Sunday, November 11, 2012

Theme 183 - Numbers

From @roshd: The home loan was finally paid off. He was tired of his job chasing numbers month after month. He could do what he truly wanted now. Be a writer. Then he came across a great property going cheap. As he estimated the EMI and fund requirement, the dream was buried for a few more years.

From @eyolous:

That one night we kissed just once but our mouths pressed each other for infinity. Our tongues fumbling;  Searching, reaching out for our love kernel. Five times. I know.

Our heart beat deafening the night sounds—1,2,3…1,2,3… That one night, a million pangs more joy than pain. One night. Lost.

From @DNRamki: He wore a crisp white shirt, ironed trousers. Pulled on the white lab coat. The stethoscope went around his neck. He pinned his card, and slipped his feet into those polished shoes. Today he was becoming the family’s first doctor. But to the examiner, just another 6 digit number he had to mark.

From @veturisarma: The head aligned with his left foot and the weight transferred effortlessly on to the front foot. The bat met the ball in a pristine straight drive and he felt he still belonged. They wrote 137. First hundred in 22 Months and some more numbers. Now that was something he was never good at.

From @michlliii:

Blistering morning sun and there he was; tensed, rugged look, tall and watching me walk upto him like a Hawk.

As soon as I met his eye, he told me he was leaving. Leaving forever. It all came down to count the number of days left, that we would try to relish and cherish.

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