Monday, November 12, 2012

Theme 184 - Masks

From @AskThePankazzzz: Used his eyes as a dart to hit her straight in the heart. That momentary exchange of rings gave her wings! Like a dress of satin, she wore his skin. It was too late by the time she realized he wore many faces. Her existence now lies closed in a file of dowry death cases.

From @MirrorofErised_ : Washing her face, sealing a smile to her lips she looked at herself in the mirror. Her real, despicable self gone. Her facade of brightness and cheerfulness glued to her countenance. With an air of pretentious dignity, the prostitute walked out of the washroom. The day masked all of her soiled doings by the night.

From @lucidillusions_ :

Clink ! Cracks appear. She traces them.

She takes it off. They look at her face. They feel repelled by her beauty. She can see pain in their eyes. She looks away and notices the other mask.

She covers her face with the mask called story.
She knows, no matter how beautiful, truth when naked repulses.

From @tweettabulous:

Masquerade party to bring in the New Year. Dressed up in the prettiest red gown. He, in a well-fit black suit approached, asked me to dance. I flushed crimson. We danced the entire evening.He kissed me at midnight, the best ever kiss. And disappeared into the night.

If only I had seen his face…

From @swordfish19: The politicians were on the stage. A campaigner was talking about how he would improve things in the locality.  A man got up from the crowd and screamed “You liars! Take off your masks!”  And then, in unison, all the politicians stood up and peeled off their masks to reveal their jackal faces, laughing, howling.

From @wannabesanyasin: It was about time. But it was something she just had to do. She’d refused to come for the wedding because she couldn’t see the one she truly loved, walk away with someone else. She wiped her tears and caught the very next flight. She faced something she dreaded. The mask was on. As always.

From @roshd: Alcohol is really the truth serum. Get a man high and watch his mask slip off. See that creepy guy trying to paw the ladies- that’s really his true nature masked by sobriety. Ditto for Mr. Singer, Mr. Preacher and Mr. Dancer. The worst is that brawler. All his frustrations come out after he’s tipsy.

From @flirtingshadows: “There will be time, there will be time / To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet…” were her favorite lines. Perhaps, her favorite mode of being too. Life was so much hassle-free with the many faces she put on. A devoted daughter, a dutiful wife, a diligent employee, an ardent lover.

From @SimplySilly_ :

With his hands on her waist, hers on his shoulders and eyes glued to each other, they kept dancing to the music without caring about anyone else in the hall.

At midnight, they took off their mask and kissed. Amongst the loud noise of the crackers, he whispered in her ear, "Happy New Year, love!"

From @writingchalk:

“Oh hi! You look gorgeous! Is that a Manish Malhotra?”
“Yes darling! And you have gone international. That must be a Prada!”
“Gucci actually. But do tell me what you’re doing with your skin! It is GLOWING!”
“Some other time my love. See you...”
Peck on cheek. Backs turned.
The grim facade continues...

From @vidulachakradeo: Every 30 secs they tell her she is the un-pretty shade of darkness. Male adulation isn’t her destiny. A 4-week miracle, shade after shade will get her dark self off. She’ll be epitome of beauty. Message stays same. What changes – name of fairness cream. When’ll women deny this fake fairness mask and wear some dignity.

From @shark_speak: The pain was unbearable. Ashish lay quietly as his torturer leaned over him, his mask hiding a sinister grin. The naked bulb right over Ashish’s eyes notched the torture a degree higher. A final drill and then… sudden silence. The torturer took off the mask and smiled. “See you in six months,” said the dentist.

From @ItsNerdvana:

The water turns crimson red as it falls into the sink. He wipes his brow with a smug expression that only his eye in the mirror can see. It’s done…another one, laid to rest.

The clock tells him it’s time to pick up his son. It’s time for “The Father”, one of his many masks.

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