Saturday, August 23, 2014

55 Word Story - Season 2 - Theme 17 - Perplexed

From @TheScotchGirl: 

He was trying to read her face. Usually she had a face that you could never get.  Always buried in her phone or her laptop. Today she walked towards him with a bewildered expression. She was not sure what to say to him. Too much was already said last evening.

From @uditvashisht: 

“Krish, where were you?”
“Mom, I was playing with Sohan.”
“Beta, when’ll you understand? He is not one among us. Even Gupta aunty taunts that you even share eatables with a driver’s son. Don’t do it again.”
The five year old stood perplexed at the thought how a kid alike I could be any different.

From @GauravJagwani: 

They stood outside the doors. Neither of them knew which one to open. They asked the concerned people if they could have their own little door to enter to avoid the confusion. Let me tell you why. One door sign had a bikini. The other one, pants. But, she wore the pants in the relationship. 

From @JaaTeri: 

The kid got down from the rickshaw with his half eaten chocolate bar. As he paid the rickshaw puller, he glanced at the old man. He was sweating and looked exhausted.

“It’s Ramzan. Are you fasting?”

“Son, if fasting is Ramzan, then for the poor every day is Ramzan.”

His strange response perplexed the kid.

From @captain_speakin: 

They stood holding hands while the world gathered around to watch them become one. He lifted up the veil to claim her for a lifetime. Her big brown eyes were trying hard not to meet his, when they met, what he saw left him completely perplexed. He could hear everything they didn't want to say. 

From @WickdWeirdWitch: 

The professional-abductor came inside by the back-alley-window. Cut the windowpane with a blowtorch & climbed inside.

The light came on automatically & he was soon handcuffed and read his Miranda Rights by the FBI.

His plan to kidnap the daughter of the Israeli diplomat went-down-the-drain.

Little did he know that his email-&-phone was being tapped!

From @oxymoronic_me: 

The little boy was confused. He looked at the idol. ‘A God?’ he wondered. Fat. Huge. Head of an elephant. Body of a human. Mommy had told him God was beautiful. He wasn’t sure now.

He turned to walk away. A laddoo rolled out of a plate. Smiling, he gulped it whole.

God was beautiful.

From @ashishshukul: 

It remains a hotly debated topic among them. Was it an act of foolishness or valor? Is there any truth in all the silly rumors? The phenomenon was unprecedented. She was truly a pioneer. Humans think it is just a joke, but birds at the farm still wonder – why did the chicken cross the road?

From @roshd: 

He was the life of the party when he had downed a couple of pints.
She hated him when he was drunk.
They were a funny couple but no one suspected anything because they put up a ‘happy family’ portrait in public.
They could never fathom:why he loved and she hated beer so much.

From @_souringpie:

They joked viciously about those dire commercials. Suddenly an oldie from the backmost row berated them. They were perplexed,both by his action and his lone presence in the vacant back rows. Eventually, they settled. 

When leaving, they found him dancing jubilantly. "Life's beautiful! Enjoy!", he said. The young Sid in him had woken up.

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