Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Theme 186 - Lonely

From @flirtingshadows: He remarked that she was lonely. Almost confronted her with it. She hotly denied it, feeling somewhat sheepish. Vulnerable and exposed. She retreated a few steps. Took a minute to collect herself and retorted, “There are few people I find engaging enough to have an intelligent conversation with. The rest I care two hoots for!”

From @music_keeda: She jogs on. Staring into oblivion, the body devoid of pain, the mind opaque to thoughts. Her past’s been tense, future, imperfect. No lover to embrace her loneliness, no friend to laugh with, no family to share the meal with. She runs. Incessantly. When people compliment on her good health; she smiles.

From @vivekisms: It all started with a kiss. He did not see it coming. A kiss and some more. A touch. A fleeting smile. The promise to keep in touch. When everything fades. Memory is short. Loneliness is a vast nation.

From @swordfish19: His loneliness engendered the doppelganger. At first, he used to talk to it about stuff in general in the confines of his room. The doppelganger was subservient at first, but then it turned rogue. So much so that it became he and he became it. He’s almost lost now. And it isn’t lonely.

From @whackydjavi: He, a person who loved crowds. Talking and chatting to one and all. Could start conversations with anyone whether a friend or stranger. One day he started talking to her. Awesome conversations they would have. Soon he found that he could be amongst hundreds, but if not talking to her he always felt so lonely.

From @TheQuietBelle_ : Recklessly mean, shamelessly conniving, excessively jealous and a despicable person in general - that's how her friends actually defined her. They just dressed their dislike in a facade of affection in her presence. They hated her but often pitied her too because she was oblivious to the self-inflicted loneliness she was heading  towards.

From @monathais:

As always her favorite hours in the day came.

When she could speak her heart out, when she could let love pour like rain during summer, when everything that had previously happened to her was explained and commented. When jokes were told. When warm and beautiful smiles were given.

As always the room walls remained mute.

From @tweettabulous:

Perfect compatibility - the oneness, the love, the similar thought process, the zeal for life and each other. Soul mates to the truest meaning.

You, fill my senses with sheer happiness and pure bliss by just being there.

But, the fact remains  you’re not really mine. We are together, yet I am all alone.

From @writingchalk:

“On your marks... get set... go!”
 A million racers. For ONE prize.
 As the winner approached the finish line, he turned around.
 The rest had dropped dead. Only he survived.
 His eyes welled up with tears. What will he do now?
 “There’s no time for sorrow!” said the egg, as it consumed the last sperm.

From @aaroo4: Saya sang aloud “am off for the weekend, leaving by the 10am bus & back Monday night”. “What? Who is coming with you?” asked her mom. “Nobody mom, just me” Saya replied. “You are going to be so lonely and bored” her mom grunted. “Alone is not lonely mom, uff ” Saya retorted in frustration

From @VidulaChakradeo: Born in Chinatown, he changed the way American films showed Asians. His kicks, punches were said to be faster than the shutter speed of a 35mm camera. The Asian star who’s blockbusters like Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury punched the whites-worshiping 70 mm world. He was the lone Kung-Fu king. Lone Lee – Bruce Lee!     

From @zoarcher: Uff. Me, such a pretty thing, colours dancing on my curvalicious body; sitting lonely on a virgin beach. The sound of crashing waves makes me shiver. I sigh, but no one hears. Suddenly someone caresses me. Picks me up and strings me with other beauties. Till now alone, I am now part of jewellery.    

From @divigyaan: How can someone rely on someone else for their own happiness? Waiting and longing for his arrival. His smile made her happy and his words made all the difference. Finally, the door bell rang, wait was over and loneliness escaped. She opened the door only to hear, “Miss Rita, your double cheese burst pizza” enjoyyy!

From @shark_speak:

The Princess felt lonely in the dungeon. There had been muffled voices from beyond the walls, but that was all. Surrounded by darkness, she felt like she hadn’t even opened her eyes. Now, as she got pushed out of her prison, her heart leapt with anticipation at never being lonely again.

“It’s a girl.”

From @lucidillusions_ :

It opens it's eye and sees it's dark outside. It's time for it to step out. It takes the first step. Gently glides out. Click.

It's blinded. It feels a hand. Slowly its eyes adjust; sees her.

"I finally found the tiny monster !", she screams. "Now I can have a friend to share secrets with."

From @MissMistreated:

Watching the drunken snowflakes dance, I lie in bed feeling like a child in this king sized beast. I wish upon the falling star, knowing it will not be granted, for I cannot be where he is. Wishing and waiting, I try to squeeze the life out of his pillow.

But pillows don't hug back...

From @Whiteness: “I drink vodka like water and listen to classical music every night. Often loneliness creeps into my thoughts and makes me realize I truly exist,” He continued writing after gulping down the glass of vodka and feeling the exposition of music, “I sometimes wonder, if someone would take away my existence along with my loneliness.”

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