Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Season 2 - Theme 13 - Undress

From @TitforTit: 

Two days after I asked for your tomorrow, I asked you if you still planned on seeing me yesterday. “Yes! I need to get ready, give me another day.”

I know she'll put on her best gown. She’s the kind of girl who dresses to undress.

From @uditvashisht: 

“Undress quickly, we have little time.”


“Dress up, gotta go.”

I hurriedly followed him through the crowded corridor of the motel. He had zeal and sense of satisfaction on his face. I wondered, when would he undress me beyond the nakedness of my flesh to reach my soul? That divine orgasm, I wish for!

From @WickdWeirdWitch: 

Civil War. Army Coup.

Violence. Bloodshed. Unrest. Atrocities.

Citizens running away to safety.

She reached the border with her documents to flee. The officer took away her documents & leered at her.
Bereft of her documents, even though she was fully clothed, she felt as if the officer had psychologically-undressed her & she was stark-naked!

From @ashishshukul: 

“This is so embarrassing.”
“Why are you so coy? Just look around.”
“Hmm…let’s see…tuxedo, gown, jeans…oh, and sherwani too!”
“Isn’t it cool?! And you’re looking so dapper.”
“Yeah, right! Dunce would be the right word.”
“What’s your problem!?”
“My problem is this week’s theme. What’s the point of an ‘undress’ theme in a nude club?”

From @lucidillusions: 

She coyly turned around as he helped her put on the corset. Next he helped her with her nylon stockings, after kissing her legs. She loved how he would kiss her from head to toe while dressing her up. 

Even though he was part of both the process, he loved dressing her more than undressing.

From @vishalshriyan: 

He felt the familiar sense of thrill. His palms tingled. Fingers itched to feel the touch, do the nimble work of opening the ties. Although most people rushed past this part, he savoured it as much as what lay within. His ears took in each note of the lovely rustle as he unwrapped the book. 

From @Cortevez: 

"What is the price of tomato ?" enquired zudin.
"It's Rs.80/- per kg little boy." replied the shopkeeper.
"The prices have risen on a sudden note. Even without tomato I can manage my cooking." zudin told in curiosity to him.
"You cannot eat a bananana until You undress it. Likewise you cannot manage cooking without tomato."   

From @Jonty_Pinto: 

Everyone in the room was in a cold sweat.

The thought of being the next made them anxious.

As the hands came closer, there was a race to escape, while a single chicken got caught.

All of them looked at the pathetic chicken while it was undressed in hot water and fried.

“Kentucky Frightened Chicken”

From @TheScotchGirl: 

She slowly undressed herself. He sat staring at her, what felt like an eternity. He didn’t want to use force. He gave her choice. She didn’t have a choice. She was at his mercy. She was his daughter after all.

From @darklingdiva: 

A river of emotions flowing through her mind. It was too much to take. She knew she'll break. She wiped her tears as she picked up the knife. And that's when he pulled her in his arms. She was suddenly home, at peace. The storm inside her head subsided as he silently undressed her worries.

From @gauravjagwani: 

Our night of pleasure was overdue. I rushed home that day. And there she was. Perfect in every way. Without much hesitation, I undressed her and started playing. My moment was cut short when the electricity went. So I took her, put her sleeve back on her and let her rest amongst my other records.

From @tweettabulous: 

"No mom! I can do it myself. I'm a big girl now." That's the first time by six year old refused to be touched by me. It sends a plethora of concern. Did something terrible happen.

"What's wrong hon?"

"Does dad help you undress? No right? Grow ups can manage." I turned crimson and smiled.

From @mmrunal: 

“I wish I’d be there. These rains call me to kiss the nectar off your sweet lips. Teasing you with my breath in this dim-light of dawn, as your beautifully moulded structure tingles, I want to dive into your eyes filled with love.”

He undressed her with his words and made love to her soul.

From @roshd: 

They prepared for bed after their long reception and an even longer after party. Their friends threatened to never leave and had to be literally pushed out. Rhys changed into his pjs while Silvia was still in her wedding saree. He wanted to undrape her on their first night. She blushed deeply at the thought.

From @aseemrastogi2:

“Do you realize the gravity of your condition? If she hadn’t brought you here in the nick of time, you wouldn’t have survived this horrific car crash.” The nurse was literally yelling her lungs out.

She undressed me without warning, dressed up my wounds and gave me a couple of medicines to soothe the pain.      

From @_souringpie: 

"Tell me baby, which dress should I wear?" "Whatever babe, Coz I'm gonna wildly rip it off your hot body after the party!" "Ohh babyyyyyy.." And then few short kisses would later turn into some rigourous, horny half hour extravaganza. 

He eagerly undressed himself when buffering completed, but alas, the powercut ruined his promising night.

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