Friday, November 9, 2012

Theme 182 - Abyss

From @thechildscreams: Whatever we had seems like the black hole to me now. The day you walked away, I saw this fog in the way. It was all dreamy until I realized I was standing all alone. I kept thinking about where I was. The dark abyss that it was, the space seemed to stretch infinitely.

From @mitchellez: “How do I define pain?” He asks her, “Shall I compare it to the hollowness of a bottomless pit or the vast abyss of a desert? Shall I weigh it against the unfathomable chaos in the heart of a saviour, walking the route to Calvary?” “No” She gently retorts, “Pain is the offspring of love.”

From @swordfish19: There is a well with no water in it. If you stand at its edge and look down you won’t see its bottom. If you throw a rock in it, you can stand there for ages, but you won’t hear its thud. The well is deep. In fact, some believe the well has no bottom. 

From @wannabesanyasin: It was raining very heavily. She sat by the window enjoying the breeze and with every droplet that soaked her face, a realization settled in. The emptiness woke up with a start. Suddenly, the phone cried. The message said, 'I'm leaving. Meet me?' And she finally knew what mattered. What resided deep in her abyss.

From @slokabs:

Bikes and cars zoomed past. Busy pedestrians went about their business candidly, not looking around to admire the rainbow or smell the air.

Asha’s life had been plunged into depths of silence since birth, but at least her sense of sight and smell made her appreciate bounties that people with all five senses often missed!

From @viveklectic:

Their togetherness had just been a mirage. Like a staring contest which he lost the moment he blinked. She was gone and with her lost was the utopia.

In the bottomless pit where the memories dwelt of a past that could not be, he found his solace.

From @vidulachakradeo: I stared at a blank Word page for long. So many topics tried to write themselves on the blank canvas. The chaos before creation, the deep darkness of guilt, Insanity of John Nash’s ‘Beautiful Mind’. Alas. Topics were mercilessly pushed down the endless blank of a writer’s block. Did they find an end? Who knows?    

From @roshd: She was spiralling into an abyss accelerated by the vodka which was her constant companion. He had moved on. She felt pangs of jealousy as he mingled with the girls at the party.  Then he walked over to her and snatched her drink saying, "Beautiful women don't need to poison themselves." Suddenly there was sunshine.

From @snehzana:

Dear abha,
With you in my life, my abyss will be filled with happiness. Be with me, I need you.
She threw the letter away. Abha couldn't read English.

From @RaspberryDolly:

It was a black pit. An abyss. Not a tunnel. And there was no light at the end of it.

There were tears streaming down her face. And gusts of wind billeting her body.

But she was rising. Not falling. That’s all she could remember as she was jolted back to life.

From @flirtingshadows: I’m trapped in an abyss of memories. Of the times you held out your hand while crossing the road, the places we visited and the nights you stayed up with me to confront my fears. I feel indebted to you. And I want to rid myself of this feeling. Without belittling you or your emotions. 

From @PeaceOVent:

The depth of red shocked her. She closed her eyes and still saw red.

He was oblivious to it now. His blank stare was her jubilation. She raised the knife and made another deep cut. There was no looking back from here.

From @vivekisms: They knew it would not be easy. The road would be tough. It wasn't accepted yet. The loving of two men. Yet they endured. They took their chances. They had to freefall. The abyss of love they said.

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