Thursday, August 21, 2014

55 Word Story - Season 2 - Theme 15 - Solitary

From @AnuNande: 

It was her last sandcastle of the summer. The sun was already soft, muted as if resigned to the inevitable. B lounged on a towel like every other day since graduation. Two kids ran squealing to their parents behind her, melted ice-cream down their elbows. She smiled, turning to the next page of her book.

From @AshishShukul: 

It was 5 AM on a damp  Sunday morning. He was the first one to get there. But others would be there soon. The fights were unavoidable. They all wanted one but it was always in short supply. No other fish would do. A Bengali not eating Hilsa is like a fish living without water!

From @GauravJagwani: 

They were best of friends. ‘What are the two things you would bring, if you were stranded on an island?’ asked Tom. ‘You guys,’ replied Harry. ‘Yeah, same,’ said Tom. ‘What about you, Dick?’ He thought for a bit and then replied, ‘My girlfriend and my guitar.’ Like I said, they ‘were’ best of friends. 

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: 

The fan creaked, tired from years of running. The old notebook sat there, waiting, desperate, screaming in silence – dog eared pages, torn at the rim. The coffee stains so permanent, you couldn’t guess there stood a table beneath.

The pen lay there – throat parched, breathing its last, paralysed. Solitary had been a way of life.

From @writingchalk: 

“3 weeks in the hole for that little stunt, asshole.”
No light, and cramped in a 5x5 space.
Most inmates felt claustrophobic and even threw up in there.
Not me. Except for an unkempt beard, I looked and felt good.
“How?” they asked.
I pointed at my head and heart, “I got Mozart in here.”

From @_souringpie: 

He lay on the beach. Alone. Quiet. Accompanying the scarlet sun signing out. Suddenly a gentle wave caressed his feet giving him a sense of a familiar touch. He smiled and whispered with closed eyes 'Happy Birthday love'. 

Every year he comes here, to meet her, to talk, to cuddle, to relive the solitary celebration. 

From @darklingdiva: 

Corporate world. Big words. Solitary lives. Hungry souls. Tired eyes. Greedy dreams. Pretentious smiles. Expensive food. Lavish parties. Fake friends. Black voids. Ugly truths. Lying eyes. Starless skies. Human machines. Unseen sunsets. Buried feelings. Forgotten hobbies. Dust-caked books.

These are not mere words. Although I wish they were. But hey, welcome to my life.

From @mmrunal: 

“There was a time when she used to love spending all her time with me. Be it any brilliant idea or a silly thought, I was the first one, she shared it with. But things have changed now! She’s in love with that sleek modern contrivance.”

Her pen lives a pretty solitary life now.

From @tweettabulous: 

He was mean, sarcastic and his bad boy repute preceded him, not everyone was a fan. Some were jealous.Some hated his narcissism and asked, "Solitary existence behind your suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?"

"Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. And with Jarvis by my side 24/7 I'm anything but lonely."

From @WickdWeirdWitch: 

Chess Addict-and-Enthusiast.
Decades of practice.

A small earth-quake tremor. He winced but the tremor passed smoothly.

He continued his quest for a win but was surprised when suddenly his carefully-planned-game went awry & he lost instead.

He didn't notice the rook, which had fallen down due to the tremor.

Blindfolded-Solitary-Chess check-mated him for a change!

From @UditVashisht: 

He barely caught the last Metro. Grasping for breath, his eyes roamed around and got struck at her. They smiled at each other. Like numerous times, they moved in opposite direction and disappeared in the dark at the last terminal. In their solitude, they hoped for each other to make the first move. Silent love!!!

From @roshd: 

Well paying sales career and a deep mistrust of the institution paying sales career and a deep mistrust of the institution of marriage, Shankar stayed a bachelor. All his friends were married and had kids. And had perpetually harassed expressions on their faces. He sighed, partly content partly lonely, as he sipped Glenfiddich while staring out of his sea facing flat.

From @captain_speakin: 

He traveled a thousand miles just to see her. For the look in her eyes that gave him hope. For her touch that healed his soul and her hugs that made him feel whole again. She completed him.Those few times a year when he got to be with her made even his solitude beautiful. 

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