Doctor said he is in coma but she knew she betrayed the one who loved her the most & He, drowned in the thoughts was lying on the hospital bed.

From @ghose_1988: Jia’s life indoors was not time bound .One year back she had decided to dedicate herself into painting fulltime. She loved it. The whole house indoors was sprinkled with colors. The relationships she shared were flaccid. But this never bothered her. Nobody knew she existed. She had blissfully drowned in her own small world.

From @DNRamki:

She climbed on to the ledge, precariously. Her flowing gown being of little help. Just as she was about to jump, he called out. And stopped her. His name was Jack, from the decks below.

It meant nothing to her anymore. Long before the Titanic sank on that cold night, Rose lost herself in his eyes.

From @slokabs: "The higher you go, the harder the fall. Do take it slow!" – they’d told him at his party that night. But he was busy enjoying his newfound success and fame. And then, one day, when he was at his peak, he fumbled. One mistake, and he had spiraled into to abysmal depths, never to re-surface.

From @roshd: We studied in the same school. Completed 12th in the same college. Enrolled in the same engineering college. Ended up as roomies for two years till we split. Unknown to his mom. Now I was taking him home in an ambulance.Death by drowning on holi. What do I tell his mom?

From @vivekisms: They fell. Freefalling. That is what this was. Love and the other. Love and its mishaps. It struck when it did. Notwithstanding. Nothing mattered. Nothing did. They fell. Water entered the lungs.

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