Sunday, August 3, 2014

Season 2 - Theme 3 - Apps for Apes

From @lungfakeer: 

She'd been chatting with her for two years.They used to talk of a home in the clouds,a love across forever & the burden of the being.

The day she found that it was a masquerading man,she wept, took innumerable pills which used to put her to sleep, but this time,forever.

From @IndianIdle: 

"The plan is perfect, sir", A solider said. "But I have concerns, they have more weapons than us. More firepower and more numbers".

"They won't be looking because they will be getting free lives in mobile games. Too busy in their mobile screens". Caesar said," Now is the time to conquer the wold fellow apes".

From @chaosparticle: 

"You are the worst code monkey investment!" he heard one last time. Another deadline missed, more flak received. He retired to his room in resignation, turned off his iPhone. The laughing cat tried earnestly, but the curative app couldn't see the dark recesses of his mind. He popped every remaining pill and finally slept forever.

From @ashishshukul: 

One could sense the tension in the air. The chief scientist nervously scanned the room full of researchers. It had been six years since the first one was rolled out and now, latest performance reports had confirmed their prognosis. “Humans are getting dumb and dumber. These apps are turning us back to apes,” he concluded.

From @roshd: 

Radha: I hate the clean shaven metrosexual boys masquerading as men. Gimme Amitabh over SRK, Anil Kapoor over Hrithik anyday. Where are all the hirsute men with luxuriant facial hair a.k.a. beards? They’re a special species. Is there a name for them?
Me (In my best gujju accent): There’s an ape for that!

From @byaatri:

“The banana stock is over”, cried mama monkey.

“Just WhatsApp dad the list”, said kiddo

“Dad will be late tonight. Don’t you want dinner? ”
“I have a lot of homework”, he said with an ‘i hate to go on errands’ expression.

“How I wish I had an app to download my grocery”, she mumbled.

From @gauravjagwani: 

The doctor said, 'As you long have this daily, you won't have to see me again.' She was quite relieved to hear that. The next day, the police were there to investigate. She was dead. I guess it pays when you can't write properly. Her prescription read, 'An ape a day, keeps the doctor away.'

From @tweettabulous: 

Have u tried flappy bird? 
No, I'm still on level 292 on candy crush! Why don't you send me lives?

Oh I hear twitter is full of racy things! 
Let's join? 
Ya I'm bored of FB.
Brain-storm session at App makers conference: 
What do we Launch next? 
Anything, cuz "monkey see monkey do!" Haha

From @thenesseffect: 

He sat at his desk and filled out the two page form. He was ecstatic; his firstborn was going to school this year. There was much pride too; his son would live out his dream. Satisfied every answer was correct, he put the application away. Admissions for the Wee Ape pre-school opened on the morrow.

From @oxymoronic_me: 

The tablet was lying on the ground. He looked at it with fascination. It had some letters all over. What was it, he wondered? Should he touch it? What would happen if he did? Would the letters jump back at him? Tentatively he brushed the top. He started in awe at King Ashoka’s tablet inscriptions.

From @tandooricutlet: 

"Here, sir. The apes will be too busy now to fight with the zebras. We've got Apes vs Zombies, Banana Crush, 204 Ate Some Flowers, Terrace Run, Angry Humans, Cut the Vine, and a new one, ApeMatch."
"You dimwit! You've lice in your ears! I asked you to bring caps for the apes. Not apps!"

From @_souringpie: 

“Apparently, A for apple has been already altered to A for app. Accordingly this app aftermath affected all the authentic attachment amongst amigos. And as if all this advancements aren’t adequate to address humans as apes, this ‘Apps for Apes’ aid affirms Ape-Human accord. Astonishing.”  “Argghh, Atrocious alliterative attempt. You drunk? What? Vodka?” “Appy!”  

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