Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Season 2 - Theme 5 - City by the Sea

From @mitchellez: 

The City By The Sea,
Had Me Fall In Love,
The City By The Sea,
Ruined Me.

Mein Tooth Rahin Hoon,
Bikhar Rahi Hoon.
Mujhe Iska Aabhaas Hi Nahin Hua,
Kab Mein Pyaar Mein Tabaah Ho Gayi.

Pyaar ka matlab nah kabhi mujhe jaanna tha,
Naa Mein Samajh Payi,
Mein bas use mahasus karti hoon.

From @ashishshukul: 

It was called the jewel of her coastline. An isolated wasteland had become a bustling metropolis. Now, waste from the land was dumped into her. She shaped its destiny as reclamations disfigured her shores. It was gone in a flash with the tsunami. As if the sea swallowed its pride in a fit of rage.

From @gauravjagwani: 

She was from a small village. She never thought she would see the city. But, her dream finally came true. She was married to the rich man who had a view of the amazing sea. Everything was perfect. They had children too. But that dream was short-lived. The bell rang. She left her art class. 

From @thenesseffect: 

They call me resilient; apparently there are only a few like me. Sometimes, they say there’s no one else like me, and I agree with them then.

I am angry, opinionated, loud and curious. I am also doting, kind, joyful and gregarious.

I am a city, unashamedly defined by the sea of my raging emotions.

From @lucidillusions: 

Genie offered to grant two wishes if the prince would grant one. Her dream would finally come true. He wanted to return home and for a sea in the mighty dessert. The genie asked Caspian to take his place. The two disappeared, and she stood there crying, looking out of the window at the sea.

From @Neelanjana_B: 

"At 10:30 pm, he visits his favourite spot facing the sea and finds the same strangers in his company. His mind hovers around the huge sales target, pending home loan and his daughter’s birthday. He knows his priorities and will deliver with a smile. The sea was his silent listener. Sometimes, he just needed that."

From @roshd: 

I just lie there waiting for you to roll in. And how you tease me! Sometimes just kissing my feet, sometimes drenching me completely.

Even I play ball. Sometimes I break your flow, at other times I just stonewall you.

Sometimes all this foreplay leads to torrid lovemaking. They call it storms. I just wait...

From @tweettabulous:

As a girl, it had always been a fantasy. Married into a different city, a one that promised the life she hoped. A palatial home facing the magnificent ocean, falling asleep to the blissful sound of waves. Dream come true. Excited, she stepped out the balcony... Found herself surrounded by the sea... of high-rise buildings.

From @oxymoronic_me: 

The girl was breathless. Her beautiful city was not too far away. If only she could swim through this claustrophobia! If only she could lose herself once again! There was no other way to escape.

She picked up the shining blade and slit her wrist. She did not like being among this sea of whores.

From @_souringpie: 

Reclining on the bar, he was curiously watching out of the bus window. Dazed and confused, his childish gaze explored the vast canvas of buildings. Suddenly someone shouted, “Look, the sea.” Everyone but him turned left. He was used to this sea by his village. But the City by the Sea? It was his first.

From @rootkanal: 

Feet dangling by the promenade, the waves lick the soles. “I must go,” he says, snuggling closer to her. The rain’s lashing Marine Drive as she wears a lovelorn look. “I understand,” she mumbles. She doesn’t. He forlornly kisses her goodbye one last time as the city by the sea swallows another love story up.

From @aseemrastogi2: 

As I looked out of the window, I observed the tranquil waters of the Arabian Sea caressing the shore of the city. The sky was clear with not a speck of cloud as far as the eyes could see. It mirrored the sense of calm and serenity, the city had always provided to its residents. 

From @vagabondinact: 

His rock, his home! The alcove gave him respite from the many feet trotting the sand. His mother often visited there, egging him to join her. He was afraid,weary of those many two legged creatures, that always left behind dirt that piled his home. They wouldn't know the difficulty of walking sideways on ten legs!    

From @writingchalk: 

Shekhar ran all the way down his building.
His mother, panicking, took the elevator to follow him.
She realised he was going towards the beach.
He reached the shore and allowed the waves to embrace him.
Shekhar was drenched, but it didn’t matter.
He may have been deaf, but he could hear the waves roar.

From @AGirlofHerWords: 

If you put your ear right next to my chest, you would hear waves crashing against the shore, like it’s really only a shell.

Even though I left home, some days I’m convinced it was home that abandoned me. So now, I have to carry the sea in my heart.

I can barely even move.

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